Rusta 5E

Town Election

Viton: Half hour to the town council meeting – Ini-hri-Nut (Neraphi’s father) invites Memphis to the meeting “you should go.” he says

Ini-hri-Nut and Memphis arrive at the location of the meeting. There are a few guys loitering there and one of them hands Ini-hri-Nut a note pointing him to the Golden Moon Inn (owned by Nemeri).
Arriving at the location, they are met by Ryder-Horus. Conru-Nut shows up a while later and Nemeri. Ibef shows up with two escorts, a Paladin of Isis and a Guild Wizard of Isis.

Everyone sits at a private dining table with food and drink dining before getting down to business.

Ibef asks, ‘Where Amon-Nut is?’. Memphis doesn’t know. The Paladin of Isis smirks at this.

Nemeri leads the conversation – formal leadership for the town of Viton is the topic.
A door opens and the High Priestess of Nut walks in. The rooms’ atmosphere changes when she walks in – Nemeri is slightly taken back however quickly composes himself.

They want to do a vote.
Ibef goes first. His family is deep into the merchant and religious sectors of Tanis – family has a long history – he lists his “credentials”
Nemeri is next – lists his credentials – mostly a merchant with contacts and other neighboring villages – he can add security and help grow the town. He promises growth to the town.

The Priestess of Nut stands and says she will takes the votes… (she is the neutral party here)

Ini-hri-Nut, Conru-Nut, Ibef, Nemeri, Ryder all prepare to vote – and the door opens – its Akun-nut – he walks in… “I’m still an elder in this town and I can vote.” yes you can they all say

Akun-nut sits across from Memphis at the table and places a small burn out black crystal on the table – “Have you seen this before?” he asks Memphis. “Yes, the doppelgangers in Kawa…” says Memphis. “It was found at the crime scene where the accountant was murdered.” says Akun-nut

The vote continues… Ibef wins the vote.

Ibef will petition the Primarch of the North within a day. Until that is ratified they will continue as usual.

Akun-nut and Memphis head to the crime scene… Coru-nut goes as well – He was instructed to clean it up tonight anyway… no one been inside for a few days – Akun-nut says “This is where I found the crystal. I think that Xim or the accountant was a doppelganger – possibly Xim otherwise the accountants body would not have been found. Something was flagged and she had to run in a hurry. Amon-nut should check his accounts. I don’t know why he left a female in charge.”

Next day the ratification happens – Ibef is now the formal leader of the town. Its signed by the Primarch of the North – “…in the region of Amon-Nut. and it is noted, Ibef answers to the Primarch”

Two weeks later Darius and his family show up. He has been assigned to Memphis now. Ryder invites him to live in his house. They are both worshippers of Horus and he has plenty of room.

The group gathers to officially name the ship – “The Princess Sudaha” However the royal barge arrives and the group has to put off the naming until afterwards. The ship moves out into the river to make room for the barge. That however leaves the Tau’ri standing on the docks as Lord Fada arrives. Lord Fada has his group with him – except the rogue… never seen the rogue yet. (Biero has however…)

A day later Lord Fada invites Memphis and says to bring the reset of the Tau’ri to another of Nemeri’s inns at 2pm.

1pm – Neriphi tells Memphis to dress up – “oh yea I guess so…” says Memphis
The meeting is with Lord Fada’s team in a private room – rogue and fighter not there (female guild wizard, monk, priest of ra, etc…)
“Where is Amon-nut? I thought he was a part of the Tau’ri?” says Lord Fada. “He is I don’t know where he is at the moment.” says Memphis

’You’re going to have to answer these questions then’ says Lord Fada.
The Pyramid of Shadows – (his father sent him to get the status of this) – what is your plan for this?
Top priority to find it – before others

There are 3 keys…

  1. Amon-Nut: (Doppelganger Xim raided it) – Lord Fada is going to the Jungle to retrieve it from Xim
  2. Trinket Lord: if the Tau’ri pay the price
  3. Temple of Nut: The previous town elders were protecting the key – we have a better rappor – we leave that key until last.

Meeting ends..

So in the end the Tau’ri need to go to Brindol anyway…

Darius tells us of the elven-made Dimensional Hoops – so we can keep in touch with Herashoo’s group. They have to be mounted before they can work – aligned and mounted on a wall before they can work.

Memphis talks to Ibef about trade and the use of the ship – talk trade routes – Nemeri is in charge of this. Nemeri is in charge of trade routes. He mostly works out of Asi and Massos trading – he wants to send a representative to Brindol with the group – that’s fine
Memphis takes 2,500 gp in gems
Boats in good shape – clean tight ship. 2d to get ready for the trip.

By boat it will take ~20 days if good weather to get to Brindol

Tomok notices that the flags near the dock now have the symbol of an Owl – on top of them all. Religious lore – Athena.
The Syros Swan is here – Capt Temik
Met by dockmaster – the group has to be cleared at customs – he speaks in egyptian however he is greek “name TBD
We see Yaz – she waves and is waiting outside customs for us. Nothing unusual… guards with various greek symbols – they eyeball Darius and Memphis in their military garb
The boat is registered with the harbor master and can come and go as needed now. The Capt. is told not to wait for the Tau’ri – start trading!

They have the Tau’ri individually stand in a square for a few moments, then they can leave customs.

Outside Customs, Yaz meets us. Yaz is greek but speaks Egyptian.
Town Guard in place but Greek military presence is stationed here – Athenian
Arismarne’s Place – store front entrance – Tomok leads us in back, give him a rundown of town, Levant, he quizzes Darrius on Levant (Arismarne is very knowledgeable of area), Tomok you’re a LM now – he quizzes him on his abilities

The Tau’ri need to talk to the Trinket Lord, Massos – find Cree Dawn.

True vampires run Vor-Kath not humans made into vampires… they are more powerful.

Athena and Ra know each other – good dealings – they probably already know you’re here – news already spread – town elders should be meet with

Letters of introduction please? Yes – a few business men he knows… we’ll need to buy horses and take transport… Boat up river or by land. The group gets horses…

Visiting the town elders – Arismarnr, new helper lead us to the elders for a formal introduction

On the way there a group of Greek military stand in front of town hall – they all turn and look as we come around the corner. Our guide gets nervous… he leads us through them and they eyeball us all – I ask him about Blaze… the Greeks recognize this name. and glance at each other…

Darius acts as Memphis’ Interpreter speaking Greek – bluff check success

A guy with a symbol of Athena military guy – Capt. – quizzing Darrius over Tomok being a Royal Guard of the Pharaoh. (Tomok doesn’t work for the Pharaoh… or so he says) What are you really doing here… another guy speaks up – I just wanted to meet them, see them – says a dark haired Greek. The Capt. steps back… then they start selling the town – trade is here – whores are here… bla bla bla

We leave Town Hall and head north to Massos and pass through a small village to see the Priestess of Ioun (Wellspring is the town name) Deidra is her name

3 days to well spring – a frontier town – near some mountains – cobbled streets… ~1,000 people and another 1k in the surrounding area. Lord Criswell is in charge. 40 FT guards in town… main tavern is called the “blue plate”

Entering town – folks in very simple clothes – pilgrims? They are praying at an old statue in the middle of town square – the group hears a scream and see a creature! A grell!

“the tear is near, find it. Search wood and stone, blood and bone” so says a grell in deep speech as translated by Retholien



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