Rusta 5E

Trade Route Damage!

We meet in Neraphi’s family’s house to discuss details. Trade routes and caravans have been attacked near the city of Levant by Liontaurs. Caravans leave Tanis and go to Levant on a regular basis.

Boat to Tanis comes in tomorrow am – the group will leave then.

Area close to Levant used to be a Troll Kingdom says Akun-nut, watch out for trolls, use fire.
Amon-Nut has papers drawn up stating that Biero is his slave.

-50 sp each for boat travel

5-6 days later we arrive in Tanis. A Paladin of Bast at the gate – just standing there… (Living Monolith); he nods to Tomok as we enter the gates. Tomok & Memphis take off to Special Ops. The group will meet in the merchant quarter tomorrow am.

Alara reports into his guild and goes to talk with his trainer, Iuterin, a Wizard of Thoth. Information gathered is that liontaurs are a nomadic race, strong, some suspect they are fey… not validated yet. Some had been captured to be private guards to the Sun Pharaoh’s children. Alara also given a note from the Golden Papyrus saying he has 50k in his name at the bank.

Liontaur research by Alara in Wizard Guild Library

  • Different tribes of Liontaur: Ayoun – always have claws of honored Liontaur as signature of who they are
  • Fazafire – symbol a gold leaf, that surrounds a ruby
  • They do not like Baldarians – period
  • Tribes come and go…

    The Tau’ri are attached to a caravan headed to Levant – the Caravan Master is very eager given all the security he has. The people in the caravan are especially happy with Tomok, a Living Monolith in attendance!

This trip will take ~20 days… we travel south of the shrine and where we last saw fazafire.. Then we start arching north – northwest… a more forested area. We are 3-4 days away from Levant. Alara thinks the Ayoun tribe may live here in the woods…

Group Watches:

  • Memphis/Retholine -
  • Biero/Alara -
  • Amon-Nut/Tomok -

First watch – something occurs – we are camped nears some ruins… a huge skeleton appears, a Skeletal Cyclops, the skull has only one eye! Another creatures appears on a chair – an animated chair – a Green Hag moves around on it!

Retholien notices the hag and moves in front of Memphis “we have enemy!”

Two Earth elementals move with this group and another hag – she has a bow!

Combat Begins:

  • Memphis is tagged – close to the heart! His Champions armor deflects the shot!
  • The ground beneath the group explodes in rampant growth – the area becomes difficult terrain.
  • Earth elementals disappear into the ground
  • A quickling attacks out of nowhere and moves with incredible speed.

Hagus Encounter

  • Multi-character combination turns the battle! Entangle, Hypnotic Pattern – charmed opportunity of attach by Biero kills the green hag!
  • The quickling and dusk hag flee

Items on the green hag: carrying a non-magical bag… not bobby trapped… inside there is a plant grasping a stone symbol of the sun – with a black spear transfixed through it… Alara says this is a symbol of one of the other liontaur tribes he doesn’t recall the name however

The caravan team talks about the battle all night long – gas clouds, rock creatures, fire beetles. This is the 1st time the Taur-ri fought Fey, Fey are enhanced on this plane! The rest of the night passes without event

Alara and Biero are still cursed – they take +10 damage every time they take damage. Its the Curse of the Hag. Retholine learned to be more careful.

Almost a day goes by and we see a HUGE liontaur – huge helmet with war tusks coming out of it – liontaurs are already big but this one is three times the size of a big one! This one wears the symbol we found in the pouch. No weapon just claws out. There a few other normal size (medium) liontaurs behind him.

Amon-nut tries to parlay – nothing. We hear/sense movement spread out around the carivan itself

The big one says “Die Baldarians!” as the charges towards the party!

Combat Begins

A liontaur mystic with a quaterstaff to the left of the ravager. To the right a liontaur hunter with a bow. Tomok and Retholine notice two more liontaur to the left of us. They also have soulfangs sticking in them.


Biero critically hit one of the raging liontaur ravagers, brain penetration with an arrow.

The two liontaurs from Tribe Fazafire step forth as the battle ensues. Unaca & Barvo, guards of Nomza. The sunsetter mystic and hunter stop attacking to assess the threat.

The huge liontaur bellows something and the sunsetters and fazafire liontaurs engage in combar vs. each other.

Tomak critical to the huge liontaurs’ head – brain penetrated instant kill!

The fazafire liontaur have killed the mystic continue running after the hunter that flee’d after the huge one went down…

The last sunsetter ravager is knocked out and the soulfang falls out and disolves.

Biero and Amon-nut search the permiter and find no trace of Fazafire liontaurs

We gather items off the liontaur – arcane folks detect for magic… helm and two more soul fangs in his bag are magical, belt is not magical… stick in bag all Cut off each arm – huge and claws as large as short swords – the huge liontaur.

  • Boar Tusk Helm
  • Soulfang of Ironskin
  • 2 Soulfang of Rage
  • Decorative Belt of the Aten Guard (High Egyptian is inscribed on the inside of the belt)

We leave him as an example of what happens if they attack the trade routes.

We head to Levant

The early morning on the day the team heads into Levant, the liontaur arms dissipate into radiant light.



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