L11 Devout SunFalcon of Ra



  1. All forms of life were created by Ra, who called each of them into existence by speaking their secret names. Memphis is in search of his secret name of which only Ra knows…
  2. Ra teaches that vigilance and readiness of arms are absolutely necessary so that Set and his minions can never succeed in stopping the Solar Barge’s journey and assuming leadership of the pantheon.
  3. Memphis left Nalthan with a different perspective on the life we live in Rusta. Seeing what happened to the peoples in the city and how helpless the mages and clerics were being separated from their gods. He believes that it’s possible the cataclysm will happen again. Individually the Egyptians in Nalthan fell, perhaps unifying the world will help prevent another cataclysm. The world should be prepared for another encounter with the planetoid. Be prepared to be separated from our gods for a span of time. Memphis is now planning for such an event and is looking to make alliances across the world to help defend it. The Elves appeared to survive – or did they? Greeks, Elves, light or darkside of the planet – all life was created by Ra, it must be protected.


  1. When in the presence of an individual(s) wearing a holy symbol of Set, ready weapon/shield/spells
  2. Swears vengeance when wronged (applies to family as well as person)
  3. Always courteous/diplomatic/humble (yes even to Lord Fada… who appears to be his exact opposite sigh)

Current Tax Rate: 25%
- Clergy of Ra [-5%]
- Church of Ra Faction Point >= 10 [-5%]
- Married to Egyptian Clergy [-5%]

Roleplaying Points: 6 [Max]
- Beliefs of Team Members [+1]
- Last Updated: 3/18/2013

Social Status: 9
Physical Description: Memphis is darkly tanned, has sullen/smoldering blue eyes and is scarred from his past battles. He is bald as are all servants of Ra.

Bio: Born in Tanis during the reign of Pharaoh Kekhen the youngest of 4 brothers, Memphis grew up with his brothers during a time of foreign conflict. His parents were killed during an attack by the Brotherhood of the Wolf. Fueled with the desire for vengeance Memphis and his brothers, the last members of the House of Smenkhkare, participated in the siege of Kadesh and the Battle of Qode. The Smenkhkare brothers did well on the battlefield especially Memphis. With very little training Memphis found he could wield just about any weapon put in his hand.

Wielding weapons expertly does not make one invulnerable… during the siege of Qode Memphis took a brutal blow to the head which left him dazed and unconscious on the battlefield for several days. Nursed back to health by a Priest of Ra Memphis found a new direction in his life and became a Warpriest of Ra while his brothers joined the Nubian Medjay.

Upon first joining the order of Ra’s Warpriest’s he and other novices were rigorously tested – physically and mentally. Physically Memphis excelled. Day one of weapons training he was issued a khopesh and told to train with the other novices. They provided little challenge to Memphis and his new khopesh which seemed to fit better than any previous weapon he had held. As the day wore on it soon became a spectacle as more and more senior combatants were rotated in to spar with him. Priest, warpriest and paladins alike were made to spar with Memphis until eventually a match was found. Thereafter Memphis trained exclusively with Paladin’s of Ra many years his senior. Within the Church of Ra, as with all families, there are subtle undertows of competition amongst the clergy. After years of training with the Paladin’s of Ra strong bonds of friendship and mutual respect were forged, despite the fact Memphis was a Warpriest.

Memphis still keeps in touch with his brothers and they gather once a fortnight to eat and drink. His brothers are a useful source of information as to what’s going on outside the temple.

Memphis is married to Neraphi, Priestess of Nut and has two children, Rahotep and Sekhmet.


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