White-haired egyptian male that walks with a limp.


Tomok-Nut always liked Whistler because he reminds me of my Granddad in the way he talks, and he looked the way I imagined Grampa looking when he was younger.

Anyway, he’s a trapper who has been around for a long time, and hasn’t changed all that much since Tomok’s Grandfather’s time. As a trapper, he primarily hunts crocs, but can trap anything. Whenever there have been animals roaming around Viton, he shows an uncanny knack of capturing them. He’s also a taxidermist, butcher, and tanner (comes with the territory).

Whistler doesn’t seem to be bothered by any talk of mummies, and seems to never age. Anyone who’s met him has the feeling that there is more to him.‚Äč

Whistler is a retired Captain of the Guard.

Knowledge Base:
Adventuring Team with Arismarne, Akun-Nut, Haji-Horis
Tanis Politics



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