Rusta 5E

journey to the forlorn tower


The harrow folk leave us at the bottom of a hill headed to the mountains – they know nothing of what’s up there.

Amin-nut takes the lead in cat form, several hours into the journey the group encounters bones – mutated creatures humanoid to animal. Dead animals, bones twisted… three eyed creatures…

Noon, Higher elevation less cover – but no tower in sight. Mostly scrub in the land… the party continues on.

humanoid bodies all over the place! Laying on the ground… some sort of structure to the north of the party.

Amun-nut is surprised as an undead mutated creature with an extra maw in its mouth attacks him! Violet light shines out of its eyes.

Another humanoids corpse appears and its guts (tentacles of guts) seem to pull it forward while its arm lay idol at its side… the tentacles reach out 10ft grabbing amon-nut. (warped ghouls and a warped zombie grimlock)

Darius 20/20’s the undead closest to the group and walks towards Amon-nut.

Surrounded Amon-nut shape changes and casts a spell throwing off his multiple opponents with a thunderous clap.

Fight ends – 3 party members with critical wounds (darius – leg, amon-nut – right arm, reth – right arm)

With the area littered in bones the group heads back down the path – ending up where they started.

The hollow folk let us setup camp just within their perimeter no closer – in case the party is tainted by the farrealm.

Amon-nut discovers he has an elixir of life in his chalice! The party rests for two weeks to heal up – amon-nut gives the potion to tomok to regenerate his hand (he is unable to ever use one again).

Memphis notices that Tomok is not as large as he used to get – it appears that the further from Tanis he gets the less he grows. Although if you ask him he can’t tell the difference.

2 weeks later the group (alara, darius, amon-nut, tomok, reth and memphis are ready to move)

At the base of the tower the party is met by 3 grimlocks – the party makes quick work of them.

loot – (3) great axes…

Around the bend the party sees – a gnarly creature (foul spawn mangler) gaunt with spindly limbs. Its arms divide into two forearms at the elbow. Each ends in a hand bearing a bone knife.

It was hidden in the bushes until memphis yelled at him invoking the name of Ra and causing the earth to tremble. It flees from the party towards a cave very quickly and gurgles outside a cave… a second creature appears a large hairless (foul spawn hulk) howling humanoid with mottled skin like pale, bruised flesh. It leaps from the cave with an inhuman cry. It is hairless, and its wide mouth is full of fangs and appears to be stuck in a perpetual grin. It wields a great sword. Then a huge brute appears (foul spawn hulk) at the entrance of the cave – its body skinless and oozing, sinew and muscles are exposed. It rushes down the hill towards the group! An obese figure, appears at the cave entrance (foul spawn seer). It bears a staff made of humanoid bones. The eyes of the skull atop the staff glow!

Long battle – tough one – the chaotic evil wizard had a very good spell combination – thus accounting for all the bones littering the area! We believe the seer was corrupted and used to be a human. He must have returned from the FarRealm corrupted with the others. Maybe these are those storm crows we were told about?

The seer had no spellbook… they must be innate spells… along with his ability to “jump/move”…

After the battle amon-nut who was critically wounded shapeshifts back, his wounds healing. Memphis heals the rest of party using ritual healing. The cave these foul spawn creatures emerged from stinks! At the back a tunnel goes deeper into the dark – from the path it appears these creatures came from below. Amon-nut casts wall of stone and blocked it.

The group needs to rest. Memphis casts lullaby for the group -

Loot – chest lots of silver (thousands…), assorted gems, (2) great swords, (8) bone daggers (very sharp serrated damaging weapons- do more than normal daggers (2d4), (1) bone staff (magical implement… EVIL) the whole cave radiates evil – these things are chaos!

(2) scrolls in the chest
- Campfire lullaby (usable by an Egyptian bard or cleric)
- Fly (the group gives the scroll to alara)

The Twisted staff is evil – its placed in the saddle bags of holding for safe keeping. It whispers…



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