Rusta 5E

Defenders of Levant

Just after midnight in the morning, the inn janitor/guard named Daza knocks on the door to your rooms. A town guard is downstairs and says the druid symbols changed.

“Two of us are still alive in a troll cage, location 15 miles NNE, swamp area, near the black willow trees… send help – ”/campaign/rusta/wikis/Nisha/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Nisha"

Memphis asks if Nisha is a member of the second group from Levant that went missing prior to the groups arrival in town. Yes, Nisha is the druid who works in the town.. The town guard says it’s his sister. He points to a soft yellow flower in the druid ‘message’ “Its the only way I know she is alive.” Memphis says “ok Nisha is your sister” looking at the guard. “who is ”/campaign/rusta/wikis/Mosenmu/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Mosenmu?" looking at the guard and Amon-nut… Mosenmu is a high ranking druid within Amon-nuts druidical guild – unknown if male or female…

The party goes to see the mayor after discussing what happen – Darius and Memphis want to stay in town and defend it. At the mayors the guard who delivered the message is there as well. The mayor brings in breakfast… Amon-nut fills in the mayor he says they can handle the town, but they want those two folks back. The mayor will take responsibility… for us going out.

The mayor tells the party what we can expect to see out there on our way… other creatures out there – twisted fey – called the Blightborn. Rumors of ghost trolls… they have never met warren trolls – bigger than normal trolls – they normally live deeper in the troll haunt warrens.

Alara: Magical Fey Lore tells us that: The blightborn are corrupt fey creatures twisted by the darkest aspects of nature, which subtly or dramatically changes them into something evil and unnatural. Taking delight in decay, famine, and death, the blightborn hate beauty and prosperity. They yearn only to spread entropy and ruin wherever they can. All blightborn have some lesser or greater plantlike aspect to their makeup, and they become fey plant creatures through the twisting magics that spawn them, regardless of their original nature and makeup. Blightborn reflect the natural trappings of death and decay in their forms or clothing. An intelligent blightborn might adorn itself with skulls or dead flowers, or paint its body in smears of blood. (alara takes pride is acting out this last part…)

The party assumes whomever is holding the prisoners know we’re coming – if they are plants possibly they can tap whatever communication channel the druids used… The party reckons its going to take 4-5 hrs through the swamp (difficult terrain) to the place indicated in the message…

Memphis gives Darius a set of +2 chain and a +2 shield, he will repay the church of Ra at some point in the future

Around noon the party reaches were they think they should be… the party asks amon-nut to shape change into a bird to scout out the area before we approach further – Darius is hella noisy in chain. Amon-nut turns into a vulture and flys off… NNE. He sees a troll lumbering NE, he spots nothing and loses the troll… a log is thrown at amon-nut – he veers to the right and flies higher turning back he sees nothing… he returns to the party. The group moves forward as discussing crafty ways of sneaking up on our opponents to no avail…

Reth suddenly says stop! And the party stops… they see a huge troll – at least 2ft taller than the trolls encountered on the walls of Levant – he’s looking around stops… then moves to the south after scanning the area. Matches the description of a Warren Troll!

The party continues on approximately 100 yards outside a make shift camp – sees another warren troll and another HUGE troll. This troll has hair (generally trolls don’t have hair) his hair is tied back into a bone thing – holding his hair bound down his back. The smaller warren troll obviously defers to the huge one… We see a cage next to the huge troll. There is second warren troll sitting next to a pile of logs under a tree. He’s cleaning branches off of logs.

Before the party can attack they hear a patrol from the south approaching- they try to hide and wait for the patrol to pass before attacking the camp… the party is detected and the troll roars loudly and runs back to the camp to warn the others.

The party double moves but It will take 5 rounds for us to be at the camp… A log hits alara and explodes hitting the whole group! Everyone needs to save vs dex… The huge warren troll casts hold person on Memphis – Memphis fails his saving throw. On amon-nuts turn he touches Memphis and casts lesser restoration removing the hold person

The troll prince rages and rushes Amon-Nut – 3 claw attacks and Amon-Nut is bloodied (with two of the three attacks hitting Amon-Nut is not at less than half his total hit points!) – the trolls cheer and he takes another attack! The 4th attack is a fumble – Amon-Nut badly wounded shifts west… away from the troll prince.

Memphis calls upon Ra and steps up into the face of the Grawt, a warren troll prince placing himself between amon-nut and Grawt. He attacks! Confirmed critical – Memphis slices off Grawt’s balls! He falls into a fetal position passed out – but not dead… The other trolls flee at the sight of this! Darius rushes forward and cuts off the troll princes head as it lays helpless… Reth critical’s a troll as it flees


One of the prisoners is passed out – a fighter hurt badly. A female druid she is barely awake, she says “he wouldn’t let her sleep…” then passes out.

Loot: 23gp 44sp 78 cp amongst the camp…

We take the troll princes head back to Levant on a pike to place it on the town wall! Minus the bone object that held its hair… we sacrifice the troll princes’ balls in their camp fire to Ra thanking him for our victory. The trolls blue-boned hair wrap goes into the saddle bags of holding

The party makes a litter to drag the prisoners back to Levant – the journey back is uneventful.

The Tau’ri march into town with the warren troll princes’ head on a spike! The town cheers! The mayor says well done!

Identify magic items

A week passes the town sees no sign of trolls and Herasho’s group is back with the Nomarch! During the week the prisoners revive and more fortifications are made at the towns walls (move earth etc.)

What happen to group #2? Attacked by trolls better than captors they could go incorporeal! Unknown if other group members are dead or were taken somewhere else…

The nomarch of Levant suspects the trolls will be pissed but maybe they will back off for a while.

Amon-nut sends message about saving the prisoners and killing the “leader” to the druid Mosenmu…

The paladin of khonshu says they were helped on the other side of the portal by a fox – he said the fox had a message for us. The Tau’ri need to find him. Herasho says the fox was critical to saving their Nomarch. The ettercaps were waiting for a rendezvous – unknown who…

The Taur’ri invite Darius to join and adventure more with them however he is bound to his post in Levant. Memphis carries back a transfer request for Darius back to Tanis.

The party heads back to Tanis with a trading caravan

25 miles outside of Tanis – Tomok’s stone starts glowing… his leg feels perfect and he enlarges – he can’t shrink. The gate guards are also big…

Alara – message from wizards in Levant’s father “Sahepe Sonrean” – come visit me when you have a chance – he resides in the high wizards area – a trans dimensional area – since alara has an invite he can go in… a wizard meets and escourts him to an office books and scrolls everywhere – he welcomes alara – he’s one of the seven masters of the guild.
His niece – is the wizard in Levant. Sonrean small talks him… then asks about his adventures over lunch… he shows him the warp lighting cannons they go past many labs Alara can’t go into until they get to one lab – everyone has goggles on – they are experimenting with the warp cannon… The wizard is very friendly to everyone – people come up and talk to him all the time. He says alara can visit anytime he wants. He can also send his reports to him from now on.

Memphis goes, temple of ra with Alara and Reth, prays offers tithe. Then visits Master Utmor (Primarch of the West) – the favor has been paid in full. Then Memphis visits Massari gives a full report as Lord Zuka would expect (except for the high elf – he has told no one of his planning with Herashoo’s group). Memphis asks about the Living Monoliths – there is no danger, they are not being supported by the Pharaoh. Memphis asks for Darius to be transferred. Massari says Memphis needs to head home – crazy rumors about Viton of late – you should head home… giants? He doesn’t want to comment further on rumors or speculation…

Memphis heads to the temple of Nut, prays offers tithe and is met by an acolyte who takes him to a back room where a priestess meets him and delivers a message from Neraphi ~1 week old – “Urgent, come home – things are precarious!” Massari also said as much… Memphis makes a quick stop at his brothers home checking in before heading back to the Inn the group is staying at for the night.

Alara buys Healing Potions while in town

The party spends the night in the inn – lots of noise from Alara’s room! Maiden’s running everywhere – Alara rambling on about “no, she is not the one…”
Memphis thinks he’s looking for a wife…?



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