Heartwood Spear

weapon (melee)

Weapon: longspear
Group: Polearm
Item Class: Artifact
Enhancement: +4 to attack rolls and damage rolls
Military two-handed melee weapon
Damage: 1d6


  • Reach (With a reach weapon, you can attack enemies that are 2 squares away from you as well as adjacent enemies, with no attack penalty. You can still make opportunity attacks only against adjacent enemies. Likewise, you can flank only an adjacent enemy.).
  • You can throw the spear as a heavy thrown weapon (range 10/20). It can return to the wielder as a minor action.
  • The spear cannot be broken and is immune to damage.
  • Weaken – Daily – Free Action – Trigger: You hit an enemy with a weapon attack using this spear. Effect: The enemy is weakened (save ends). AfterEffect: The enemy is weakened until the end of your next turn. Weakened = The creature’s attacks deal half damage. Two kinds of damage that it deals are not affected, however: ongoing damage and damage that isn’t generated by an attack roll.
  • When you hit and deal damage to a defiler with the spear, any damage dice that show a 1 or a 2 deal 3 damage instead.
  • When you attack a defiler with the spear and miss, the defiler still takes half damage if the attack doesn’t normally deal damage on a miss.

There is a small symbol on shaft of a ornate leaf, also symbol of Sheela Peryroyl. Halfling deity of Nature.

Though the origin of the spear is shrouded in mystery, some believe that a halfling shaman crafted the artifact while under the guidance of primal spirits, and they theorize that the shaman crafted it from a fragment of a tree of life.

Goals of the Heartwood Spear
Unlike some other artifacts, the Heartwood Spear has no true sentience or greater will behind it. Instead, the primal spirits of the world decide the fate of the spear and its wielder. Many primal guardians believe that the few remaining primal spirits of the world take an active role in guiding the wielder of the spear and use the wielder as a tool to reduce the threat of further defiling. Any goals and concordance seemingly expressed or displayed by the spear originate from the primal spirits that have a vested interest in the use of the artifact—they do not originate from the spear.

  • Destroy all defilers, especially the tomb-kings.
  • Help restore the life force of Rusta.
  • Protect the few remaining verdant reaches of Rusta against destruction.
  • Restore the influence of the primal spirits over the peoples of Rusta.

Heartwood Spear

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