Rusta 5E

Without a Trace

PC’s: Tomok-Nut , Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par
NPCs: Neraphi, Zanne

Without clear knowledge on what the deal was that Tomok had brokered in the City Jail.

We head to the docks in an attempt to speak with the captain of the Horned Cyclops.
The ship is a large three mast ship, a greek pentērēs, busy loading and unloading cargo. A beautiful darkhaired female comes off the ship and stops looking at the group… she is greek. “What do you Egyptians want…” she dressed like she’s an arcane caster. A meeting is set for that evening: 7pm at The Drunken Gull.

She was “very cautious” of the group – her name is Lady Gennera. She is the first mate of the ship. Probably as we are an intimidating group.

We head to the Inn and wait… 7pm nothing… 10pm nothing… 11pm nothing… 12am nothing…

Mikey says to Memphis that he head go upstairs. As the door closes at teh top of the stairs, 2 little girls meet him – take him to a 10×10 room – a greek warrior open a door – in the next room Memphis feels like he’s now on a ship. A new room 3 guards with a gold statue of Apollo on it. A desk with scrolls where Lady Gennera sits.

Information gathered:
They were supposed to meet Akun-Nut to head to Massos but he never showed up.
Someone questioned the ship’s crew about the him when they arrived in Massos. It was Maldeen. Egyptian 40ish, tattoos. Sub-pars uncle! He paid well for the question just one and left = interesting…

Apep – sub-lord of Set- serpents

As the Horned Cyclops were on its way to Massos – strange – my Ra knows – nothing I’ve see – but Apep have some such creatures – she saw one on the ocean tracking them! Half mile away – but the thing was about 40ft! Not the only one there either! First noticed the serpents a week out when sailing NE.

1:30am Memphis comes back…

We head back to the temple… late night dark streets… Ritla gets us to the temple… we were followed several times…

Fill in the group on the story. Hit the sack – no messages at night.

Maldeen may think Sub-Par has a key to the Pyramid of Shadows- the key went missing when sub-par’s parents died…. Maldeen was quoted as saying sub-par has the key. His trainer has a box for sub-par when he comes of age…. Maldeen is rumored to be a trader…

We receive a message – Ritla didn’t make it home. A small boy named Catau comes to tell us. Crying for help.

Talking with the the priestess of Ra, she contacts a leader of Medjay in Asi. Chieck Kongo, a tall nubian contacts The Ground Defence Force to helps in locating Akun-Nut and Ritla. He’s interested in the fact that the Akun-Nut went investigating fey…
The GDF knows of some catacombs.. he’ll check back in with us in a few hours…

Neriaphi communes with Nut for guidance.
Note: -140gp Memphis Commune with Nature – 2 questions:
1) Is Akun-Nut in the catacombs – Yes
2) Is it time impertive that we get to him – No

Kongo shows up. What he found out is that the GDF has information on Ritla. She is being held by some Firestorm Cabal for a ransom. 4,000gp! We don’t have the money so we wait and hope they drop the price.

The Medjay can get us to the catacombs – they give us directions – its within the city limits against a northern city wall… but we have to go tonight. So we can get there in secret – not during the day we’d not make it.

Nighttime arrives, we successfully make it to the water – a female elf meets us – grey elf! She speaks in elven and we get in the boat and leave. She’s dressed like a rogue… very beautiful.
She controls both boats we see her steering the boats and then she disappears…
We cross near the waterfall – above the city jail cliffs – she passes the waterfalls and wea re steered into caves underneath the wall– and we turn in to a sandy beach – a cave entrance – one of many…

Something is preventing sub-par from making note of the cave entrance…. But he does any way! Once in the cave she becomes visible – there is a combination trigger – we need to get past something – we’re going to where the fey are – they have great power here.
The grey elf says to Sub-par – you are a student of Akun-Nut? He’s still down there. He has not come back up… he was with two friends from the cabal – but they seemed to be very good friends.

She says she will wait there for us…



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