Rusta 5E

Inside the Tower


After a night of rest the group prepares spells and exits the cave heading to the tower door…

Statues made of black stone flank the path towards the door – each has a sword, the face bent low hiding their features, hands on the pommels, point buried in the ground, three are knocked down – 5 still stand (8 in total)

A faint magic aura of transmutation lingers about these statues… the mouths of each of these statues is open with a small depression in there… a Symbol of Ioun, this type of symbol can be used to animate statues possibly to defend the tower the group surmises. The aura is so faint as to not be effective anymore…

The building was made using dark stone, the walls are sagging and eroding in places – but climbable… the double heavy iron doors are closed – Darrius opens a door. Its dark inside and a horrible stench emerges… everything is covered with filth! Another set of iron doors at the end. A huge humanoid creature covered in filth sits to the left of the next set of doors. Tomok determines that the filth is bat guano.

Tomok steps in the room and the humanoid turns and swings at him! As he stands the bat guano flakes off him and he has a greenish tint to his skin and the eyes glow green! Then from the ceiling we hear bats stirring… a large swarm of them.

The doors in the back open revealing a male dwarf in leather armor with kurki’s – one in each hand! He gives a maniacal laugh – his eyes popping out of his head and float in front of his face while thick blue drools leaks out of the side of his mouth! He’s been warped or mutated… he also wears a bandoleer of shrunken…

New Cleric Spell: Remove Affliction

Arcane Check by Memphis: this creature is a Flesh Golem – it can see in dark, highly damage resistance except admantium, resistant to a lot of elements! Normally the eyes don’t glow; this one has been enhanced!

Memphis asks the group is try and subdue the dwarf for questioning. Darius in the heat of battle replies, “It’s a dwarf, less than a whole person! I’m going to kill it!”

The bats are actually Stirges! They attack Darius… two latch onto him and start sucking!

Tomok swings and crits the Golem pinning his left foot to the ground causing 3dW damage per round!

The golem the returns tit for tat by critically punching Tomok in the chest! His chest caves with the massive blow!

Darius beats on the dwarf (Garen) his final blow a critical ripping out his guts as he falls dead to the floor.

Amon-nut moves his moon beam on top of the stirges which had engulfed tomok damaging the whole lot of them!

Garen: Master work thieves tools, dirty leather armor, (12) shrunken of cold iron (Reth), bag of gems (840gp), adamantine kurki +2 – its magical (Darius) and has the symbol of a storm crow engraved on it.

The loot the group has gathered thus far is attached to Tomok as we dare not risk sticking them in bags of holding.

The group spends too much time healing and is ambushed by 3 grimlocks… killed they move on.

Empty room to the SW, looks like there was fighting that happen in here, blood stains. A few dead bodies… grimlocks. The party make their way East from the SW most room. Another room that looks as though it housed initiates… there is a big wide cleft in the floor – lots of debris in the room. The walls glisten with slim. Entering the room Darius sees nothing. Initiative – Grick attack (8ft long ~200lbs – except the huge one)! Out of the chasm appears a lump of flesh with many eyes a mouth screeching and babbling (Raving Cyst)! The Cyst hits Darius and he starts bleeding…
Tomok is grabbed by the alpha by three tentacles and is pulled towards its maw!
Darius bursts and small teeth explode from his body – REF saves…

The alpha grick grappled tomok and started to flee with him! Tomok after many rounds makes a STR check and after 50ft or so finally breaks free!

The creatures are slain – the wizard blew his wad, the party needs to rest…

In the first room silver icon – Holy Symbol of Ioun 8 amethyst surrounded by a sapphire – is magical, placed in saddlebags of holding.

Other rooms – nothing yet… the group would need to spend more time searching…

The party casts lullaby and rests for an hour in the SW room.

The group moves to the NW corner of the tower past crumbling steps, slick with spray from the nearby waterfall, climb around a wide stone pillar, ascending through the ceiling. Bits of stone and masonry litter every surface, and tiny spiders with various deformities or strange glowing bodies crawl through the shadows. Rushing and roaring, water spills down from an upper floor, crashing to a pool formed where the floor of the tower once was. Rubble piles form small islands in the churning pool. The water runs out through a massive hole in the wall, which offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. Interior walls here are in various states of collapse.

Proceeding down a hallway with several doors the group suddenly finds itself surrounded as the doors open revealing yet more grimlocks! The door to the left of Memphis opens revealing a female, obviously the grimlocks’ commander, is dressed as one would expect for a sword-wielding knight. Her eyes are wide as if she is horrified. Clear slime oozes from her skin, glistening on her plate armor and shield.

Memphis determines that the warrior is sick and attempts to cure her during the battle in hopes of if not reducing their foes by one at least gaining an ally! She deftly avoids Memphis’ curing touch in battle however leaving him no choice but to use a hold person on her first.

Throughout the fierce battle (and the whimpering of warriors needing healing) the group mets out several criticals to their opponents! Alara proves he is as competent with a bow as with spells by instantly killing a grimlock! (20/20)

Memphis engages warrior for information after the battle. Everything is good until Darius attempts to move behind her – she is now leery of the group and hesitant to speak. Memphis tries to calm everyone down but Darius goes straight the core intimidating her to answer my questions (natural 20 skill check). Darius harbors no kindness towards the greeks…

Denva speaking greek says the tear was stolen. She has been here about 3 months she reckons. She wants to know what happen to the dwarf… he’s dead unfortunately. Elomir is above here – they all came here for the tear. Klause, elomir and shantaira (garen the rogue – dead) The tear is gone, unknown who and where it went. They came here at cyri’s request. And were twisted by the tear… the remainder of her group. Elomir is sending creatures to attack the city. Memphis tells Denva we’ll try and save the others of her party. Darius is of the opinion that we should just kill them outright… (This discuss continues throughout the tower. Memphis constantly reminds the group not to kill but save the stormcrows. In the end only Denva and Shantaira were saved…)

Cyris – a merchant in town, paid the Stormcrows to bring the Tear back to him.

Denva says she will wait for the group in the NW corner of the tower where we found her. She will not venture further with the group. (eventually the group finds that she didn’t wait and left… I guess in retrospect if you were threatened by foreigners would you stay?)

Resting up Memphis talks to Alara about metering out his spells, don’t blow your load in every fight.

Exploring the NE corner of the tower the group is met with a rushing and roaring, as water spills down from an upper floor, crashing to a pool formed where the floor of the tower once was. Rubble piles form small islands in the churning pool. The water runs out through a massive hole in the wall, which offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. Interior walls here are in various states of collapse. In the distance a rocky plinth juts up from the ravine. A few gnawed old bones suggest that something lived here long ago. Nestled in a nearby crevice are large egg-shaped orbs with black, violet, and green shells. Alara becomes obsessed with the eggs and has visions of himself riding a dragon… Memphis believes everything here is corrupted. Nothing good can come from those eggs…

The group moves up to the second floor. Coming up through the floor, the group finds itself in a square chamber. Archways in the center of each wall open into wide corridors and more rooms. Standing in each corner, flanking each arch, is a thick square pillar that extends from floor to ceiling. To the north, though broken walls, water spills into this chamber from the falls.

This square chamber has three exits-two single doors and a set of double doors. The double doors are metal of some sort, perhaps bronze or gold, but a thick layer of grime hides the truth. A whiff of decay reaches you from the doors.

The group hears giggling coming from beyond the double doors, followed by a wet sound…

Opening the doors the smell of death hits the group. Three tables stand in this room. Bones and viscera, dissected bits of tentacles, eyes, and other body parts are heaped on two and the floor below them. Standing over a dead grimlock on the center table is a gaunt human wearing a tattered hide armor covered with bits of hair and blood. His eyes bulge, and a black-toothed smile stretches wide across his dirty face. Klaus tears flesh from the corpse, and he cackles with glee. “Hah! Frrresh meat!” he says.

The group finds that Klaus has a keeper, a fat wormlike creature as big as a horse clings to the ceiling. It has a fanged maw, dripping gore and spittle. Bony spurs jut from its bruise-colored hide, and five tentacles whip out toward you.

Klaus has the symbol of Aries on him, his special ability “retribution” and the fact that he was slowly healing himself during the fight made him a difficult foe! Darius lays prone unconscious on the floor with a sever critical to his leg! Fighting an individual with retribution – he gets an equal number of attacks targeted back at his foe in addition to his own attacks. Spell casters suffer the same fate as the targeted spell. In retro spec the best attacks would be area of effect…

The Balhannoth was a formidable foe as well – his ability to teleport/phase shift (unsure what) and stun the group required the group to move without giving him space to appear. His tentacle attacks on prone individuals caused much grief. In the end this creature escaped not before Alara cast a Feeblemind on it reducing its INT and WIS to a 3 permanently!

We find on Klaus MW long and short sword, tough hide armor (dark green hide) made from a hydra…

Pondering the hydra armor and finding no other explanation for how Kalus was healing himself the group dresses Darius in his armor. It attunes to Darius and his leg is regenerated in the morning after 8hrs of sleep! That night Reth tells Memphis that Alara is watching him as he sleeps… Alara has constantly been asking for the staff that whispers. Its evil… Memphis will not let him look or touch it!

Amon-nut ritually casts Wall of Stone providing a barricade in the SW corner of the second floor of the tower and the party rests.

The party moves to the eastern portion of the tower now, the floor crumbles beneath the force of the waterfall. It washes away the ceiling and floors one stone at a time, sending them tumbling down into the ravine. A hideous creature like a bipedal dinosaur stands in the NE, its large, strange ears flicking back and forth, sensitive for sounds. Its eyeless head lifts in your direction, revealing a tubular, fang-lined mouth.

Adventurer Note: The dungeon-dwelling destrachan looks like some bizarre, non-intelligent beast, but it’s an incredibly evil and crafty sadist. A destrachan has a pair of complex, three-part ears that it can adjust to be more or less sensitive to various sounds. It is blind, yet hunts with a sense of hearing more precise than most creatures’ sight. A destrachan is about 10 feet long from its mouth to the tip of the tail and weighs about 4,000 pounds

A nominal fight due to the Silence spell cast by Memphis. However a few folks got bored/cocky and exited the protected area… Reth saves alara, tries to save Darius… but he falls 30ft to lvl 1 (the ground erodes under his feet, prone… in the water) Amon-Nut exists the silenced area to the south and casts a healing spell on the group – smart move.

Alara flies off edge to find Darrius while the rest of the group remains to fight a second destrachan! After several minutes of fumbling around in the dark Alara is able to find Darius almost dead from downing and the damage taken from falling over 90 feet into the ravine. Alara is no strong enough to support flying Darius out of the dark ravine. Memphis casts light on himself and angelically descends into the depths of the ravening looking for Alara and Darrius… (apparently Alara was doing bad things to Darius down there…)

Traveling to the NW corner of the tower the group hears faint murmuring coming from ahead.

Darius presses his hear to a door, It is clearly a female voice, singing, but the words are nonsense…Down the hall an eye stalk appears in front of tomok and blasts the party! Those hit by the blast are now vulnerable to fire… (+50% more damage to fire)

Rallying themselves the group discovers a large beholder thing in the top corner of the room down the hall! 30’ high hovering in the corner of the room – three eye stalks “A spheroid creature bristling with eyestalks hovers here. Plates of red chitin cover it. In the center of its body blinks a single, immense eye, red and rippling with orange light.” In addition a female grey elf – carries a staff that is just flaming fire – all around her are flames 5’ in all directions! “Appearing in your midst is a wide-eyed female grey elf dressed in long orange robes. She grips a flaming staff in both hands, and shrieks in rage as your reflections appear in the segments of her overlarge amber eyes.”

Darius rushes the elf striking three criticals on her, she is stunned, knocked out (voice lost for 2d4 months) and her foot was punctured… The fire beholder thing fears Tomok and Alara – they flee to the first floor discovering that Denva is no longer there…

After slaying the fire beholder (amid many healing requests by the fighter), Memphis heals the group and the elf – she can speak a little now, her lover is the vessel of the tier – take me to him. He’s at the top level – an angel the most powerful being on the planet, but strangers took the tier and left them with the fire inside them… her lover is the leader of the storm crows elomir.

Alara is quick to recover shantaira’s Staff and is strangely silent, he looks off into space and appears to be having some sort of conversation with someone… There are symbols of Ignan (the elemental plane of fire) on the staff. Alara will go where we go but doesn’t fight – he’s having a very long conversation…

Shantaira is bound, blindfolded and gagged as the party rests. She is fed but speaks continuously of her lover and her dedication to him. She accuses the group of stealing the tear. She was born in Messos, her trainer is Pyrex and she wants her staff…

Shantaira is bound, blindfolded and gagged left in a make shift room of stone with air holes as the party moves up the third floor of the tower…

This enormous room fills the entire floor of the tower. Four massive black pillars support the ceiling, though holes offer access to the upper levels and the sky beyond. Water spills down from above in a torrent, and it runs across the floor to drain into the lower levels.

Two floating suits of plate armor, lit from within by fiery light, descend to the floor. Gripping immense swords, they seem to judge you in silence.

From a dark corner lighting strikes the group! Seeing nothing but the armor the fighters advance attacking them. It was obvious they didn’t cast the lighting – Memphis is not sure why they chose to attack, perhaps they might not have? In any case in the dark corners of the tower floor grimlocks lurked and cast many lightning bolts on the group. The group again prevails, with the fighters again pleading for healing. The suits of armor vanish when “slain” – one grimlock flees to the final top level of the tower.

The group reckless with blood lust and a chance to complete one last encounter in this accursed tower rushes up the stairs! Huge sections of floor have collapsed from this level. A flood of water cascades from an overhang, hundreds of feet above, to land here and spill down into the tower’s interior. In the southern corner rises a dais on which sits an old iron chair. A faded red carpet, now turned sickly pink, lies before the throne and trails off to the north. Just before the carpet is a large section of scorched stone. The pattern around a hemispherical depression suggests something large exploded there.

Standing on the edge of the tattered carpet is a wood elf warrior dressed in shining scale armor. On his left arm is strapped a battered heavy shield emblazoned with a stylized raven clutching lightning in its claws. He wields a longsword in his right hand. The way he holds himself, the gape of his mouth, the dark circles beneath his eyes, and the unsightly scabrous skin on one side of his face combine to make him gruesome and fearsome.

A great heap of glistening gray flesh, beaded with moisture from the waterfall behind the group, lurks here, its three eyes set on a tentacle. Its huge maw contains row upon row of black teeth.

The elf wields a sword – purple – its fuzzy to the mind? He laughes and says “You really coming up here after that?” in greek. “Brave indeed for you to return to the scene of your crime, thieves” says the elf in a voice that has several tones at once. “Return the Tear to me, and you die quickly. Or have you come to slay me?”

Besides the elf there are two destrachans, a grell philosopher, the grell from the floor below as well as the feastering mass of grey ooze. The destrachans immediately sound off into the group as they one by one rush up the stair case from below. Memphis who flew up from the side of the ruined tower casts Silence – its center point conveniently appears to be a worn frayed carpet – he must make a saving throw and fails. Dark images assail his mind, evil abominations burn themselves into his memory! Darius calls for a retreat after Reth is tossed back down to the third floor of the tower by a destrachan and Tomok is stunned. The group flees back to the chamber where Klaus once lived sealing themselves back into the room. The grey elf still remains bound and gagged…

The grey elf was born in messos – she doesn’t know of any elven enclaves… she wants her staff and that her trainer talks to her via the staff “pyrex” a prince of some sort…

Memphis is unable to reset and regain his spells – images flash through his mind – horrible images!

Darius hears a disturbance during his watch… tells Memphis but hears nothing else. Hard to say what was happening with the stone wall up. Memphis thinks he’s been touched by chaos somehow… infected? Perhaps ridding the source will cure him? Darius wants to leave the tower there is no reason to advance the tear is gone… but Memphis tells the group of his visions and inability to rest, the alter or the carpet – one of the two, must be destroyed.

The group rests and makes plans for attack!

Once again advancing to the top floor only this time Amon-nut creates a huge fog cloud and the group safely advances to the top level! The group hears a crackle of lighting but no one grunts in pain…

When the group is ready Amon-nut dispels the fog and they see only a grell philosopher, the festering ooze and a single grell behind them. There is no sign of the elf or the two destrachans! The warriors advance on the festering ooze, Amon-nut wildshapes and engages the mirror-imaged philosopher on carpet! Touching the carpet Amon-nut must fails a save and has evil chaotic images burned into his brain!

After a few rounds of perception checks (amid crys of alarm from Darius) Memphis and Reth determine that these are indeed the only opponents left. The Grell criticals Alara – (20/20) he’s dead. After the festering ooze is “slain” – the philosopher and remaining grell vanish – a portal or something on the red carpet – in a flash they are gone…

The carpet is magical – never encountered this type before… the group is unable to touch it or move it. The group returns to their makeshift camp in Klaus’ place.

Memphis determines that the Restoration spell will cure him. These images are what caused the Stormcrows to fail, they succumbed to them and had no way to cure themselves. They became slaves to the abominations coming from the others side via the red carpet.

Memphis casts Test of maat on Alara… (role played out later)

The group returns down the mountain and meets up with the Harrowfolk. Alara’s girlfriend/wife comes out and says we are clean and can enter the village – after Memphis cures the grey elf. Once cured the grey elf cries for an entire day… Memphis spends some time talking with her, she is free to go, tells her about other grey elves he has seen. (role played out later… she wants her staff back) Pyrex is an elemental prince… she is a part of an organization where she was/is an elemental mage.

The group spends a few days with the Harrowfolk – Prior to our arrival Deneva was seen as well as elomir a day or so later walking towards Wellspring with two creatures at his side. Memphis tells the Harrowfolk chieftain what happen and about the carpet. Be on guard – no telling what else could come down from there.

As the group returns to Wellspring there is smoke about the city, in the harbor… fires? Towns afire!?



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