Rusta 5E


Moving forward they encounter a Ankheg nest. One huge male, one large female and 3 young. Zanne Kargtesh made a incredible hit on the male but lost her grip on her flaming falchion which was stuck in it. The female ankheg joins the fray and spit acid at the party.

The party killed the male and the female left in a tunnel below. Biero scrambled after her and killed the wounded female and the three young.

A large bag w/art objects (silk, chalice… non-magical) – Neraphi Bag of Holding
A belt pouch with 5 potions slots: – Neraphi Bag of Holding
(4) cure moderate wounds potions
(1) Elixir of Life; effects one of the following:

  • heal anyone from any point of death as long as they have half brain left if alive
  • A user can gain 18 con
  • +100 years to life
  • immunity to all diseases
    (Given to Neriaphi)

Moving forward, there were two directions to go. One direction was covered in major cobwebs, foliage, and dust and the air was cold. The party entered the tunnel which led a dead end that a peculiar type of dirt on a wall. The wood elf, Biero investigated and the dark earth simply and gently fell away from his touch revealing a dark tunnel.

The floor and walls are entirely made out of very sooth and worked black basalt. On the far wall, there seemed to be symbols that are etched in the shape of a door way. But the seemed to be tangled with green and gray roots. Neraphi mentions that the door looks to be inscribed with diabolic symbols. In one corner is a silver sphere, 4ft in diameter floating 3ft off the ground.

The wizard pulls out his dagger and checks for extra-planar… what? The dagger is set on the floor. It spins! That means if something within 10 sqrs it detects a creature! Something extra planar… inside the silver orb?

It was BEHIND us! It literally just walks out of the wall – a large creature – looks insubstantial… slightly out of phase!

The guardian of this room is Star Spyder. It attacks by spewing and biting with poison attacks. The party retreats.


Rusta 5/4/12
Party: Sub-Par, Khamos, Tomnok, Beiro, Memphis
NPC: Neraphi, Zanne

The party enters the cave system.

The group lights up, none of us can see in the dark. We’re in a moist underground travel about 5 degrees continuously – for over an hour!

We follow Biero and eventually come to a grand door – 8ft high covered with roots. Biero happens to find a huge locking mechanism – a large creature would have to shift portions of the door made of stone in order to unlock it. Biero doesn’t think the door is trapped.

Father down the system, the party passes small bones and fecal matter from creatures on the floor. The wizard finds bones to be unusual– he thinks satyrs (fey). They look to have been killed by weapons based upon the marks on the weapons… since they still have enamel on their teeth they were not shit out.

Sub-par believes the roots around the door are unnatural – the growth could have been accelerated? The door swings in.

Tomok opens the door flexing his large muscles.

Marching Order: Biero (80ft ahead), Tomok, Memphis, Khamosis (casting light that extending 10sq), Neriaphi, Sub-Par, Zanne

Ground is still moist, fungus grows along the path and walls – Sub-Par says nothing is unusual or poisonous about it.
Biero sees something flit across 60ft ahead of him. He readys an arrow but sees nothing however. He stealthily moves forward and still he doesn’t see anything.
He fially sees a large fungi, a 4ft tall twitching fungus… Biero identifies it as a Shrieker… he stealthily back pedals to the group.

We’d have to somehow take this thing out quickly or calm it. Khamosis could do a ritual to silence it, it would be an extremely difficult nature check for Sub-Par to attempt to calm it.

We’re not rushed, so we wait for Khamosus to cast his ritual. The ritual will last 24 hrs!

Biero sees tracks around the base of the shrieker – small creatures, not hooved or footed… irregulars tentacled stump with roots coming off it??

Approximately another 30-50ft Biero sees movement another 80ft ahead. Three little plants “walking” around and digging… they appear to be 3-4ft tall. They stop! One runs off. They saw our light – the wizard speaks in various languages to no effect. Now there is movement – more are returning! 5 come back – there are seven in total now. They look down the tunnel towards the group. 3 of the 5 that came back have hand axe’s. We try various languages to no effect. One of the seven now run off…

Biero speaks elven and they seem to huddle up. The ones with hand axes “talk” to the others? More return – two of them now have spears and are different colored… Biero says we’re not here to harm you we just want passage.
A larger reddish one with a spear and four with hand axes step forward. They point to the ground and themselves – we think they are claiming the land. They point to the rest of the group and we come forward. The other plant guys move forward as well. They seem very interested in the light source.

We’ve enountered a strange species called vegepygmy. Many vegepgymies lived in a livable but damp cave. These creatures have a short lifespan, sometimes in hours. They also did not speak verbally. But they seem empathic.

The light pink one steps forward – points down the hall- kicks a small one out of the way and leads the group down a smaller passage. Neriaphi maps our route.
We head down various small tunnels to a large room glowing phosphorus. They push us away from yellow mold on the ground. They present us to various other plants – possibly some sort of ceremony? Takes an hour.

Finally the light pink one – “shaman?” comes forward and draws on things on the wall. They draw a 9-10 ft tall creature with rocks on it, another with fire. Finally a skinny creature with hair… these creatures are thick they don’t look humanoid. They point the direction we came from and these three things are in the direction we are headed. These things did attack them..

We are able to stay the night in the vegepygmy cave and the next day the vegepygmy lead us to another cave where we encounter a owlbear.
Being victorious, they looted:
• +2 Sling Point Blank – Neraphi Bag of Holding
• Arcane Ritual Book (Linked Portal, Water Breathing)- Neraphi Bag of Holding
• 9 x Salve of Slipperiness – Neraphi Bag of Holding
• +2 Punishing Club – Neraphi Bag of Holding

Non-Magical: Neraphi Bag of Holding
• Onyx Ring (680gp)
• Peridot (480gp)
• Zircon

Without a Trace

PC’s: Tomok-Nut , Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par
NPCs: Neraphi, Zanne

Without clear knowledge on what the deal was that Tomok had brokered in the City Jail.

We head to the docks in an attempt to speak with the captain of the Horned Cyclops.
The ship is a large three mast ship, a greek pentērēs, busy loading and unloading cargo. A beautiful darkhaired female comes off the ship and stops looking at the group… she is greek. “What do you Egyptians want…” she dressed like she’s an arcane caster. A meeting is set for that evening: 7pm at The Drunken Gull.

She was “very cautious” of the group – her name is Lady Gennera. She is the first mate of the ship. Probably as we are an intimidating group.

We head to the Inn and wait… 7pm nothing… 10pm nothing… 11pm nothing… 12am nothing…

Mikey says to Memphis that he head go upstairs. As the door closes at teh top of the stairs, 2 little girls meet him – take him to a 10×10 room – a greek warrior open a door – in the next room Memphis feels like he’s now on a ship. A new room 3 guards with a gold statue of Apollo on it. A desk with scrolls where Lady Gennera sits.

Information gathered:
They were supposed to meet Akun-Nut to head to Massos but he never showed up.
Someone questioned the ship’s crew about the him when they arrived in Massos. It was Maldeen. Egyptian 40ish, tattoos. Sub-pars uncle! He paid well for the question just one and left = interesting…

Apep – sub-lord of Set- serpents

As the Horned Cyclops were on its way to Massos – strange – my Ra knows – nothing I’ve see – but Apep have some such creatures – she saw one on the ocean tracking them! Half mile away – but the thing was about 40ft! Not the only one there either! First noticed the serpents a week out when sailing NE.

1:30am Memphis comes back…

We head back to the temple… late night dark streets… Ritla gets us to the temple… we were followed several times…

Fill in the group on the story. Hit the sack – no messages at night.

Maldeen may think Sub-Par has a key to the Pyramid of Shadows- the key went missing when sub-par’s parents died…. Maldeen was quoted as saying sub-par has the key. His trainer has a box for sub-par when he comes of age…. Maldeen is rumored to be a trader…

We receive a message – Ritla didn’t make it home. A small boy named Catau comes to tell us. Crying for help.

Talking with the the priestess of Ra, she contacts a leader of Medjay in Asi. Chieck Kongo, a tall nubian contacts The Ground Defence Force to helps in locating Akun-Nut and Ritla. He’s interested in the fact that the Akun-Nut went investigating fey…
The GDF knows of some catacombs.. he’ll check back in with us in a few hours…

Neriaphi communes with Nut for guidance.
Note: -140gp Memphis Commune with Nature – 2 questions:
1) Is Akun-Nut in the catacombs – Yes
2) Is it time impertive that we get to him – No

Kongo shows up. What he found out is that the GDF has information on Ritla. She is being held by some Firestorm Cabal for a ransom. 4,000gp! We don’t have the money so we wait and hope they drop the price.

The Medjay can get us to the catacombs – they give us directions – its within the city limits against a northern city wall… but we have to go tonight. So we can get there in secret – not during the day we’d not make it.

Nighttime arrives, we successfully make it to the water – a female elf meets us – grey elf! She speaks in elven and we get in the boat and leave. She’s dressed like a rogue… very beautiful.
She controls both boats we see her steering the boats and then she disappears…
We cross near the waterfall – above the city jail cliffs – she passes the waterfalls and wea re steered into caves underneath the wall– and we turn in to a sandy beach – a cave entrance – one of many…

Something is preventing sub-par from making note of the cave entrance…. But he does any way! Once in the cave she becomes visible – there is a combination trigger – we need to get past something – we’re going to where the fey are – they have great power here.
The grey elf says to Sub-par – you are a student of Akun-Nut? He’s still down there. He has not come back up… he was with two friends from the cabal – but they seemed to be very good friends.

She says she will wait there for us…

Search for Akun-Nut

Party: Tomok-Nut and Zanne, Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par, Neraphi

Loot Picks:
• 57.5 silver to each…
• Hide Armor & +3 Flaming Falchion to Zanne
• Ritual Scroll being held by group… (copied by Khamosis when he has time)
• +2 Flaming Dagger to Biero

At the Gates of Asi, the Ground Defense League guards are not too pleased. They want to know about our prisoner and these constructs came from.

Some Nubian Medjays show up – these are the city police of Tanis assigned to Asi.

We give them the low down… the genasi say we have to leave the hostages here. They will take them to their security. They take the constructs as well…

The Medjay give the group the skinny on the city tell us where to go and not to go

Beware the Firestorm Cabal – a pro genasi group they don’t like non-genasi – they appear to have some political favor as they are generally not interfered… (the temple of Ra is now inside the city – not the outer rim)

We head to the temple…

Lots of Egyptians here some genasi (tourists…?). We see people windsoul / airsoul ones in blue and white robes – they jump off cliffs and glide down into the city…

The temple is very spacious and nice… big court yard area small shrines on the skirts. Some Greek and Asians…

Ra Temple – meet the main priest… we go to her office – give report turn in all loot from adventures so far…

The Burned – not the first time – maybe 3-4 reports in the last year… they were part of a captured firesoul genasi clan – but they have been changed by some ancient. Rumor is they can’t reproduce… ancient – some primal lord?

Sub-Par’s Druid trainer – not seen in last month – was going into city – generally comes once a day – overdue… last seen staying near drunken gull – tavern near ships

Nevaar Magnol, Steward of Fire (Male Sunsoul) is responsible for city security – 3 cores – sky guard, ground defense league (city guard) and wave riders (coast guard) – they know who we are now…

Legal system Cyansane Lehaya, Steward of the Sky (Windsoul) – she is the judicial systems – she can’t control who’s arrested by controls the trials

Rolmoor Kethtrod (Male Earthsoul) – he handles – informants and spys – city intelligence (he knows us now as well)

Gilsilver (Watersoul) – he runs business / finances in the city

Rumor that the queen was with the leader or had a relationship with firestorm cabal…

A young female (approximately 16 years old) windsoul genasi name Ritla offers to guide us – very chatty – she appears more than what she is… these giant elemental spikes they floated towards this area – legend says.

Windsoul genasi – Airsteppers Guild – couriers through the city – Ritla – she is a part of this guild as well

Trade: They mine some ore in the mountains and have particular marine foods that they trade – other elemental stuff as well… they barter for gold/silver etc….

The shipping area of the city has more humans. Different floating earth modes – she points out the royal court – floating near the center of the city wide open covered by crystal material… when the queen holds court she holds it in front of everyone.

The Motherhouse – home of The Firestorm Cabal is also floating around…

In the naval area all manners of races – Greek, Asians etc…

We arrive at the The Drunken Gull – she takes us in – big establishment…

Ritla comes back and says he was in here – but there is a half giant guy in the back – the druid met someone like him. Left on a ship The Horned Cyclopes – the name of Groato was the captain. Left a few weeks ago… destination? Assumed headed toward Massos – an Athenian city – Greek. The captain’s brother is the guy in the back kitchen Bort – he owns this place… not a nice guy? He’s ex-military…

The bouncer/barkeep “Mikey” stonewalls our attempts to speak with the owner of the drunken gull. Tells us to come back tomorrow…

Khamosis talks to Ritla to setup a meeting with the bar owner for 30gp.

The next morning…

Bort will only meet with Tomok… we wait until 11pm…

Sub-pars trainer went back to the olympian empire. However the trainer never showed up – they did come to an arraingment but he hooked up with a group of genasi to find something but then heard the cabal was involved… they are probably the folks in the know.

He was headed to a temple of ioun…

Bort can take a few days to work up some contacts for us – its expensive – it will take a few days.

Upon returning to the temple we receive a letter from the ground defense force – the steward of fire’s isle – at 11:00am tomorrow – reason – security reasons.

Two griffins arrive – with a small troop of ground force genasi to escort us. They take us to their headquarters… a meeting room. An earth soul walks in – Captain Melk – they are reviewing / talking with the genasi we brought and they want to hear our story of what happen.

He’s blaming us for interfering with him…

He thanks us for our information – this is the 4th report they’ve had of them – they don’t spawn – they come here to capture other genasi? We were in the way. They like to kill…

We are lead out and tell us how to get back to the temple – we meet Ritla about half way back.

We go back to the temple of ra and get a private room. The cabal approached her. They wanted to know about us – confirming what they already know. They know who we’re looking for. They want to talk to us… actually Sub-par only – no one else…

Have dinner at the Fire Flower and they will meet him there – they will have a date for him as well. 8pm…

Sub-Par amidst protest heads out alone…

His date says they are looking for him as well – he left with her husband. Wherever they went they were supposed to go – she hesitates – but maybe sub-par and his friends can find them. The cabal is an interesting place to work… she’s doing this on her own. Her husband and two other friends – someplace they shouldn’t have gone – aboliths there?!!? She describes aboliths…

She will give sub-par a map to where they went. She doesn’t know whats down there… sub-par gets full descriptions on husband and two friends. As well as who knew of gave them away…

Sub-par wants recompense and walks out on her as she doesn’t offer anything in return for finding her friends and husband.

Three questions to the tree…
1) Is there a reasonable chance of us finding sub-pars trainer without the help of this woman? – No
2) Are/is there aboliths in the location we’d be going to? – No
3) Was sub-pars trainer cohersed to go – No – at will…

Next day…

At the bar – 2 genasi – one earth one fire… Tomok-Nut and sub-par go sit with them.

The rest of the group – tables fill up next to us with a mixture of other genasi.

They as about the trainer – they tell them they should leave this matter alone – its healthier that way… don’t mess in business that’s not yours… we already know one of you talked with us… (Looking at sub-par) you help her we’ll come after you.

Maldeen Has he been here? That’s a separate deal – she’s looking for her husband and her judgment has clouded her mind.

They want to buy the women…

Ritla has a job for us… a map to a shire she found – sea demons lived here. She “bought” it…

The group promises to help Ritla if we follow her map after we return.

She finds out who sent the note – after 3 days – she got caught tracing her… she will meet again with sub-par… someone needs to get thrown in jail first overnight…

Tomok-Nut goes to the The Drunken Gull and heads to the bar and buys drinks (35 sp). Mikey tells him he what he needs to do. Tomok-Nut is now fucked up…

Tomok-Nut wakes in city Jail located near the the Cliff Prisons. Minor security by the Ground Defense Force is used for the jail.
Another guy comes up clears the corner of the cell he shares with Tomok-Nut – and… they are not happy now it’s going to cost…
They know her husband is dead – they want everything off their bodies as well as their two friends…
The group will get the information they need tonight…
“return them to us”? the rings and items…

Ritla comes back and says the Horned Cyclops has returned to port…

GM Notes:
PCs are now L8, Zanne L4
Current RP Count

On to Asi

Party: Tomok and Zanne, Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par, Neraphi
Items from last adventure:

The group heads off to meet Akun-Nut in the City of Asi.

As the team traveled towards Asi, in the afternoon of the second day of travel, they noticed a red glow and the sound of a lightning strike to the northeast. Movement and noise from that direction towards the team.

Two large beast-type red glowing constructs come through the forest. Then they see another one with two firesoul genasi. One in armor, the other in robes. They attack the team.

It is derived that the genasi are a organization called the Burned. Notorious for being all firesoul genasi and evil, even rumored to be demonically evil. The Burned use the constructs, the Anaxim Hounds as “tools”.

During the combat, the two genasi are effected by a Sleep spell from Khamoss.

The party appears to function fairly well under new leadership!

The team take the Burned wizard as hostage.

Big question: WTF! Why attack us?

Encounter: Anaxim Scout Party


  • Ritual Scroll of Imprint Anaxim
  • +3 Content Not Found: flaming Falchion to Zanne
  • +2 Content Not Found: flaming Dagger to Biero
  • Silver Pieces: 345, 57.5 sp per player
  • Hide Armor (non-magical) to Tomok

The team investigated the location where they saw the red flash. It appears from the tracks that at least two other groups of Burned are wandering the area!

The team immediately head to Asi. The city has like 30,000 in population and its main port of commerce. A lot of genasi – earth, water, air and fire live in Asi.

The city is run by a queen and 4 regent’s – one for each element…

Elkridge Shrine

Characters: Tomok and Zanne, Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par, Neraphi

The team headed NE towards the coast to meet Sub-Par’s druidic trainer. On the road near a mining town named Elkridge, a dwarf leaving town passes the team informing them of earthquakes that have hampered the business at the town.
As the discussion ended, a huge earthquake occurred causing some to loose their footing.
The team headed to Elkridge. On arrival, they were introduced to the mayor who also is a guildmember of the Arcanum Chop’pai.
It seems that the earthquakes have been happening and growing in strength over the past 3 months. Ley lines have appeared in the area during this timeframe also. The mayor had a device that could measure ley line growth which she was tied to the earthquakes.
Viewing a map, three ley lines converged at one location.
Through talking with some halfings, the team found out that yuan-ti could be in the area that the ley lines converged. Neraphi says they should check it out.

The team identified the area also as a fey shrine for some Elk being. Yuan-Ti and Snaketongue beings were surrounding the shrine and seem to be in some preparation for a ritual.

The team attacks and overcome the foes.

Items Found:
3 Picks
3 Crossbows
2 Khopeshs
+2 Cold Iron Bracers
+2 Retribution Khopesh (Tomok)

Loot Found: Total Gold worth: 2,380 (/6 = 396.5gp each)
• Fine Leather Ribbon set with Eye Agate
• Lacquered Wooden Ring set with Turquoise
• 3 x Small Bloodstone
• 2 x Uncut Chalcedony

Group decides to sell all

Scarab Conspiracy

After the rescue, the party settled just outside the Liontaur tribal home and prepare for their primary mission.
In preparation for the search, the team bartered the Tooth of Chaos Dagger for liontaur patrols of their encampment they planned to setup.

The team assembled at the edge of the depression to the Scarab Colony and climbed down to the entrance. Nearing the entrance, Khamosis summoned his shadow serpent for the forward search and sensed an out of phase presence. Pulling his planeshifter’s dagger, he saw a ghost appeared of a egyptian male dressed in nice adventuring garb at the entrance.

With hand gestures, the team was able to communicate with the ghost that his body was in the colony.

Beiro was able to ascertain tha the scarabs were in a pattern based on their duties and the team was able to move with little difficulty to large cavern where they located a set of ruins.

On arrival to the ruins, the team saw the post scenario of a fight outside of a tomb. The research team was attacked scarabs. Bodies were dismembered and some parts missing.

The ghost appeared leading the team into the tomb and to a antechamber. Two bodies were laid here. One body of the ghost and a nubian body in rogue gear.

.. more to come

Items Found

  • A six-inch metal box with symbols of Ptah inscribed on it
  • A leather?-bound six-inch square box
  • Two pairs of Silt Sandals
    - Owner: Blaze
    - Owner: Sub-Par
  • +2 Hidden Short Sword
    - Owner: Biero
  • Folding Sand Skiff
  • Within the tomb and searching bodies the team finds assorted art items rough guess worth: 32,000gp and 24pp and 60gp.
    - [19,000gp from art work +(24pp = 2400gp) + 60gp] = 27,460gp
    - 25,000gp use for another Folding Sand Skiff
  • Two Bags of Holding
    — Owners: Neraphi and Khamosis
  • Ostentatious Sapphire
    a pendant with a quarter-sized green sapphire
    +5 on defenses (fort, will, reflex, AC), Charisma Modifier is doubled.
    - ID cost for 1,200gp
    - Owner: Khamosis
  • Safewing Amulet +2
    +1 enhancement bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will, When falling, you reduce the distance fallen (for the purpose of calculating damage) by a 20 feet You always land on your feet after a fall.
    — Owner: Sub-Par
  • Sylvan Cloth Armor +2
    +2 to AC, Gain an +2 item bonus to Athletics checks and Stealth checks.
    — Owner: For Sale
  • Healer’s Brooch +3 – Owner: Neraphi
  • Force Quarterstaff +2
    +2 enhancement bonus to Attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical Damage is force damage
    Power (At-Will ✦ Force): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is force damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
    Power (Daily ✦ Force): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target is slided 1 square
    — Owner: Zanne
  • Cloak of Resistance +2 – Owner: Tomok
  • Defensive Mace +2
    A defensive weapon grants you a +2 bonus to AC while you wield the defensive weapon in one hand and wield another melee weapon in your other hand. Wielding more than one defensive weapon does not increase this bonus. To gain this benefit, you need not attack with the defensive weapon, but you must be proficient with it.
    — Owner: For Sale
  • View
    From Scarab Heaven to Find Shiraz

    After getting to the dig and analyzing the digsite/terrain. The party decided to forego the dig site and chase after the tracks moving away from the camp.

    Began tracking, after 3 hours determined that the tracks were looked canine, but a humanoid gait.

    The number of tracks increased from 6 to 10. After another hour, the party determined they are Gnoll tracks. Gnolls are strong, attack in packs, are fast, have their own bows.

    After more tracking, the party got a glimpse of gnoll heads over the next knoll (pun intended). After cresting the hill, we came upon a circular arena with three 20ft tall braziers. Several gnoll melee fighters and archers were watching the sorcerer.

    In the center was a small pyramid topped with an altar, on which a gnoll sorceror was in the middle of a ritual and a female elf was being pulled to the alter.

    The party sprang to action, attempting to neutralize the sorceror. The female elf’s was stabbed be the sorcerer and her heart was ripped out. He was screaming, “Yeenoghu!!”. Ryder took shots at the sorcerer but the arrow would not penetrate the shield surrounding the sorcerer.

    The party fought our way through the gnolls, several of which came back to life and had to be felled again. The sorcerer surrounded himself with some of the gnolls for defense it seemed. A hyena was dragging a limp female liontaur body to the sorcerer.

    By the time the party cut down the fighters and archers on the lower level, the sorcerer had completed his ritual. The gnolls surrounding the sorcerer were ripped asunder into a bloody mist, when a Disicple of Yeenoghu appeared.

    By this time, Shiraz (female liontaur) was being pulled to the altar but the protection sphere around the sorcerer went down. The party started to unleash on the alter, damaging the sorcerer and disciple. Sub-Par and Tomok were grabbed by huge dark fiery claws that came from the braziers.

    The sorcerer began to retreat, disappearing from the area into the desert. The party was able to press their attack and kill the Disciple.

    Soon after, four linotaur hunters came on the scene, dragging the now dead sorceror along with them. All in all, a successful fight.

    Party Loot:

    Desert Storm

    After four days into the desert, the team saw the arrival of a desert storm.

    They prepared for the store, Sub Par created the camp oasis and the others prepped. As the storm hit, it was vicious. Sub-Par’s Oasis eventually faded in the middle of the storm. Marc choked on the desert sand during the storm.

    After the passing of the storm, the party immediately see a few Liontaurs observing them.

    In coversation with them, Khamosis-Isis learns that the liontaurs want them to come to their nearby camp to meet their tribe’s shaman.

    The party then followed the liontaurs to their camp. The camp of Tribe Nomsa has over 70 liontaurs in it.

    The female liontaur shaman, FazaFire spoke to the party, and proposed rations and water for help finding her daughter.

    Prepping for the Journey

    The Adventuring Crew
    Khamosis-Isis, Blaze – Marc, Sub Par, [:tomok-nut | Tomok-Nut]], Ryder-Horus, Neraphi-Nut

    The team decided to gear up for the adventure. Stopping in the Merchant section at Badrune’s Elements and Magus Procurements. A item store to procure some wondrous steeds.
    Badrune had three Sandstone Camels (like Obsidian Steed).
    He couldn’t understand Blaze’s language (greek) but eventually had tea with Subpar and negotiated a price for all three camels ($2,700).

    Badrune also gave information about the area that the team was heading in. The team could encounter a ruined city of Nalthan. This city was once ruled by the traitor Sorceress Kesi the Red, half-sister of The Sun Pharoah, he brought use his divine power of the Sun to wipe the city from the sands. Rumored now that the city now appears at random in the desert, moves around, and disappears with no rhyme or reason.

    Medjay Loman, the head security of the cavern that the team will be following informed the team that a Liontaur Tribe.


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