Rusta 5E

Sandstorm at the Shrine

People set dates to get married. Memphis & Neraphi, Tomak & Zanne, Memphis introduces Sub-par to Meritaten.

The team headed back into the Red Desert, east of Tanis. Their path was towards the last location of the Faza Liontaur Tribe.

Upon being escorted into the meeting place at the tribe’s location, Fazafire herself shows up and greets the party and reintroduces her daughter Nomsha.

Memphis informs her that we’re looking for the City of Nalthan.
Fazafire says, “The dead city moves with the sand.”
She confirms my intentions with Sub-par
“Is there a way to predict its movement”, Sub-par asked.

She pauses and states that can probably be done but she will have to perform the a ritual at the sacrifice location the team had found her daughter.

This causes a huge argument between the Liontaur within the camp.
An agitated big warrior, heavily garbed steps and roars. It is very apparent that he did not like what Fazafire attended to do. Then Nomsha steps up in between and says something.

Fazafire says “My daughter will go with us to perform the ritual. Please protect her as you have before.”, the team assures her that this will be.

She leaves with her daughter to educate her on what is needed to be done.

The team spend a few days in the camp waiting. The third day, a warrior liontaur approaches and points towards Sub-par and Faeremma and says “Come!”.

The druids are led to a large guarded tent where Fazafire and Nomsha are. Laid out on a table is a strange looking scroll. It is very apparent that Nomsha is exhausted.

Fazafire tell the druids that will need to help her daughter the Ritual of Shadow Portal Anchor of Shaggai.
The ritual is dangerous.

She carefully puts the scroll into a leather case. Faeremma asks, “What material is the scroll made of?”. She noticed the strange material and lettering.

Fazafire hushly says, “It’s made of Barbed Devil skin. Please be careful. The ritual can control a wide area of land and stabilize it. This should lock in a part of the city in for a day.”

Once the ritual has been cast the Nomsha will head back with a few guards.

We arrive at the shrine towards night and camp so that we can make the most use of daylight to find the city. We stack Farrema’s Improved Campsite Ritual with a watch (Three 3 hour watches).
Watch I: Tomak, Zanne
Watch II: Famerra, Sub-par, Biero
Watch III: Memphis, Neraphi, Lasseri

Laserie wake everyone on her watch and states that an ‘unnatural’ event is about to happen as she points to a sandstorm that is heading towards the party.

The party barely is able to prepare as the sandstorm hits.
16 hours passes. Water is lost/scarce/sandy and the party is survives water starved!
Good thing Neraphi brought lots of water!

And as barely as the party gets up and notices the shrine is totally clean of sand.
A war cry is heard and gnolls attack!



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