Rusta 5E

The Cloudwatch Inn

The group surmises that yhe huge liontaur was resurrected and we’ll see him again in the future.

As the caravan pulls into Levant. There people of subraces in Levant, more than the team has ever seen.
The caravan leader recommends they go to the Cloudwatch Inn – proprietor is a halfling named Cham.

As they enter the Cloudwatch Inn, they are greeted by a halfling. He is dressed very nice, he has long blonde hair and green glinting eyes. He welcomes to the Cloudwatch and ask if they are seeking room and board.

As food is being brought to their table, Alara scopes out the waitress. He wants to show her his ‘wand of power’. She’s charmed by him by the end of the evening. She wants him to meet her parents first – she is baldarian and family traditions apply. He’s now scared and gives her 5gp and leaves running!

As the evening progress, the main door opens suddenly and 4 baldarians walk in, they move purposefully to a corner of the Inn where a table opens up. A tall baldarian male dressed in white-shaded leather armor and set of bracers that have a slight grayish glow. He’s bald except for a black hair sidelock, also wearing a necklace of the symbol of Khonshu (white cresecent moon). He carries a white staff.

Walking in with him are two females, guild wizard wearing the symbol of Isis and a ranger with a beautiful longbow. A short time later, a male wood elf clearly a roguish type.

Cham is questioned on the latest news in the area, “Trolls.. Started attacking over a month ago with coordinated attacks, testing the towns’ defenses, very unusual.”
He whispers, two groups had left to find out more information. The group in the corner was one of the groups. . They were attempting to find out who’s coordinating the attacks. It seems that the other group didn’t make it back it seems."

Cham asks about Badrune. Memphis mentions that “Yes, His kids really do eat off gold plates, don’t let him tell you otherwise!” He informs us that the regional nomarch, Kari would like to meet with us tomorrow. The Regional Nomarch is an alchemist. The mayor does most of the town business, his name is Ahmoset.

Memphis buys a round of drinks for the other table and asks if they can join them.
Cham is worried about “out of towners causing trouble”. They reassure him that they do not plan to start anything.

Memohis inquires about the troll troubles. The male baldarian speaks for the group but the female ranger also interjects. The male seems unaffected by her interruption.

Herasho: baldarian male, Paladin of Khonshu. Reads the high egyptian script on the back of the leather belt taking from the huge Liontaur, it reads the belt “Xitan, Royal Guardian of Baldari”
Maia: baldarian female, Ranger
Cyna: Wood Elven Male; rogue? maybe. He doesn’t say.
Dijan Sonrean: Guild Wizard, worships Isis. Alara recognizes the last name, It’s the name of one of the six High Magus. High Magus of the Mystical Arts Sahepe Sonrean.
One other party members is at his church getting healed, a cleric of Ra.

They just arrived in town, gathering informationl on trolls. It seems a troll who is an descendent of ancient troll king is in charge, Staljaunt. And he somehow knew they were coming. Having not heard from the other group, they have assumed are dead. They went in a different direction of the other group.

The Trollhaunt is huge area that goes N and NW in miles from Levant. Levant was a fortress for the trolls, over a hundred years ago. It was abandoned when the baldrians ocuppied it.

Their team didn’t see the trolls until they were right on top of them. As if they were invisible, 4-5 of them. All trolls regenerate from damage. But these were almost ghost-like abilities.

Suddenly, a man rushes into the Inn wearing a symbol of Khonshu on his chest and white robes, a Lunarian Priest. He speaks to Herasho, “It’s glowing! The Moon Door!” Heraso takes off out the Inn and the rest of us follow.

Its ‘night’ time on the Brightside of Rusta, so the the sky glows a bright bluish ‘twilight’ as usual. We quickly head out the town gates past the docks that head west. We see an small isle, on its clearly seen a large round white doorway glowing a bluish light. Heraso says, “This has never happened.”
The Shrine of Khonshu is located not far from the door on the Isle.
Town Guard arrive and warns all the people who have gathered that no one is to approach the isle.

The door is inscribed in fey. Only one person has lived in this area before the trolls, an hermit elf
The door does look similar in characteristics. Alara says it’s definitely fey from his studies at the guild. He knows of reports or theories that the fey seem to come here in seasons – at different times. The fey live in parallel to here. The feydark or feywild.

We all head back to the inn

Herasho askes Tomok about being a Living Monolith and if he is representing the court. Tomok begins to tell him and Memphis interrupts him saying, “You shouldn’t be talking about it”.

We retire for the night

Breakfast in the am – Cham says we are to meet the nomarch and mayor at 1:00pm.



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