Equinox Chalice

Greater Work


Once a month fills the Chalice with a random potion.
Chalice will not spill liquid any liquid in it.
Potion Determination: Roll 1d6: 1-4 Heroic Level, 5-6 Paragon Level, 7 Epic Level, 8: Special
Heroic Level Potions in the allowed books
Paragon Potions in the allowed books
Epic Level Potions in the allowed books

Item Attunement Benefit
To attune to the Chalice, owner must make a drink/potion/liquid with a drop of their own blood or own tear and place it in the Chalice. The Chalice will determine if the owner is worthy and the owner’s recipe is added to its to the drink list. Note the chalice is always starts with a blank list with a new owner.

The 8th Equinox
On the equinox of the year that the owner has the Chalice, The Chalice will fill with (roll 1d6) 1: Elixir of Life 2-4: Attribute Augmentation.
If user is an alchemist, they will know the ingredients of any potion the Chalice has filled.
If user is an alchemist, +4 on any skill needed for Alchemy.

Chalice Dimensions
Height: 13"
Width: 3"
Weight: 10"

Symbol of Dionysus on the bottom of the Chalice.


Equinox Chalice

Rusta 5E _CJ_