Folding Sand Skiff

Whittled from hard wood, this miniature sand skiff transforms on command. In its full-sized forrn, the skiff can sail on any desert terrain.


Level 15
Wondrous Item 25,000 gp

Power (daily): Standard Action.
If enough space is available, the miniature skiff unfurls into a full-sized sand skiff (see below).

Power (At-Will): Standard Action.
If empty of gear and occupants, the skiff reverts to its miniature shape.

Sand Skiff
This light, wedge-shaped vehicle has three wheels and a single sail. Propelled by the wind, sand
skiffs make excellent speed in salt flats, stony barrens, sandy wastes, and dry savanna. They can also manage gentle hills. Sand skiffs do not navigate soft sand, boulder fields, steep hills, or thick brush well.

HP: 80
Space: 2 squares by 3 squares
Cost: 360 gp
AC 8, Fortitude 12, Reflex 8
Speed 8

The pilot must sit by the sand skiff’s tiller, typically at the rear of the vehicle.

Load: Six Medium creatures and their gear.

Out of Control
An out-of-control sand skiff moves forward at half speed. At the GM’s discretion, it can instead move in the same direction as a strong wind at up to full speed.

At the GM’s discretion, a sand skiff can take a modifier to speed of-4 to +4 depending on the strength and direction of the wind.

A sand skiff requires firm, flat, open terrain. Reduce speed by half (or more) if the terrain is steep, soft, or cluttered with obstructions.

Option: Creature-Drawn
- One Large or larger creature can pull a sand skiff when the wind is calm.


Folding Sand Skiff

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