Rusta 5E

Headed to the Forlorn Tower

Post-fight the group agrees to help the Deirdre the Priestess of Ioun. She wants help regaining the tear of ioun… it’s a relic, a large crystal she thinks… its an acient relic from the first age. No idea what it does.

There are a few people in town who may be able to help the party

  • Lord Criswell, leader of Wellspring
  • Master Vyen, Sage and former priest of ioun
  • Croetus, Wizard of Wellspring

Unknown where Grell came from.

Alchemist Shop – a small shop at that. the party buys stuff

  • healing potions (6) on hand 25gp each
  • 1 Memphis
  • 2 Reth
  • 3 Reth
  • 4 Tomok
  • 5 Tomok
  • 6 Biero
  • potion of climbing 25gp – Reth

Master Vyen, Sage and a former priest of Ioun
He lives in a stone house in the high district – kids are seen leaving his house as the party arrives. A white haired old dude… “Egyptians, wtf!” he says in Greek and quickly glances up and down the deserted street… we go inside – not without him looking up and down the deserted street again before we enter. Once we enter Memphis speaks Greek but outside it was Egyptian. Vyen says his Egyptian is not good… wants to speak Greek if possible.

  • Grell come from far the realm – not from here. Not the same place from where Reth came from. They come from a place where the energies can warp people. The kaorti temple is there – this is where Esakd used be. The karorti temple is somewhere in the mountains…
  • The Tear of ioun is ancient relic – no idea what it does… its supposedly sentient…
  • Creatures in the area – people of the harrow wood – barbarians/shaman…
  • The karotic temple like most temples of ioun are libraries. If anything is up there that is worthy of a book he’d be interested in any scrolls or books we can bring back.
  • Far realm is pure chaos – people go there looking for power and come back mutated. Not normal, insane there after their visit…
  • He’d like to talk with us when/if we return – he’s a sage after all

The party heads back to the blue plate inn to rest for the night – planning on leaving early the next morning.

The party creates a marching order, casts prep spells (the gm reviews money with characters and the difference between greek and egyptian coinage…) where is money being kept… etc.

The group heads overland – through the brush towards where the tower supposedly is. Biero in the lead…

Lots of grass the first two miles – then Biero discovers a hunters path! The trail leads to the forest, underbrush, larger trees – more difficult terrain.

The party suddenly sees Biero pull out his bow and shoot in the brush ahead of him! Combat!

Combat Highlights:

  • The female tiefling is partially hidden behind a tree, she carries an admantium morningstar in her hand – a dark energy surround her… she a casts a spell (evards black tentacles) and slow on the group…
  • Eye of Malachi – they wear masks? Deformed… Every time they die purple energy flows out of their eyes to the sky as a primal psychic scream rips from their lips in guttural greek
  • Tomoks critical – left hand cut off… death in 30 minutes (saved by his LM ability)
  • Biero critical – heart pierced instant death
  • Darius believes that these eyes of malachi are all gladiators, they appear to be using combat superiority on him and others in the group
  • Tomok crits an eye of malachi and rips its arm off!
  • Retholine dives through the line of opponents accepting opportunity of attacks unskathed and casts hold person on the tiefling – success! The following round with her held he strikes her with his fist: auto crit on hold person… he rips off her buttocks… Suddenly ~20 half-orcs step out in a circle around both groups. A shaman steps forward and starts stomping his staff on the ground to a beat and says in greek – “kill her!” then a huge half-orc steps out with his arms crossed observing what happens next.

Tiefling – no spellbook!, rod (normal implement) and an adamantine morning star (nice weapon) natural +4 to hit (adamantine) 2d8 damage – Tomok claims the adamantine morning star
+60gp in greek coins…
8 handaxes, 8 battle axes, 1 rod, 1 leather armor, 8 hide armors

Tiefling came from an actual plane of chaos! Anything that can survive there is powerful!

After the opponents are dead – a large half-orc steps forward and looking at Tomok who is still enlarged and enraged from combat asks “who is your leader?” Tomok – points to memphis. The large half-orc introduces himself as Vaymeer.

Vaymeer wants to know what we are doing out here. Memphis tells him in greek that the party is headed to the Forlorn Tower to find something called the Tear of Ioun. Vaymeer indicates that another group came through – they didn’t survive… months ago. They were greek. 5-6 in the group… they were unworthy and never came back. The Harrow wood folks do no go to the tower – they were tracking the Tiefling and her group we found them first. The tiefling and her group were headed to the Wellspring. Vaymeer invites the group to their village – maybe they can help. Very basic barbarian village – they move through the woods like rangers! The tribe stays away from the tower.

And old lady comes out and they talk to each other. It will take about 3 days for a ritual to take place and raise dead on Biero… Alara goes in to participate with the ritual… Zunga! Zunga! Zunga!

Tomok is given a string to tie his hand around his neck…

While the party waits they talk and interact with the Harrow wood folks, Memphis gives his spare gnoll bows to one of the Half Orc rangers

Another day and Biero will be good to go (4 days total in village) Then they escort the party to a path leading to the tower.



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