Rusta 5E

Mummy Time!

Tomok charges Terman-set who takes an opportunity attack against Tomok with his spear – a visible effect seems to appear about the mummy’s armor after a successful hit. Terman-set heads directly for Memphis! The priest of Ra. Terman-set’s attack paralyzes Memphis and then he immediately attacks Tomok! Memphis casts Iron to Glass however the weapon seems to shrug the spell off! It’s a long drawn out battle – attacking Terman-set’s AC is not going to work – we have to attack his REF and WIL. The group gathers around Terman-set surrounding him on all sides beating him down finally to be killed with a critical to the head.


Memphis takes Termen-set’s holy symbol in a cloth back to Temple of Ra for destruction… The group loots a magical spear and armor off Terman-set’s body.

Exploring the tomb of Terman-set the group finds a recently deceased son of kyruss on the way in…
Inside the tomb they loot the following:

  • 15 silver pearls
  • 350pp (anubis minted)
  • Scroll case – next to a body of a son of kyuss – very ornate scroll case – we can hear a scroll in it – this very magical
  • Ritual scroll – passwall

We place our group name “The Tau’ri” symbol in tomb of Terman-set

We leave the city – we exit the closest city gate on the map – it’s the location of our first battle where we fought the Cordlu.

As the party leaves the city – it fades away behind them… They’re in the desert…
Sub-par puts up his oasis and the group sets up watches and rests. Memphis reports in.
3rd and final watch Laserie says she saw someone in the distance – they scoped us out and left… it was a humanoid – couldn’t determine more.

The party heads south east but can’t find Tanis… no response to Memphis’ report either. The party continues south they head off the sand into silt… like the ocean but made of sand. Skirting their way east they hit more silt… Laserie says – if we head north we will hit forest… she thinks we are on the northern border of the continent – farther north than we were before we entered the city.

Neraphi creates a portal for the party – they move out and appear in a very nice meeting room with Arismarne he welcomes them with a big smile.

The Tau’ri have been gone 4 months…



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