Rusta 5E

Visiting Kawa

Khamosis meets up with the group in Tanis after we exit the Temple of Ra. Amongst all the Paparazzi… we recut the share of money gained from the expedition to provide him a share.

Anonymous deposit into banks accounts 50k each

Amon-nut’s paragon path – Druid of the Inner Circle ceremony, Faeremma is there lots of others
A few are glad he’s choosing this path – better ties with the government – others not so…

Whistler wants to know if Tomok is a pussy or is he going to update his tattoo… and his friends too. Whistler is NOT happy Tomok is a living monolith now – he’s way more distant than he was before with Tomok… Whistler turns his back on him as he talks to him “they don’t need to recognize who I am. I think that thing in your head has clear access to wherever it is you are… that’s good and bad – personally I think it’s bad.”

Tomok and Amon-nut’s tattoos are updated

Viton Event – near the forge – there are 4 guild wizards who show up with weapons around the forge! Dressed like combat wizards – they have actual weapons in hand, but their freehand is moving quickly. Then they suddenly disappear…

The group heads to Kawa in hopes of finding information on why the Dark Pharaoh was attacking Kawa over a year ago.

Amon-nut approaches Blaze and Ryder – Ryder’s dad says he doesn’t want him to go. Blaze can however.

There have been no more reports of undead in over a year in Kawa – just bugbears and giants in the area. Why do I need to go asks Blaze? He’ll go for a full share. He carries his spiked shield.

Amon-nut calls the Council of Viton – it takes a few hours. Amon-Nut talks to the Council himself. Haji speaks for the council – the only information is that which the party has on their return trip from Brindol. That’s all they know.
There have been no attacks on Kawa proper in a while – they send out patrols fight bugbears… giants…? Haji-Horus recommends he goes and talks to the main guy, Khorri in Kawa.

The group sets out the following morning from Viton by boat to Kawa.

It’s the Celebration of Kawa when the group arrives – lots of people in town. Amon-nut is met in town by scribe – they were not aware of his arrival. The scribe takes him to Khorri – when the group gets near the bar “the big fin” they see Awehun, Sobe and Djemi, three people on the town council. They make room and wave Amon-nut into the bar – they meet in the back room. Tomok and Memphis enter with Amon-nut. Khamosis, Blaze and Biero wait outside in the main bar.

The military visited recently – surveillance team a week ago – they talked about building a surveillance post in town. Unknown timeline… Amon-nut talks town business… town strengths, trade, defenses…

At one time the giants were pushing this direction from Boulderheart – to south west where the giant’s fortress exists. By foot its days travel… it was unusual to see them this far north.

Awehun comes back in with a couple of servants carrying food and drink… the two servant’s attack! Both have short swords and daggers (something on the blades as well…) – as they attack their whole bodies change – pliable grey faces… no hair! Doppelgangers…?

Next time – combat in the big fin!



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