Rusta 5E

Into Nalthan

The party has crossed through a ruined city entrance and the ghostly figure of Kalipha appeared.
We see the ghostly figure of Pharaoh Kalipha again 30ft in front of us. This time not dressed as a warrior but dressed as royalty, a Pharaoh. His house symbols adorn his tower shield of Anubis. He wears a helm stylized as a jackal.

As soon as the party, enters Nalthan. They will hear, “My name is Kalipha. look upon the ruins of my great city that surrounds you and despair! Here great magic once was, now you see only the mighty ruins!”

Kalipha lived as the 3rd Pharoah during the Anubis Age.
Somehow he was not passed to the Land of the Dead.

Pharaoh Kalipha motions us forward. Once he sees us approaching he turns and walks – a slow leisurely pace. Interestingly, the whole area is in ruins but where he passes; the surrounding area appears as it was (I must assume) in his time. We walked for hours he silently took us to many different locations. Occasionally he would stop and then move to another location.
He never speaks.

He leads the team to a tower that over looks the city. From here, they can see for broad vista of what the entire city must have looked like in his prime.
From here in the distance, we see a large ball of steel with glowing red knobs on it floating in the air – it moves throughout the city streets.
Laserie spots a figure momentarily in the city in the distance – she thinks it saw undead by how it moved. The team thinks that the Pharaoh is actively avoiding undead patrols! This is not a leisurely tour of the city, he’s leading us somewhere and actively avoiding something else. Undead perhaps…

He leads the team to a a second tower and it a large room almost takes up the entire floor that over looks the city, it must have been a meeting place only now a large broken table, furniture and a layers of dust reside here.
The room suddenly comes to life – we see Egyptians sitting at the table having a intense discussion.
Outside the sky has becomes very dark. The segments of conversation are overheard:

  • A wizard: “What we’ve seen so far has caused mass devastation.”
  • A priest: “But Anubis will come save us!”
  • Priest of Thoth: “We haven’t been able to contact any of our gods.”
  • A priestess of Bast as she looks out the window screams “Another one!”

We see a tendril falling from the sky – curved silver-ish red about 30 ft tall. Magical effects from below are directed at it – the tentacle hits just outside the city limits. As it hits the ground, there is no explosion but someone says “Go see how many people we lost” the impression I received was that the people just disappear – they are not seen again. No bodies left behind…

  • Priest of Thoth: “Nothing can stop these tendrils from hitting the planet.”

The Pharaoh Kalipha walks to the window, the team sees a giant ‘planetoid’ crossing the sky directly over the city!

  • Priest of Thoth: “It seems to be passing by, its not coming to the planet.”
  • Someone else says “Well how many of those things are going to come down from it then? This is the 3rd time we’ve seen it in our sky!”

The team wonders if the tendrils are originating from this planetoid…?

Then, the scene fades away and the ghostly figure of Pharaoh Kalipha continues his walk. The team follow.

The Pharaoh Kalipha suddenly disappears and we are attacked by a Son of Kyuss and a few Wretchs of Kyuss.
Laserie has heard tales of these before she was born. A human cult, desiring everlasting life? Before this day I knew not such undead existed!

After the battle the Pharaoh Kalipha reappears – he leads us further into the city – into many doors and eventually a passage that goes underground. The team seems to be headed to the royal palace but he’s taking them the long way, perhaps a secret entrance . This route is actually similar to the route the metal sphere was taking when the team looked down upon it from the tower.

He takes them a secret entrance to the royal palace and show them the tomb where is was to be buried. The room is filled with treasure. Items of magical note in the room: a large dark brown leather-bound titled Book of Kalipha, a large stone tablet titled the Tales of Years written in high Egyptian, a large staff golden staff with a 2 ft diameter ball of dark earth on the bottom and jackal head topped with the symbol of Anubis, last a large bright blue crystal.

The large ankh shaped coffin is open and his mummified body is in it.
There are three canopic jars out of four missing that are needed from the final rites to be done. Where each missing jar is supposed to be place there are high Egyptian symbol paired with a deific symbol. A symbol of Ptah, Osiris, and Bast.
On the wall in the tomb is an etched map of the kingdom where each of the deific symbols glow softly. Two appear to be in the city while one is outside. There is one very close to the royal palace…

The team starts taking notes of the map on the wall. Rubbings of the map.
Then a large 2ft tall hour glass appears suspended in the air over the team and flips to start the red sand in it to flow down.
The team realizes they have little time to complete the task set before us by the Pharaoh Kalipha.



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