Rusta 5E

Reevag, Troll Prince

After the trolls attack Memphis, Retholien and Darius swing by the Cloudwatch Inn to see if the other members of the Tau’ri have woken up.

Alara struggles down into the tap room – the serving wench has returned wearing a new dress – she avoids Alara with a glare.

Tomok-nut & Amon-nut are also present. Memphis briefs them on what has occurred.

The group was told Nomarch Kari went to her Alchemy shop during the attack. Heading there the group finds the door to the shop is wide open.

Darius enters with his weapon drawn… calling her name he hears nothing. There are spider webs that cover the walls – the nomarch’s assistant appears dead on the floor! (the mayor is a guild wizard also).

The shop at one point appeared very nice, a fully equipped alchemist lab. Now however the place is trashed. Covered in webs… with small claw marks and scratches on the walls and floor. Alara, Amon-nut and Darius search for clues in the house. A few things are determined:

  • The nomarch’s assistant is dead
  • The nomarch’s lab book\spell book is in the lab – she would not have left these items behind – we believe she’s been abducted
  • Amon-nut determines that the claw marks and scratches belong to “eddercap” – a spider like creature – intelligent – an aberration! They know how to use weapons and wear armor.

Outside the shop Darius sends a boy away with money to get the captain of the town guard. Eventually after an hour or so town guard show up. Darius has them guard the shop and finds out that something went down at the Moon Door as well. The captain of the town guard was last seen there.

The group heads to the part of town leading to the Moon Door and finds that there are still standing orders to keep everyone away.

The Paladin of Khonshu, Herasho shows up – the guards let him though with his group… he invites the Tau’ri and Darius with him as well. Heading down to the water’s edge a stone path appears as the paladin starts walking towards the water – the group follows the Paladin walking from wet stone to wet stone eventually leaping onto the isle.

There are many bodies on the isle all wrapped in cocoons of webbing. There is an elf on the isle not wrapped in webbing looking around. The elf is very old… Herasho asks the elf if he knows what happen – “of course I do – has happened before” he says. But the elf doesn’t appear to be willing to say anything more at the moment.

The bodies wrapped in webbing are still alive – people start freeing them from the webs, they are poisoned but alive and weak.

Amon-nut removes the captain of the guard’s poison and he slowly comes too talking about an ettercap attack. They were ambushed…

The group realizes that the troll attack which took place several hours ago was a diversion… while the town was distracted the ettercap came through the Moon Door!

Between Herasho’s group, the remaining town guard and the Tau’ri the injured folks are taken care of as the isle is again cleared. This time new guards, more guards are left behind. Before leaving Memphis tries to persuade the elf to talk more. The elf asks him “Do you know what this doorway is?” Yes, says Memphis, showing him a picture of another gate the group once travelled through. “we’ve travelled beyond one before – we walked the fey dark a while back”. The elf studies Memphis for a moment and eventually says “this is a door direct to the fey wild – it only opens at certain times – and it can only be open by an Archfey… the likes of ”/campaign/rusta/wikis/Baba%20Yaga/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Baba Yaga, The Trinket Lord or The Bramble Queen…" The old elf turns “I have to go.” he gets in his boat and starts paddling away…

Back at the fort the mayor is outside. He says there is another troll attack coming. Bigger… he wants to know if the Tau’ri and Darius will help again… not far from the outer wall are about 40 trolls. There is one sitting on top of a huge crocodile – he’s riding it! Watching from afar the ground around the troll prince and crocodile ripples as it moves towards the city.

Combat ensues – the Taur’ri are left at one point and Herasho’s group a bit further down the second wall. The town guard are scattered across various other sections of the wall. These trolls appear to be more experienced. In retrospect the last trolls fought charged the group – these trolls move with purpose.

Eventually the Reevag, a troll prince riding the crocodile gets within 30-40 feet of the group and a water hag suddenly ‘appears’ on the back of the crocodile as well yelling “Yield or die Egyptians!” apparently she’s been there the whole time… Amon-nut and Tomok recognize her as the hag from the their river adventure a long while back…

The hag seems to be awaiting a reply while combat ensues around her; Tomok slays a troll in front of him and then says to the hag “sorry I was distracted.”

From the periphery of the battle the group can see Herasho’s team running their direction (eta 3 rounds)

Memphis calls back to the hag “not on my watch bitch!” – casts Prayer of Healing
Sub-Par wildsshapes into Jalal, a huge sabertooth tiger and attacks a troll in front of him
The Troll Prince starts directing the trolls to attack Memphis.

Reevag is killed.
The feymire crocodile took off with Darius in its stomach.
The other group shows up and Cian, the elf vanishes in pursuit of the crocodile.

Nothing magical on the troll prince…

We had back to town… the troll attack across the wall was repelled.

About a day later, Cian returns, and pulls Darius, well what’s left of him. Skin and bones of Dariu and his gear. It was either shit out or spit out by the crocodile.

Herasho turns to Memphis – you know there is a cost here. Yes says Memphis…

Religious Lore: There is a chance that Anubis will notice the soul leaving before they are weighed on The Maat. The chances are it could be the priest or the soul or both… the end result is that the individual usually will be quested.

The other priest (whats his name?) (whos a little higher level) will assist Memphis. Alara as a worshiper of Ra assists. Alara seems to go off here and rambles prayers to Ra…

Raise Dead on the remains of Darius – the body starts glowing with light as the sun illuminates it and it heals up before the eyes of all – GLORY TO RA!



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