Sorceress Kesi the Red


This very powerful baldarian female sorceress was hungry for power and wanted to rule the Baldarian Empire.

She planned an assassination of the Pharoah but it failed. In retaliation, The Sun Pharoah destroyed Nalthan to make her an example of his power.

Centuries ago, before the Vanishing, this powerful sorceress based in Nalthan hatched a assassination plan to destroy the Sun Pharoah so that she could become the new ruler. To that end, she took one of the greatest jewels in her treasury, a incredible rainbow diamond said to be the size of an overgrown bread fruit, and began enchanting it so that it would poison the Pharaoh with the a ritualistic magic that Pharaoh used to sustain himself supposedly.

Thanks to this enchantment process, the gem turned into the object known as the Eye of Kesi, its primary purpose to destroy the most powerful creature in Baldari.

Tales of the Eye tend to embellish the great sacrifices and dark magic that went into enchanting the gem. But these exaggerations may contain elements of truth. The Red Sorceress designed the enchantment by experimenting on the people of her city until she had created a spell that corroded the life force of a magic-user in the same way that magic corrodes the life force of the natural world. It is said that the people who aided her in the research were killed, but some believe that the only way the story of the Eye could have become known was if one or more of those people had escaped. If that is the case, knowledge of the spell’s creation might be found in an obscure location where one of them once lived in exile from

With the enchantment complete, the Red Sorceress sent a group of skilled assassins to Tanis. These assassins entered the city and spread word among its citizens that Kalid-Ma, a famed builder was preparing a special sacrifice in tribute to the Pharaoh in a temple under construction in the Sand Wastes north of Nalthan. The goal was to sow the seed of a rumor that would lure the Pharaoh to the place where the Eye was waiting.

The builder of the temple was not Kalid-Ma but The Red Sorceress, who installed dozens of slaves inside the place as bait when the construction was finished. Inside the temple rested the Eye. Despite the Red Sorceress’s efforts at deception, however, the Sun Pharaoh was not fooled. The Sun Pharaoh called forth a great storm that swept over the temple, burying and burning it in the sands of the desert. The desert itself turned red and is not called the Crimson Silt Sea. In his anger and show of the great power of Ra, the Sun Pharaoh struck the home city of The Red Sorceress, Nalthan with might of the Sun.

The Eye was lost, and the Red Sorceress dared not attempt to recover it lest she be implicated in the plot to destroy the Pharaoh.

Years have passed, and the Eye faded into legend, forgotten by all but the Red Sorceress and a few diligent sages and researchers. Those who do know of the Eye consider it one of the great lost treasures of the world, an artifact of legend that will bring wealth and power to anyone who finds it. Treasure hunters across Rusta seek out the Eye, and whenever a rumor of its location arises, everyone from nobles to merchant houses launches an expedition.

The temple in which The Red Sorceress Kesi placed the Eye was a simple structure, a purported place of sacrifice to the Pharaoh. The storm that the Sun Pharaoh called forth so consumed the structure, however, that it has been lost to the world ever since.

Over the years, the Cromson Silt Sea shift and roil, and from time to time the Temple of the Eye or a part of it is exposed. It rarely stays so for long before the windblown sand buries the place again. More confusing, it appears that the temple moves, because anyone who finds it once seemingly never finds it in the same spot again. Its believed that the landmarks around the temple that shift, with dunes rising and falling and the shifting sand erasing any tracks in the area and confusing everyone’s sense of direction. Nothing supernatural is at work.

The red Sorceress built the Temple of the Eye hastily, and therefore the temple is small by the standard of other structures built.. It was originally a two-story edifice above the ground, with a third subterranean level that included a teleportation circle used by Kesi-Re’s Honored, The Red Heka during the construction. During the Sun Pharaoh’s onslaught, parts of the upper two floors collapsed and the interior of the structure filled with silt. When the temple is exposed, the silt dunes still lead right up to walls and flow into the entrances, and in some cases only the upper floor is accessible.

Of course, the temple was not empty when it was buried by the Sun Pharaoh sandstorm. Inside were dozens of slaves, as well as Red Heka whom The Red Sorceress wanted to be rid of. Those slaves have become undead creatures, so that any who accidentally stumble upon the temple seldom escape those perils. The Eye of Kesi-Re is not only hidden in the desert sands, it’s guarded by the restless dead that rose up because of the sorcerer-queen’s machinations.

Sorceress Kesi the Red

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