Male Githzerai Monk


Retholien is humanoid in appearance, thinner and taller than most humans standing 6’4". He has sharp features; a long face and yellow eyes. His thin angular frame and limbs look to be made of nothing but strings of muscle knotted around bone.


Born of Baldari, Retholien’s people the Githzerai are not from this world. Prior to adventuring with Memphis, Retholien was owned by the Primarch of the West. In exchange for a favor Primarch Utmor passed ownership of Retholien to Memphis.

Retholien is a monk of few words. He worships Ra and is a member of the Desert Wind monastic order.


  • Ra is the All-Father – does not tolerate blasphemy
  • Favored Weapon Spear; his primary spear is always called “Corridon”
  • TBD


  • Defend/Protect Memphis
  • TBD
  • TBD


  • Find out how he came to Baldari, this is the only place he knows of and can call home and while he considers himself a Baldarian and is loyal to the Pharaoh. where is he from? how did he get here?
  • Soon he must find a mate per the edict of the Pharaoh…


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