Rusta 5E

Troll Attack

Early “morning” at the Cloudwatch Inn reveals Memphis and Retholien in the tap room. Cham offers to serve up more beer! Breakfast would be in order suggests Memphis.

Cham asks Memphis about the guild wizard. Apparently he took off late in the night with a serving wench of his… neither have been seen since. As for the rest of the group, we can only assume they are sleeping off their inebriation from the previous day.

The other group, Herasho, Maia, Cyna and Dijan are present as well, they plan on going out to search for the other group. Memphis offers to assist them however its apparent they don’t trust “outsiders” and feel that introducing a new member of their group at this time might throw them off in combat. Memphis concurs with their assessment – cant argue that, however he wisely points out – your down your healer… To which Herasho replies – “healing potions, lots of healing potions”. Well good luck then says Memphis with a smile – your obviously better prepared than some of the folks in my group in that respect. I wish they’d bring more potions on them myself.

Before leaving Herasho and his group introduce Memphis to Darius – a friend of theirs who lives in Levant – they will be back soon…

Darius is a member of the small military outpost here in Levant. He’s the head of the town military unit.

Darius notices that Memphis has a military special operations insignia (lord zuka) on him as well as an insignia of the church of Ra (warpriest). Retholien stands behind him. Darius sits down eats with Memphis.

Darius was born in Tanis, merchant family, joined military when young and assigned to this outpost. When the time comes he’ll lead Memphis and Rethlien to the town fortress to meet the mayor and nomarch.

Sometime later they head to the fortress to meet the nomarch and mayor. It appears to be large round fort. The city guard/town guard meet us and escort us in. after a while we’re taken into the main chamber – the mayor is sitting in front of a large desk. He introduces himself as Ahmoset (Egyptian, matted beard, leather armor (doesn’t appear worn – magical?) a large battle axe behind him). Darrius knows that he used to be an adventurer.

The nomarch will be here shortly – she’s always late. Ahmoset wants to know our business in town. Sent by Primarch of the West to clear caravan route – he wasn’t’ aware of that… where is the rest of the group? He asks about each member… living monolith – yes… the nomarch of Viton – yes… and down the list he goes.

The door opens and a very young girl – 16-17 years old nicely dresses enters. She sits down as a servant gets a chair for her… "what’s wrong with your hair!? Says Ahmoset. Her hair appears gold-ish. “I was experimenting…” she says.

The nomarch is disappointed that Amon-nut is not there. Where is he she asks? Memphis thinks he either is nursing a hangover or in the woods doing druidical stuff.

Ahmoset fills her in on why the party is here… she wants to know what we want. Memphis is not sure of the context of that question, it’s a relative question. But before Memphis can answer – Guards bust in – “There has been another attack! The trolls are testing us again.” says the guard. Amaset jumps up and says he’s going to the wall – with the guards! We follow… the nomarch – she stays behind…

Ahmoset jumps on a horse offering one to Memphis and Retholine one as well. Memphis pulls out a couple of sandstone camels and follow the horses.

Ahmoset heads out to the far wall (as indicated on the town map) with many guards and solders in tow.

As we pass one section of the wall Ahmoset leaves Darius, Memphis and Retholine to defend this section of the “wall”. Further down the “wall” Memphis can see Herasho’s group, they are attacking trolls from the rear at the third spot in the “wall”. Ahmoset and his men take the second place along the “wall”. The citizens meanwhile are mobilizing as are the town guard… there are no “gates” in the second wall – per say. there isn’t even what I would consider a wall here! the wall is in total disrepair. It would just get destroyed and they would have to rebuild it again anyway says a guard when asked about the non-existent “wall”. This is what’s left of the wall… its still called the second wall.

Memphis Blesses the wall defenders invoking the name of Ra as they each rush to defend their section of the “wall…”

The party successfully routes three young trolls… I’d hate to meet an ancient or ghost troll…



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