Rusta 5E

Saving Akun-Nut

Khamos thinks we are not safe…
Memphis explains why he and the rest of the group don’t remember anything.

Information from Lasarie is that there is a powerful fey named Tuxil, a gnome, who has dealings through out the fey. He may have the information we need. But he will always ask for something in trade. He can be found at ‘Hovel of Hansels’, an entrance is near the formorian city of Vor Hath in the Shadowfell.
Tuxil is one of the most neutral of the fey…

Arismarne, pipes in and says that he has heard of this being. The Trinket Lord, and that he has seen as a fox. Arismarne has always wanted to talk to this being but has never found him. Supposedly a entrance to the Hovel is near Massos in The Krag. Across the Last Hold Bridge from Massos, in Vor Kath, there is a ‘old’ vampire named Cree Dawn may know the location." He is across the last bridge in a vampiric controlled city! The ruling class is vampires – its in a dark section of the plane. They tried to destroy the Athenians one or twice – but the Athenians are tough.

We don’t know where in Vor Kath, Cree Dawn is… most likely he will want a favor or payment for helping him- and then we need to deal with the trinket lord… Arismarne can get us a contact in Vor Kath whom might be able to get us in touch with Cree Dawn.

In Shadowfell, how do they look upon clerics of the sun god… they don’t… its always deep twilight in these towns. And yes they have werewolves for city guards… Will take negotiation crossing that bridge – the athenians don’t like people crossing that bridge. Or they will let us and it will be a one-way trip… they may not let us back.

The Trinket Lord, is a very powerful information broker- he knows where items are on this plane or how to get there. Arismarne would love to meet him but never h as. Arismarne has been there looking for him… dangerous place. He doesn’t know where the entrance to the Krag is! Arismarne thinks we’re tough enough to handle going and searching the Krag. Arismarne will come with us to at least get close – he’ll stay in Massos.

Formorians? – evil giant fey… there is a formorian controlled city – on the darkside of the planet. It’s a ways from Vor Kath. Orcs are still fighting over there! Crazy shit. They say their priests have lost power… so the lower green skins fight the higher green skins. (per Arismarne ) there is also a tiefling nation called “Ash Voker”, there is a necropolis of Andoc Sur. There is the empire of Corb – run by a titan. In the titan empire is a theocracy run by the dark pharoah called The Sepermeru Theocracy.

Khamosis doesn’t want to talk about spys watching us with Arismarne here. But Arismarne says no one is watching us now. Arismarne leaves on that note the group to themselves.

Both Memphis and Neraphi think of using the holy symbol as a bargaining chip in Messos.
We can buy passage on the One Horned Cyclopes. We’d have to go back to Asi then.

Lasarie has contacts – can send the message from here or Tanis, to the drunken gull to find its schedule. We’ll send it from Tanis then.

In three days, the group will head out to Tanis – this give Sub-par time to deal with his Faeremma and the shrine.

8 people book passage by boat to Tanis (memphis, laserie, Neraphi , sub-par, (henchperson for sub-par?), Tok, Zane, Khamosis & biero (plus Arismarne and the girl with him “Yaz”)) – we will give Laserie 3-4 days and meet again as a group to discuss our timetable.

A message from the Drunken Gull – a week later, we get a reply. The boat is due in 5 days – it stays in doc 2-3 days before they take off again. But they will hold the boat for us!



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