Rusta 5E

Meeting with Lord Zuka

The party shows up in a room – a nice room – and they see Badrune. We’re in a back room of his shop! Badrune hurriedly takes the group out the back into an alley and they head to the Temple of Ra.

At the front gate of the temple sector – there are three individuals loitering about…
A huge 6’8" Nubian with a large two handed sword on his back – dressed in military garb,
a smaller very finely dressed male Egyptian with a nice jeweled kopesh; 3rd son of the Vizier – Fada. Memphis’ War Priest trainer Massri is his older brother – definite family resemblance.
and last a female baldarian wizard of Isis.

They turn and eyeball the group as they approach the gates.

Fada – asks Memphis about an gray elf – he wants to buy her from him. Warning he will own her if she is seen in Tanis again. As Fada arrogantly asks questions to Memphis, Massri arrives from the temple sector.
Massri asks his brother what he’s doing… Fada doesn’t appear to care for the group – he names each individual in the group – his eyes linger on each. The call the group members from Viton country bumpkins and leaves with the other two others. He is very pretentious….

Memphis proudly displays his shield to them with the symbol of the Tau’ri painted on it smiling at them as they leave.

Massri leads the group into the temple sector… three other war priests fall in with the group as they enter the temple district and lead them to the biggest temple of all – the temple of Ra. They are taken to a secure room in the outer parts of the temple proper.

There are many people watching the group as they walk through the temple district – they don’t hide it – they stare. Politicking people – but abnormal amount of folks this time… Memphis generally sees far less than those who have gathered up and down the avenue right now.

Lord Zuka wants to meet with all of us – we are taken to a room – we head into a meeting room 4 paladins of ra (guards) They don’t have armor on right now – they probably have summoned armor available however.

In the room, there is a scribe in the room and a long line of tables in front of a set of double doors.

Lord Zuka then shows up – we all bow – he sits – everyone else stands… just as he’s about to speak the doors behind him open, he stands up and then immediately drops to his knees – the entire group does as well – they see an Egyptian female, royally dressed, Princess Sudaha, one of the Pharaoh’s daughters. She is wearing a extremely exquisite blindfold. (2nd oldest daughter supposedly blind from birth) but she can clearly walk and navigate the room without problems.

With her is a grey elven female who appears to be one of her handmaidens – there is also a unit of personal temple guards and a liontaur with glowing eyes in the hallway behind the open doors.

There are now a lot of people beyond the double doors the princess just entered watching!

Princess Sudaha says Thank you, Cousin towards Lord Zuka. He stands up – the group remains bowed… Zuka motions they can stand now.

Princess Sudaha wants to know if these are the adventurers who went into the city of Nalthan – yes – she just wants to hear.

No one introduces her – it is assumed we all know her.

The grey elven female pulls out a feathered quill and a scroll – it magically starts writing down all that is said.

Lord Zuka doesn’t look at Neraphi at all. He actually doesn’t not look at any female in the party.

Lord Zuka asks Memphis if he told him to enter the city of Nalthan. “No” says Memphis respectfully, however you asked me to investigate rumors of undead in the western desert.

Lord Zuka – how did you start your investigation off?
Memphis – I spoke with my brothers, members of the medjay – they heard rumors of intelligent undead leading dumb undead in the western desert. Rumors of Nalthan also came up in the conversation. The group then went to talk to the Liontaur tribe. The groups previous dealings with the tribe put them in talking relationship with them.

Lord Zuka wants to know about previous dealings with the liontaur – they never attacked you? He’s interested in that. How many liontaur were there he asks Sub-par.

Sub-par says there were 80-100 liontaur.

Lord Zuka is not pleased to hear about the ritual cast – the devil skin scroll or the abyssal shrine of the gnolls. He gives Memphis a stern look.

Memphis recounts the casting of the ritual and the fight. When describing the serpent woman beckoning Sub-par Lord Zuka and the Princess appear to recognize her description… The Serpent Sibyl.

Memphis describes the first view of the 60’ tall Pharaoh Kalipha and the Princess appears to be taking it all in she wants to hear every detail down the smallest detail.

After the battle we traveled west – in the direction the female liontaur told us to go – Memphis describes the sensation of time distortion and the princess tells Zuka we “looped”.

Upon reciting entry to the city the princess repeats the words Kalipha said to us word for word as we entered the city.

At this point Lord Zuka calls for a break. We are taken out of the meeting room and the brought back within an hour. This time a priest of Anubis is here.

Memphis continues describing in detail everything that happens – when describing the conversation we “saw” in the tower the Princess appeared to know who each of the individuals were. Zuka, the priest of Anubis and the princess visibly lean forward taking in the whole conversation that took place.

When we get to the part where we entered the tomb of the pharaoh – Memphis describes the artifacts found in the tomb – and pulls the out of his saddle bags of holding one at a time placing them on the table in front of them. They are visibly in awe of the staff when it is taken out.

Another break is called for after pulling out the artifacts and map we copied. Zuka asks us to leave again. this time we wait for a long time 2-3 hrs… when we return the artifacts are not in the same position they were when we left.

The party returns and there is a different priest of Anubis – a higher priest! There is also a small gold circlet rotating in one corner of the room slowly – it has ancient hieroglyphics in high Egyptian on it…

We recount the remaining adventure – a few interruptions Memphis draws out the story and learns to anticipate their need for questions as he recants the tale.

Lord Zuka knew the prints of a Kirre from Memphis’ description. He also knows of the Cordlu however this one was a battle something?

Interesting tale Lord Zuka says at its completion.

The Scroll of the Living Monolith, the Staff they want to inspect them all… these items need more security than the group can provide…
• The star – they leave in the groups hands
• The staff must stay
• The Apostolic scroll must stay
• They would like to keep book and tablet – we have access if we wish
• Scroll of living monolith – he looks at princess – she barely nods head – we think for finding these items that one of the group should become a living monolith… they think Tomok should become the living monolith – it would help our group – its beyond their normal restrictions as they were guards of the Anubis age – a very tightly controlled group. The temple of Ra will keep the scroll – Lord Zuka will be responsible for choosing the rest of the living monolith…

The group is asked about what we learned from reading the Book of Kalipha – they have apparently already identified it as lord Zuka wants to know who amongst us are sailors and famers.

The circle starts spinning crazy like – sub-par hears a voice – its Fazafire – she wants Sub-par to ask them to free the liontaur. Only he can hear the voice. Sub-par very diplomatically I might add – asks Lord Zuka to free the liontaur due to the liontaur tribes assistance. Zuka stares intently at sub-par – “very interesting question.” he says – “who asked you to ask me that question?” “that liontaur is more powerful than we know.” he says – Lord Zuka says they will consider it – but its not his decision to make he says

Two wizards of Ra come in and take the Apostolic scroll away – very gingerly…

They want all our copies of the map of the city – we can have access to it when we want. We are never to speak of this adventure to anyone unless they are of higher ranks than us and they know Lord Zuka.

The princess stands at this time we all bow to the ground – she leaves…

After the priest of Anubis leaves the ring disappears – only war priests and lord Zuka are left.

Twice now Memphis you’ve done well and have received notice" – says Lord Zuka Because of this he has also done well! He looks at the men in the party and leaves.

Massri looks at all of us (including Neraphi) – he says well done. More responsibilities for Zuka and now he finally gets to take over the War Priests proper.

For the rest of the group -

  • Priestess of Nut – I know you will report this to your church – he pulls out a scroll and gives it to her – he seals it with his ring and says show this to the head priest first.
  • Tomok – I assume you will be contacted soon about becoming a living monolith and what that will entail.
  • Amon-Nut – you need to take over Viton and your area – NOW. You go back and consider yourself mandated by the temple of Ra – he has a scroll with the seal of the royal house – give this to the elder council of Viton – you will report to Chenzra Falo – who talks up through the pharaoh on how your part of the county is run. Its time for you to take over – Lord Zuka wanted it and he’s pushing you to do it. There is a scribe in city of Viton Chenzra Falo enlist her help to run the city while you adventure. Be know when you take over this position and it is known – things will get tougher – politically. Sub-par will have to deal with the elders of the town…

What about the druids guild asks Sub-par? Massri writes another scroll and seals it – when you see them again this will take you to the right person to talk to. The druids are an “outside” group…

Sub-par asks for information on the Bramble queen and Maldeen

  • Bramble Queen- druids would know more about her
  • Maldeen – no he’s a slippery guy – they will look to see where he’s been of late… he’s slippery for a reason. What reason is that I wonder?

We are given passes throughout the city in nice posh places around town to relax and enjoy ourselves.

He thanks us and leaves.

We are accosted by reporters in town – we are now celebrities… we are asked if we were in the city of Nalthan – Memphis says “no comment”

Someone approaches on behalf of the princess, she is interested in the coins if we want to exchange them she would love to have them… price of 8:1 if we want – but she wants ALL of them.



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