Rusta 5E

The Fate of The Falling Star

The team decide to leave Baldari and head to Brindol, located on the edge of Milenia. Blaze wants head back.

Amon-Nut is woken up by Scribe Xim. He is told that somehow he appeared on the Viton’s tax ship. His last memories are of being bedded by naked women, one in particular visiting every night of the five week ordeal. All the time hearing the whisper of The Serpent Sibyl.

He arrives in Viton almost the same time that Memphis, Tomok and a guild wizard named Alara of Armant ride in on camelback, dusty and tired from Tanis.

We head to Brindol. To talk to the priestess of ioun (diedra) who per amon-nut says has information on the pyramid of shadows. She wanted help getting the tear of ioun being held by a faction of ioun.

Memphis, Neriaphi, Amon-Nut meet at Haji-Horus’s house for dinner. The main discussion topic of Amon=Nut governance as a Nomarch.

The Syros Swan docks in Viton.
At the docks, there are many more guards here – twice the usual number. Conru-nut says the Greeks are here because the Swan is here. Capt Temek – he appears a little grayer around the temples. He checks in with Dockmaster Hathos. The group got in big trouble last time the group rode on his ship. His ship was taken to Tanis and stuck there for a week after they searched his boat!
Captain Temek is irritated about taking the troublemakers on another trip. But he will with for a premium price. :) And we still have to fight if attacked on board the ship!

He is then accosted by Amon-Nut about his trade route with Viton. Capt Temek has been making this run for years. He has a unique setup that allows him to do this. Amon-but asks what his tax rate is and he introduces himself as the Nomarch. He knew his father – Amon-Nut’s father setup the deal. He pulls him off to the side and cut a deal – he got me down to 25%. Maybe it needs to be 40% says Amon-nut. Capt will provide a special rate for him as well. They haggle and make insinuations with each other – he wants to know what the new deal is – is it still 25%? Amon-nut agrees as long as his superiors are ok with it.
Arismarne shows up on the docj and waves the Captain Temek. – they wave to each other.

The night before they leave Amon-nut, Memphis and Neraphi have dinner with Haji and his family. Haji knew Amon-nut would assume the role of the Nomarch at some point. He know what his blood was. It didn’t stop him from raising him like his dumbass son! Haji can handle the day to day… they’ve been doing it for years. He’s happy to not do the job… the less he talks to Zuka. Lord Zuka!
Haji tells Amon-nut to keep Tomok out of town. He wants to know what happen to him. He describes what happen… The Serpent Sybil was picking up Akun-nut for someone. Not being taken to her.
The Golden Papyrus is pretty secure – they being Thoth – so it’s unlikely that they would have access to his bank account.
An Oracle appears (Rich) and points out that they want a child of the Nomarch to inherit his claim!
Haji-Horus says “I agree with the warpriest they came to take your cum.” not an exact quote but crude and to the point…
Amon-nut would have to contest any heirs at the Primarch level!

We book passage for 7 (amon-nut, Tomok, Biero, Blaze, Mark, Memphis and Alaran).

The team boards The Syros Swan to Brindol. The journey will take up to 20 days.

5am: seven passengers on the dock, the ship takes off the boat and stops to wait outside of Kawa for 3 hrs. Another boat pulls up and they are loading cargo off the small boat onto the Swan. Very heavy crates… Capt Temek tells Amon-nut, “Its business!” There are baldarians unloading the offer – Tomok offers to help. They decline it.
After boat is loaded, we head north!

The captain has a feast with the team except Khamosis who won’t join because of religious reasons. We dine with the capt once every 5 days in his cabin. He worships Poseidon. Every meal is spectacular! The room doesn’t seem to fit on the ship – it’s a big room!

We pass an isle one day, that no one goes to – there are pirates to the right – a cove on one of these isles. The Fey’ri actually patrol the area as well.

15 days into the journey, Alara tries to investigate the cargo that was loaded on the ship outside Kawa. But the door to the cargo is guarded.
The 15th day a new dinner – rock dwarf. He looks different – very grey skin. Drinking with the capt. Once we enter he looks at us and excuses himself from the capt. Alara asks why – ‘Because I don’t trust you Guild Wizard’ – he heads off in the direction of the cargo that was boarded…

Greek Legion was in Brindol and then left after the party left. They’ve been fighting skaven now NW of Brindol. Fey’ri are sea pirates – boats that hover over the water with demon wings and shoot energy beams! To the east.


On the eighteenth day of the journey, another ship is spotted approaching. On the main sail, the see the banner of the skaven’s Clan Scurvy.

Captain Temek recognizes the carrack as The Falling Star but the name had been scratch off and now says Da Bloody Klaw. He says we cannot outrun it it has magical Sails of Speed.
As the carrack closes, the team sees the ship seething with skaven, skavenslaves, rat ogres, clanrats. Mounted haphazardly on the bow of the ship is a warp lighting cannon, 3 clansalves are manning it with a warplock engineer. On the rear of the ship, is a small catapult filled with baseball-sized snails with 2 clansalves manning it. Behind them, a deformed black-furred skave stands, half singed on one side of its body. The skaven captain also wields a black blade crackling with green lighting, a Fellblade.

  • Khamosis commences to cast his Circle of Protection ritual.

Combat Ensues:

  • The Bloody Klaw launches the Pain Pain Snail shot from the catapult. The snail shot grab onto targets Blaze and four gross-looking snails attach to him causing excruciating pain and absorbing healing surges.
  • The Bloody Klaw fires the warp lightning cannon, horrid green lightning blast arcs at The Syros Swan. When it hits, a lightning explosion occurs to all around the target effecting Amon-Nut and a sailor.
  • The Bloody Klaw closes to boarding distance and the skaven push to get onto The Syros Swan.

So far

  • Memphis uses Moment of Glory and pushes some of the first wave in to the water between the vessels. 2 Rat Ogres still remained on the Syros Swan.
  • Melee Combat occurs with Rat Ogres and Tomok, Biero, Amon-Nut, Blaze and Memphis.
  • Amon-Nut cast Entangle and vines appears on part of the Bloody Klaw’s main deck.
  • Khamosis casts Wintery Area and part of the Bloody Klaw’s main deck is covered in ice.
  • The Warplock Engineer screams in queekisk and the clanrats start to cut the boarding ropes connected to the Syros Swan. He then intently watches the clanslaves ready to load the warptstone into the cannon.
  • Alara dimension doors to bow of the The Bloody Klaw and has his Arrowhawk attack a kill a skaven
  • Skaven Captain Amrot the Singed, a black-furred skaven singed raises his Fell Greatsword and shoots a blast of warp lightning at Memphis that hits and lighting assaults all next to Memphis.
  • The rock dwarf, Mognar steps onto the main deck of the Swan and swings his Force Axe at a rat ogre and crits it.
  • Khamosis casts Magic Missile so deadly it pierces the Warlock Engineer and kills him outright.
  • Memphis flies into the air and swings at Captain Amrot hits and crits him immobilized.
  • The Warlord Amrot then immediately swings at Memphis before he crits him. Memphis shudders and sees the lesser death rune of humans ablaze on the Fell Greatsword.
  • Melee Combat occurs with Rat Ogres and Tomok, Biero, Amon-Nut, Blaze and Mognar.
  • A sling bullet attack directed at Memphis occurs coming from the Bloody Klaw but only Alara caught a glimpse of the Skaven Nightrunner in the main sail post.
  • Memphis kills the Captain Amrot and the skaven scatter and dive into the water swimming and drowning away.

Combat Ends

The team finds the Equinox Chalice. 2’ tall, 8" wide. Has the symbol of Dionysus.
The team secure the ship in Viton

Loot Distribution:
equinox chalice – amon-nut
elixir of invisibility – Alara
Chaos weave braidmail armor – in memphis’ bag of holding will sell later for group
+2 Chaos cloak – biero
Death spiral ring – memphis
Ocean strider boots – Biero
Fel great sword with death rune of humans on it (evil) greater work… (destroyed)



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