L11 Living Monolith / Barbarian


Tomok is the spitting image of Michael Clark Duncan in The Scorpion King, with a couple of asthetic differences. Tomok typically sports a near-completely shaven head, the exception being his topknot. He wears his tribal tattoo on his right temple.


  • Attacks largest foe first, regardless of threat level
  • Stays at Amon-Nut’s side whenever possible
  • Address Lord Zuka by title, nothing else.


  • My role in the Tau’ri is to defend, protect, and fight for the others.
  • The preservation of Egyptian culture is our first responsibility.
  • One should never stray too far from one’s roots.​

Current Tax Rate: 35%
- Living Monolith [-5%]
- Last Updated: 3/18/2013
- Paid 53997gp

Roleplaying Points: 3
- Last Updated: 6/1/2013

Social Status: ??
Tomok is the first and only son of Cherek and Ikareen, his father and mother respectively. Born into a hunting and agrarian family in a hunting and agrarian society, his youth was spent helping his father hunt and run the farm. Showing great strength from an early age, he was a great help on the farm and a skilled hunter before reaching adolescence. Cherek had a very strong relationship with Whistler, an exceptionally skilled hunter, trapper, tanner, and taxidermist. There was always a facet to the relationship that Tomok never understood, but he always had a hunch that the two of them fought together in the past. Though Tomok never understood why, Whistler always pursued crocodiles with a passion bordering on bloodrage.

Cherek died in a hunt when Tomok was 13. Tomok continued to run the farm and hunt, with Whistler becoming almost a surrogate father. Whistler also took it upon himself to train Tomok in the ways of the tribe, teaching him how to fight, trap, tan, and preserve meat. When his friends were called upon by the tribe to embark on an exciting and perilous trip, he said goodbye to his home and family and went out into the unknown world.

Married to Zanne Kargtesh

Message to Zanne Kargtesh from Tomok
Neraphi will be translating this message to her.

My Dear Zanne,
I hope this finds you, and finds you well. By the time you receive this, you will probably have already spoken with Amon and Memphis upon their return to Viton. They probably told you that I have been undergoing training by the Tanis military, and they do not know for how long.
This is true – during our last adventure, we discovered something (I can’t tell you, for security reasons) that had to be brought to the attention of the authorities, which we did. Subsequent events and discussions resulted in even more events and discussions, one of which is that I was honored to be selected for training within the military. This is of the utmost importance and I cannot speak of it. This will take about [9 months, 1 year..? edit if need be, O Mighty GM].
Amon has spoken of developing more trade with Tanis and other towns; if he has not mentioned already, please urge him to speak with Whistler as the crocodile hides we took to the city fetched a good price and I see no reason why they would not do so again.
Along the subject of money, we have acquired a goodly sum in our last couple of adventures, even after purchasing some gear, we have nearly six figures. I will see if I can place money where you will have access to it, if I cannot, I am sure Amon can assist you until my return.
No one can contact me while I am in the barracks; I was able to get this note to you via someone who is aiding me, who I also cannot mention for their safety. I will get additional notes to you if and when I can.
Much love,


Rusta 5E GazzaB