Sahepe Sonrean

High Magus of the Mystical Arts


Sahepe Sonrean is a white bearded baldarian man. He is regal in his simplicity, a grandfatherly type of older gentleman who garners the respect of his students. Sonrean is an avid reader and can always be found carrying a few books and his companion cat “Misher” everywhere he goes.

Sonrean first came to be recognized when he did his pioneering research. Shortly after graduating from the guild. His efforts earned him a permanent status amongst the researchers and allowed him to discover a great many other magical secrets that are used to this day. While he feverishly searches for new and interesting research projects, Sonrean also enjoys teaching. He can be found on the campus teaching a regular lecture schedule. His insistence on being able to teach has continued to propagate his popularity amongst the student body and wizards throughout the land. He has also used his lecturing to discover the best and brightest mages for his research projects. This rarely tapped resource of young minds seems to be lost on the scores of ego driven wizards who desire fame and power unto themselves.

Sahepe Sonrean

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