Rusta 5E

Change of Plans

No information has been found about Sub-par’s trainer. A year has passed.

The Church of Ra asks that the group look into reports of Nalthan and undead coming from the city.

Mission: confirm or denounce rumors of undead; find the city of Nalthan if possible.

I talk to my brothers – what rumors they have heard in the desert. I take Neraphi with me to dinner since my brother’s and their wives keep inviting over young single women they want me to marry.

Rumors of undead or Nalthan: over the last half a year undead have come from Nalthan in the desert, near the far western side of the desert. Scouts have said they’ve seen the city but when they go back the city is no longer there. Maybe it goes out of phase or some other effect they don’t know. Its appeared in different places each time.
Type of undead: Ghouls, “smart” undead – or smart undead leading stupid undead…

Start back with the Liontaur tribe – the group saved the daughter of the Liontaur’s shaman. The group is on good terms with them. Takes about a week to get there. Need Sub-par’s Oasis stone to survive out there. Sub-par appears to be distracted and since we can’t depend on him right now we investigate creating our own Oasis stone that someone else in the group might be able to make (needs to be a ritual caster).

Buy decanters of endless water? I contact Sub-par’s henchperson Faeremma we last saw her in Vitan- she’ll go for equal share. Done – deal – she gets Sub-par’s share since he’s not here. She has a warded campsite ritual as well preventing the group from being ambushed – nice!

The group has a sandstone camel and couple of sandskiffs… for transportation

Vitan Update: Faeremma and the others went after the hill giants after we left and they found some “device” that had a dwarf in it. They brought the device back and somehow it triggered something – he looks like a dwarf but he has granite skin and he doesn’t – he considerers himself to be a “rock dwarf”! He says he was ejected and landed here… she doesn’t know what that means. He’s hanging out in Viton right now.

We stock up on supplies, food/water

Two days out from the tribe there is a liontaur waiting for us. He directs us for the last two days into the encampment.



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