L10 Wizard (Summoner)


Characteristics: Lawful Neutral. Worshipper of Amon Ra, Isis, and Horus. Khamose looks for some way to repay the kindness of the shrine in his home city and to prove himself to his grandfather whom he regards as a great warrior/hero.

1. Magic is a gift to mankind from the goddess Isis and should be treated with respect and appreciated.
2. Always honor the gods and their living representative on earth, The Pharoah.
3. Infidels and heretics are to be shunned or destr…oyed.
4. Truth is the only measure of a man’s worth and all will be judged by Matt in the afterlife.

1. Never trust whitey
2. Live by the word of Pharoah and purify yourself in the obeyance of his will.
3. Trust your own instincts over the words of men.


Current Tax Rate: 35%
- Guild Member of the Arcanum Chop-ppai [-5%]
- Last Updated: 3/18/2013

Roleplaying Points: 4
- Last Updated: 3/18/2013

Khamose (18) – is the only son born to his family of 7. His 4 sisters, Semna (25) – the oldest and married, Arteira (22) – soon to be a priestess of Nut, Bessara (15) – apprenticed as a jewelry crafter, and Aria (10) – the youngest and some…thing of a tomboy.

His father, Ahmose was a Scribe for the Temple of Amon Ra and his mother, Teti Sheri, the 5th daughter of a small country monarch. Her father is Nereb, once a noble officer in the service to the court of Pharoah, now retired to a small fiefdom named the Striking Hawk Nome. His Grandfather Nereb once commanded a unit of chariots in the Pharoah’s Army and is a devout follower of Horus of the Great Eye.

The family lives in a decent manor outside of Viton about 3 miles now.. The family moved out near Viton in very much hurry about 7 years ago.

Khamose was apprenticed as a scribe to the temple of Amon Ra by his father and spent several years there as a young child learning to read, write, and copy text. During the preparations for the festival of Sa-Nektluf or “Amon of the Road” ,…when the small golden statue of Ra is taken by procession from village to village for the blessing of the crops and the wells, most of the senior priests and scribes are busy with preparations for the rites and the procession. So much so that one of the apprentice scribes received a manuscript to copy that should not have been given over to a novice. Unable to decipher, or even copy, it he passed it among the other apprentice scribes asking if any knew what language the papyrus scroll contained.

As the papyrus was passed from apprentice to apprentice none could fathom it until it came to Khamose. To his, and everyone elses, surprise not only could he read it but upon speaking the phrase imprinted thereon a glowing blue sigil appeared in the air briefly and then vanished. Panic erupted among the apprentices and soon priests and even the master scrivener arrived to see the papyrus scroll and the boy who had read it. No record of the scroll could be found and none knew from what source it had come, nor why it was in the lot of minor papers that had been given to the apprentices to copy. Khamose was placed in isolation for 3 days of penance and fasting, consequently long enough for the festival to take place and the priests to return.

The Senior Priest of Amon Ra’s shrine, a venerable man named Khephren, prayed and fasted upon the matter and then annouced to Khamose’s father that the gods had given him a vision, and that the boy Khamose should be sent north to be trained… in the arts of magic at the training hall of Apophi attached to the Temple of Thoth. Their family being large and of no notable consequence within the city, money was of course in short supply. Funds for Khamose’s training were partially levied from the shrine’s coffers and his mother, Teti Sheri, sent word to her father who sent the remainder of the required funds and gifted Khamose with a pair of silver and gold bracers emblazoned with the Eye of Horus and the Feather of Matt so that his blood might stand with pride among the northerners who are well known for their love of finery and displaying their “Gold of Valor”.

The family lives in a decent manor outside of Viton about 3 miles now.. The family moved out near Viton in very much hurry about 7 years ago.


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