Rusta 5E

Into Nalthan: The Sands are falling.

The team is still wounded from their previous encounter, heal themselves as best they can. Without a rest, they head out to where they believe one of the canopic jars lay.
They decide to head to the furthest location first and work their way back in the direction of where the Pharaoh lays. According to their map taking, tt appears that there is one really close by – they’ll target that one last.

The Canopic Jar prepped by the Church of Ptah
Location: Outskirts of Nalthan just outside a city gate. Many partial skeletons and bones, humanoid and animal, litter the area. Long extinguished firepits.

They approach the area in a tight formation centered around Neraphi.
In the distance they see a Son of Kyuss, a couple of wretches as well as a new creature grossly overcome by the worms – a Crodlu infested with the dark green worms as the other Kyuss.

They take advantage of the distance and pelt them with ranged fire but the Kyuss pull back. As the team advances slowly, the Kyuss advance in full charge. Noticeably, as the infested Crodlu advances, it leaves a trail of fire behind it.

They dispatch the Kyuss but at a price. Tomak has contracted the Touch of Kyuss and despite our best efforts, the disease has moved to an advanced stage. Some of the worms of Kyuss have entered his body when the battle ends. He looks fatigued but still able to fight. Sub-par fairs a little better from the disease, he is infected feeling sick.

Note: Laserie carries 60 +2 arrows on her – after combat she can retrieve half spent in combat. Current count 52.

Searching the area the team find a partially destroyed moldy old leather bag containing the canopic jar. In addition to this they find:

  • A set of bestial magical leather armor – crafted from the skin of cave bears
  • 20 firesight crossbow bolts
  • A Glaive of Arcane Bonds
  • 79 gold, 81 sp, 90 cp
    Time Check: 2 of 12 hours have passed

The Canopic Jar prepped by the Church of Bast
Location: Seemed once to be a nice dwelling to live in. Many ruined structures in the area with lots of places for the Kyuss to ambush the team. This place is again scattered with destroyed bones however there are also large beast tracks in the area… big claw tracks all over the place. Sub-par thinks its just one beast. To the left of the team, a shimmering silver disk can be seen in a small ruined tower structure in the ruined location. Hard to tell if its floating or resting on something. There is a glint of silver and gold around the object as well.

Again the team cautiously approached in a tight formation. Despite our best efforts, we are surprised. A Son of Kyuss with two wretches attack as well as a large catlike creature known as a Kirre which is infected with the green worms!

The infected Kirre is a fearsome foe, he leaps upon us landing with a incredible roar. The impact of the roar throws the team back 15ft back landing prone!! The Kyuss take advantage of this and attack us. Memphis in a attempt to return the punishment and use Moment of Glory to push the attackers back 30ft and knocking them prone!

Using the ruins to their advantage, the team moves into a defensible position in the closest building – that which contains the silver disk. The Kirre slows us when they are hit but we are able to move into this buildings courtyard. Neraphi sets up a Blade Barrier to protect our front line. While the Kyuss are effectively blocked by this, the Kirre simple leaps over it and attacks us from behind.

It is a tough battle – the team slay the Kyuss but unfortunately Tomak has taken a critical to the leg, destroying his patella. He is at a serious disadvantage hobbling around on one leg. Neraphi used all her healing abilities during the fight, Memphis needed to revert to the healing role at the tail end of the battle while Neraphi fought. He used Holy Cleansing on Tomok curing him of his stage two disease. Sub-par still maintains the green worm disease at stage one.

Time Check: 3.5 of 12 hours have passed

They group needed to rest, so they searched the area before preparing for a small 4hr rest.

Searching the area they find the second canopic jar on a shelf in a cupboard. In addition to this we find:

  • A boars tusk
  • Elven-made weave armor
    Upon closer examination of this area, it appears that this location once had been slave quarters. There are many fragments of broken pottery and wood carvings that are elven made.
  • Silver and gold laying about
    Interesting that – the coins seem to slowly, imperceptibly move towards the silver disk!
    The Silver Disk – on top of the silver disk are two items:
  • The very large scroll case, 4ft long, a foot think that anyone in the party had ever seen – its huge! On one end, it is capped in bronze with an image of Anubis. On the other end is writing we have never seen before… Laserie says its Supernal.
  • A small orb – appears magical

Using a stick, Memphis guide the orb to try and push it off the flat silver disk but the orb always avoids the edge of the disk and rolls is way back onto the disk. It doesn’t appear to reside in one specific area on the disk but it will not allow itself to be pushed off the disk either.

The silver disk is magical – doesn’t appear to be associated with teleportation but we don’t know what it does.

Memphis retrieves the huge scroll case off the disk – at the moment I do this two things occur:

  • He notices some Egyptian hieroglyphics on signifying “The Living Monolith”
  • A great loud and long bong resonates from the disk causing every to tremble. An alarm!? He puts the scroll case back, but bong occurs again every few seconds doesn’t help!

Memphis grabs the orb and the scroll case and stores them in his Saddle Bags of Holding with the other items gathered and the team immediately moves outto find a place to rest elsewhere!

As they flee down one of the ruined city streets, the loud bong still resonates throughout the city. We catch a glimpse of a huge sphere floating down the streets – it’s the same sphere was saw from the top of the tower. It appears to be headed in the direction we came from!

The party finds a place to hole up close to where we believe the third canopic jar is and rest for 4 hours.

To be continued…



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