Rusta 5E

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The team appears in the conference room, Arismarne is really animated and wants to hear all the details. He gets wine and wants to hear all about how the party got into the city of Nalthan. “It was destroyed.” says Arismarne. Zanne and Faeremma are in town they told him we went to Nalthan. The party visits with Arismarne – he asks to review these items for a few days. Arismarne is a good guy we like him – the party lets him review the items brought back however Memphis stays behind and chats with him while watching over the items as well.

Memphis – examines spear – tries out moves with it while waiting.

Zanne and Faeremma appear to be ok better off than when the party last saw them.

Faeremma turns to Sub-par, there are people here to see him – powerful druids in grove. A female wood elf, male Egyptian and a female Egyptian – they are all high ranking members of the druids guild. They want to talk to Sub-par… now. The female wood elf can’t keep her hands off Faeremma!

Zanne is ok as well – happy to see Tomok – they take off to catch up on lost time.

Memphis reports in again providing a list of artifacts. He gets an immediate reply, “Do not to say that over open lines… report to the Temple of Ra in 4 days.”

Neraphi – had a visit from a priestess of nut who is also a druid of nut. Vonya Telshar is very well known in the church and she had a meeting with her over the things we’ve done. Vonya asked Neraphi very specific questions… Neraphi is nervous. Vonya told her to help Sub-par to her fullest extent… find his trainer.

Laserie – says she can only go with the group on one more adventure before she has to go home. She will help us find Sub-par’s trainer but then she has to go back. A druid called her back… at least for a while. Maybe she can come back later, unknown… The whole seed of life has caused an issue. Elven politics…

Memphis asks Arismarne if he can provide transportation to Tanis for the party – quick like – ie Portal. He can however he says “Know this – this too is monitored. Walking in or using a portal either way we will be observed.”

Memphis talks with Laserie and decides it would be best if she return home and report in.

Through the portal – Memphis, Neraphi-nut, Tomok-nut and Amon-nut



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