Rusta 5E

Trade Route Damage!

We meet in Neraphi’s family’s house to discuss details. Trade routes and caravans have been attacked near the city of Levant by Liontaurs. Caravans leave Tanis and go to Levant on a regular basis.

Boat to Tanis comes in tomorrow am – the group will leave then.

Area close to Levant used to be a Troll Kingdom says Akun-nut, watch out for trolls, use fire.
Amon-Nut has papers drawn up stating that Biero is his slave.

-50 sp each for boat travel

5-6 days later we arrive in Tanis. A Paladin of Bast at the gate – just standing there… (Living Monolith); he nods to Tomok as we enter the gates. Tomok & Memphis take off to Special Ops. The group will meet in the merchant quarter tomorrow am.

Alara reports into his guild and goes to talk with his trainer, Iuterin, a Wizard of Thoth. Information gathered is that liontaurs are a nomadic race, strong, some suspect they are fey… not validated yet. Some had been captured to be private guards to the Sun Pharaoh’s children. Alara also given a note from the Golden Papyrus saying he has 50k in his name at the bank.

Liontaur research by Alara in Wizard Guild Library

  • Different tribes of Liontaur: Ayoun – always have claws of honored Liontaur as signature of who they are
  • Fazafire – symbol a gold leaf, that surrounds a ruby
  • They do not like Baldarians – period
  • Tribes come and go…

    The Tau’ri are attached to a caravan headed to Levant – the Caravan Master is very eager given all the security he has. The people in the caravan are especially happy with Tomok, a Living Monolith in attendance!

This trip will take ~20 days… we travel south of the shrine and where we last saw fazafire.. Then we start arching north – northwest… a more forested area. We are 3-4 days away from Levant. Alara thinks the Ayoun tribe may live here in the woods…

Group Watches:

  • Memphis/Retholine -
  • Biero/Alara -
  • Amon-Nut/Tomok -

First watch – something occurs – we are camped nears some ruins… a huge skeleton appears, a Skeletal Cyclops, the skull has only one eye! Another creatures appears on a chair – an animated chair – a Green Hag moves around on it!

Retholien notices the hag and moves in front of Memphis “we have enemy!”

Two Earth elementals move with this group and another hag – she has a bow!

Combat Begins:

  • Memphis is tagged – close to the heart! His Champions armor deflects the shot!
  • The ground beneath the group explodes in rampant growth – the area becomes difficult terrain.
  • Earth elementals disappear into the ground
  • A quickling attacks out of nowhere and moves with incredible speed.

Hagus Encounter

  • Multi-character combination turns the battle! Entangle, Hypnotic Pattern – charmed opportunity of attach by Biero kills the green hag!
  • The quickling and dusk hag flee

Items on the green hag: carrying a non-magical bag… not bobby trapped… inside there is a plant grasping a stone symbol of the sun – with a black spear transfixed through it… Alara says this is a symbol of one of the other liontaur tribes he doesn’t recall the name however

The caravan team talks about the battle all night long – gas clouds, rock creatures, fire beetles. This is the 1st time the Taur-ri fought Fey, Fey are enhanced on this plane! The rest of the night passes without event

Alara and Biero are still cursed – they take +10 damage every time they take damage. Its the Curse of the Hag. Retholine learned to be more careful.

Almost a day goes by and we see a HUGE liontaur – huge helmet with war tusks coming out of it – liontaurs are already big but this one is three times the size of a big one! This one wears the symbol we found in the pouch. No weapon just claws out. There a few other normal size (medium) liontaurs behind him.

Amon-nut tries to parlay – nothing. We hear/sense movement spread out around the carivan itself

The big one says “Die Baldarians!” as the charges towards the party!

Combat Begins

A liontaur mystic with a quaterstaff to the left of the ravager. To the right a liontaur hunter with a bow. Tomok and Retholine notice two more liontaur to the left of us. They also have soulfangs sticking in them.


Biero critically hit one of the raging liontaur ravagers, brain penetration with an arrow.

The two liontaurs from Tribe Fazafire step forth as the battle ensues. Unaca & Barvo, guards of Nomza. The sunsetter mystic and hunter stop attacking to assess the threat.

The huge liontaur bellows something and the sunsetters and fazafire liontaurs engage in combar vs. each other.

Tomak critical to the huge liontaurs’ head – brain penetrated instant kill!

The fazafire liontaur have killed the mystic continue running after the hunter that flee’d after the huge one went down…

The last sunsetter ravager is knocked out and the soulfang falls out and disolves.

Biero and Amon-nut search the permiter and find no trace of Fazafire liontaurs

We gather items off the liontaur – arcane folks detect for magic… helm and two more soul fangs in his bag are magical, belt is not magical… stick in bag all Cut off each arm – huge and claws as large as short swords – the huge liontaur.

  • Boar Tusk Helm
  • Soulfang of Ironskin
  • 2 Soulfang of Rage
  • Decorative Belt of the Aten Guard (High Egyptian is inscribed on the inside of the belt)

We leave him as an example of what happens if they attack the trade routes.

We head to Levant

The early morning on the day the team heads into Levant, the liontaur arms dissipate into radiant light.

The Fate of The Falling Star

The team decide to leave Baldari and head to Brindol, located on the edge of Milenia. Blaze wants head back.

Amon-Nut is woken up by Scribe Xim. He is told that somehow he appeared on the Viton’s tax ship. His last memories are of being bedded by naked women, one in particular visiting every night of the five week ordeal. All the time hearing the whisper of The Serpent Sibyl.

He arrives in Viton almost the same time that Memphis, Tomok and a guild wizard named Alara of Armant ride in on camelback, dusty and tired from Tanis.

We head to Brindol. To talk to the priestess of ioun (diedra) who per amon-nut says has information on the pyramid of shadows. She wanted help getting the tear of ioun being held by a faction of ioun.

Memphis, Neriaphi, Amon-Nut meet at Haji-Horus’s house for dinner. The main discussion topic of Amon=Nut governance as a Nomarch.

The Syros Swan docks in Viton.
At the docks, there are many more guards here – twice the usual number. Conru-nut says the Greeks are here because the Swan is here. Capt Temek – he appears a little grayer around the temples. He checks in with Dockmaster Hathos. The group got in big trouble last time the group rode on his ship. His ship was taken to Tanis and stuck there for a week after they searched his boat!
Captain Temek is irritated about taking the troublemakers on another trip. But he will with for a premium price. :) And we still have to fight if attacked on board the ship!

He is then accosted by Amon-Nut about his trade route with Viton. Capt Temek has been making this run for years. He has a unique setup that allows him to do this. Amon-but asks what his tax rate is and he introduces himself as the Nomarch. He knew his father – Amon-Nut’s father setup the deal. He pulls him off to the side and cut a deal – he got me down to 25%. Maybe it needs to be 40% says Amon-nut. Capt will provide a special rate for him as well. They haggle and make insinuations with each other – he wants to know what the new deal is – is it still 25%? Amon-nut agrees as long as his superiors are ok with it.
Arismarne shows up on the docj and waves the Captain Temek. – they wave to each other.

The night before they leave Amon-nut, Memphis and Neraphi have dinner with Haji and his family. Haji knew Amon-nut would assume the role of the Nomarch at some point. He know what his blood was. It didn’t stop him from raising him like his dumbass son! Haji can handle the day to day… they’ve been doing it for years. He’s happy to not do the job… the less he talks to Zuka. Lord Zuka!
Haji tells Amon-nut to keep Tomok out of town. He wants to know what happen to him. He describes what happen… The Serpent Sybil was picking up Akun-nut for someone. Not being taken to her.
The Golden Papyrus is pretty secure – they being Thoth – so it’s unlikely that they would have access to his bank account.
An Oracle appears (Rich) and points out that they want a child of the Nomarch to inherit his claim!
Haji-Horus says “I agree with the warpriest they came to take your cum.” not an exact quote but crude and to the point…
Amon-nut would have to contest any heirs at the Primarch level!

We book passage for 7 (amon-nut, Tomok, Biero, Blaze, Mark, Memphis and Alaran).

The team boards The Syros Swan to Brindol. The journey will take up to 20 days.

5am: seven passengers on the dock, the ship takes off the boat and stops to wait outside of Kawa for 3 hrs. Another boat pulls up and they are loading cargo off the small boat onto the Swan. Very heavy crates… Capt Temek tells Amon-nut, “Its business!” There are baldarians unloading the offer – Tomok offers to help. They decline it.
After boat is loaded, we head north!

The captain has a feast with the team except Khamosis who won’t join because of religious reasons. We dine with the capt once every 5 days in his cabin. He worships Poseidon. Every meal is spectacular! The room doesn’t seem to fit on the ship – it’s a big room!

We pass an isle one day, that no one goes to – there are pirates to the right – a cove on one of these isles. The Fey’ri actually patrol the area as well.

15 days into the journey, Alara tries to investigate the cargo that was loaded on the ship outside Kawa. But the door to the cargo is guarded.
The 15th day a new dinner – rock dwarf. He looks different – very grey skin. Drinking with the capt. Once we enter he looks at us and excuses himself from the capt. Alara asks why – ‘Because I don’t trust you Guild Wizard’ – he heads off in the direction of the cargo that was boarded…

Greek Legion was in Brindol and then left after the party left. They’ve been fighting skaven now NW of Brindol. Fey’ri are sea pirates – boats that hover over the water with demon wings and shoot energy beams! To the east.


On the eighteenth day of the journey, another ship is spotted approaching. On the main sail, the see the banner of the skaven’s Clan Scurvy.

Captain Temek recognizes the carrack as The Falling Star but the name had been scratch off and now says Da Bloody Klaw. He says we cannot outrun it it has magical Sails of Speed.
As the carrack closes, the team sees the ship seething with skaven, skavenslaves, rat ogres, clanrats. Mounted haphazardly on the bow of the ship is a warp lighting cannon, 3 clansalves are manning it with a warplock engineer. On the rear of the ship, is a small catapult filled with baseball-sized snails with 2 clansalves manning it. Behind them, a deformed black-furred skave stands, half singed on one side of its body. The skaven captain also wields a black blade crackling with green lighting, a Fellblade.

  • Khamosis commences to cast his Circle of Protection ritual.

Combat Ensues:

  • The Bloody Klaw launches the Pain Pain Snail shot from the catapult. The snail shot grab onto targets Blaze and four gross-looking snails attach to him causing excruciating pain and absorbing healing surges.
  • The Bloody Klaw fires the warp lightning cannon, horrid green lightning blast arcs at The Syros Swan. When it hits, a lightning explosion occurs to all around the target effecting Amon-Nut and a sailor.
  • The Bloody Klaw closes to boarding distance and the skaven push to get onto The Syros Swan.

So far

  • Memphis uses Moment of Glory and pushes some of the first wave in to the water between the vessels. 2 Rat Ogres still remained on the Syros Swan.
  • Melee Combat occurs with Rat Ogres and Tomok, Biero, Amon-Nut, Blaze and Memphis.
  • Amon-Nut cast Entangle and vines appears on part of the Bloody Klaw’s main deck.
  • Khamosis casts Wintery Area and part of the Bloody Klaw’s main deck is covered in ice.
  • The Warplock Engineer screams in queekisk and the clanrats start to cut the boarding ropes connected to the Syros Swan. He then intently watches the clanslaves ready to load the warptstone into the cannon.
  • Alara dimension doors to bow of the The Bloody Klaw and has his Arrowhawk attack a kill a skaven
  • Skaven Captain Amrot the Singed, a black-furred skaven singed raises his Fell Greatsword and shoots a blast of warp lightning at Memphis that hits and lighting assaults all next to Memphis.
  • The rock dwarf, Mognar steps onto the main deck of the Swan and swings his Force Axe at a rat ogre and crits it.
  • Khamosis casts Magic Missile so deadly it pierces the Warlock Engineer and kills him outright.
  • Memphis flies into the air and swings at Captain Amrot hits and crits him immobilized.
  • The Warlord Amrot then immediately swings at Memphis before he crits him. Memphis shudders and sees the lesser death rune of humans ablaze on the Fell Greatsword.
  • Melee Combat occurs with Rat Ogres and Tomok, Biero, Amon-Nut, Blaze and Mognar.
  • A sling bullet attack directed at Memphis occurs coming from the Bloody Klaw but only Alara caught a glimpse of the Skaven Nightrunner in the main sail post.
  • Memphis kills the Captain Amrot and the skaven scatter and dive into the water swimming and drowning away.

Combat Ends

The team finds the Equinox Chalice. 2’ tall, 8" wide. Has the symbol of Dionysus.
The team secure the ship in Viton

Loot Distribution:
equinox chalice – amon-nut
elixir of invisibility – Alara
Chaos weave braidmail armor – in memphis’ bag of holding will sell later for group
+2 Chaos cloak – biero
Death spiral ring – memphis
Ocean strider boots – Biero
Fel great sword with death rune of humans on it (evil) greater work… (destroyed)

Combat in the Big Fin

Awehun turns into a doppelganger holding a knife to Amon-Nut’s neck and says “tell them to stand down!”


  • Memphis presents his holy symbol and the doppelgangers attack.
  • Tomok is blinded by poison and instantly bloodied (-1 RP rerolls his save, not blinded still damaged).
  • Memphis casts Dismissal on doppelganger-Awehun still holding a knife to Amon-nut’s neck… doppelganger-Awehun disappears.
  • Amon-nut goes feral and attacks doppelganger-Awehun (it reappeared at the top of the round) dazing it and then shifts taking a secondary attack on the doppelganger-assassin.
  • Memphis knocks out the doppelganger-infiltrator behind him out with a critical and leaps on top of the dining table to attack doppelganger-Awehun next round.
  • Doppelganger-Awehun activates Cloud Mind to everyone in the room and goes invisible; Sobe, one of the council members gurgles and dies, the other council members; Djemi a fighter is injured but ok, Khorri is hurt but still alive.
  • Amon-nut casts Thorny Vones damaging the doppelganger-assassin and doppelganger-awehun; doppelganger-awehun becomes visible again after taking this damage.

Outside the Inn:

  • Biero while ordering drinks at the bar hears Memphis rise his voice. Checking his Ring of the Tau’ri, he can tell Memphis is in combat. Biero tries to enter the back room where the rest of the group is but the door is locked. He rushes outside the inn to a side door in the back.
  • After a round of attacking through the partially opened door, he is attacked outside by another doppelganger! Biero is hit and the doppelganger now appears to look just like Biero.
  • Biero is stunned unable to take action outside the inn unbeknownst to the party fighting inside…

Kawa fight

Back inside the Inn:

  • The doppelganger-assassin uses a sling attack and knocks Amon-Nut out! His entire face is horribly scarred now… then in the same turn the doppelganger-assassin drops something on the floor opening a big black gate behind it! The doppelganger-assassin starts reaching for Amon-nut…
  • Tomok leaps on top of the prone doppelganger-assassin striking it only to have his attack reciprocated with a splash of poison from an amulet around its neck. Knowing he has his opponent where he wants it, Tomok uses an extra attack (-1 RP) killing the doppelganger-assassin. As the doppelganger-assassin dies, it and most of its items turn to ash! The Black Gate disappears.
  • Doppelganger-Awehun stands and attacks Memphis nearly killing him (-2 RP). Doppelganger-Awehun now looks just like Memphis!
  • Doppelganger-Biero runs into the room from outside feigning to be concerned with Amon-Nut’s condition. He then tosses a black onyx on the ground creating another Black Gate and grabs Amon-nut then disappears through the black gate!
  • The real Biero then appears with a bloody wound crawling through the doorway…
  • Memphis attacks doppelganger-memphis/awehun and kills it – the body and most of the items on it fall to the floor and dissolve into ash.

End Combat

Biero notices that the sling stone had something like Ungol Dust on it… it was somehow “altered” though – use of it would knock someone out and disfigure them.

Djemi and Khorri are standing over the unconscious doppelganger-infiltrator, Djemi has a blade to its neck!

The group heals up and asks Khorri if he noticed anything different about Awehun of late. Khorri thinks back – Awehun was acting strange after the first time Amon-nut came to town… several months ago. Or so he thinks. Djemi is pissed, he’s head of town military… Biero and Tomok go to Awehun’s house to search it with Djemi. Khorri and Memphis stand guard over the doppelganger-infiltrator.

Tomok breaks the news to Ahun’s wife and his two children outside their house. Biero uses this distraction to stealth into the house to search it. Biero finds nothing out of the ordinary in the house. Exiting the house Biero signals to Tomok and they leave back to the inn.

Strip searching the doppelganger-infiltrator Memphis and Khorri find a tattoo at the base of its back. Symbol
The doppelganger-infiltrator awakes eventually. Before we even get to ask a question of it, it just smiles and turns to ash!

Memphis checks his Ring of the Tau’ri, Amon-nut is not within 50 mile of us…

The party spends the night in Kawa – the festival – not so festive now…

Back in Viton:
The party speaks to Haji-horus and Akun-nut in private and relay what happen.

The Serpent Sibyl is an independent contractor. She’s done work for the Dark Pharaoh as well as others… she lives on the darkside of the planet. She hires out her cloned doppelgangers to the highest bidder. She wears a symbol of M’daess, known as the Snake-Mother.

The group will need to head to the Gloomside to save Amon-nut, Whistler is the only one who has some knowledge of that area. We should talk to Whistler.

Loot Distribution

  • Whetstone of Venom / Adv Vault – Biero
  • 4 Surprise Bullets +2 / Adv Vault 2 – Biero
  • 2 Summoning Bullets +2 / Adv Vault 2 – Biero
  • Potion of Regeneration / Adv Vault – Tomok
  • 3 Gloves fo the Bounty Hunter / Adv Vault – Biero, Memphis, Memphis/Retholien
  • Cloak of the Walking Wounded / Adv Vault – Memphis/Retholien
  • 4 Attention-Stealing Bullets +2 / Adv Vault 2 – Biero
  • 2 Amulet of Aranea +2 (evil) / Adv Vault – destroy
  • Magic Leather Armor +2 – in memphis’ bag of holding will sell for group later
  • Poisoned Short Sword +2 / Adv Vault – Biero
  • Intensifying Sling +2 / Adv Vault 2 – Memphis/Retholien
Visiting Kawa

Khamosis meets up with the group in Tanis after we exit the Temple of Ra. Amongst all the Paparazzi… we recut the share of money gained from the expedition to provide him a share.

Anonymous deposit into banks accounts 50k each

Amon-nut’s paragon path – Druid of the Inner Circle ceremony, Faeremma is there lots of others
A few are glad he’s choosing this path – better ties with the government – others not so…

Whistler wants to know if Tomok is a pussy or is he going to update his tattoo… and his friends too. Whistler is NOT happy Tomok is a living monolith now – he’s way more distant than he was before with Tomok… Whistler turns his back on him as he talks to him “they don’t need to recognize who I am. I think that thing in your head has clear access to wherever it is you are… that’s good and bad – personally I think it’s bad.”

Tomok and Amon-nut’s tattoos are updated

Viton Event – near the forge – there are 4 guild wizards who show up with weapons around the forge! Dressed like combat wizards – they have actual weapons in hand, but their freehand is moving quickly. Then they suddenly disappear…

The group heads to Kawa in hopes of finding information on why the Dark Pharaoh was attacking Kawa over a year ago.

Amon-nut approaches Blaze and Ryder – Ryder’s dad says he doesn’t want him to go. Blaze can however.

There have been no more reports of undead in over a year in Kawa – just bugbears and giants in the area. Why do I need to go asks Blaze? He’ll go for a full share. He carries his spiked shield.

Amon-nut calls the Council of Viton – it takes a few hours. Amon-Nut talks to the Council himself. Haji speaks for the council – the only information is that which the party has on their return trip from Brindol. That’s all they know.
There have been no attacks on Kawa proper in a while – they send out patrols fight bugbears… giants…? Haji-Horus recommends he goes and talks to the main guy, Khorri in Kawa.

The group sets out the following morning from Viton by boat to Kawa.

It’s the Celebration of Kawa when the group arrives – lots of people in town. Amon-nut is met in town by scribe – they were not aware of his arrival. The scribe takes him to Khorri – when the group gets near the bar “the big fin” they see Awehun, Sobe and Djemi, three people on the town council. They make room and wave Amon-nut into the bar – they meet in the back room. Tomok and Memphis enter with Amon-nut. Khamosis, Blaze and Biero wait outside in the main bar.

The military visited recently – surveillance team a week ago – they talked about building a surveillance post in town. Unknown timeline… Amon-nut talks town business… town strengths, trade, defenses…

At one time the giants were pushing this direction from Boulderheart – to south west where the giant’s fortress exists. By foot its days travel… it was unusual to see them this far north.

Awehun comes back in with a couple of servants carrying food and drink… the two servant’s attack! Both have short swords and daggers (something on the blades as well…) – as they attack their whole bodies change – pliable grey faces… no hair! Doppelgangers…?

Next time – combat in the big fin!


When back in Viton, Biero, Ryder, Blaze, Laserie and Faeremma for dinner at Haji-Horus’s home. He asks for an update on Akun-Nut.
Being that there is no updated to pass on. He wants them to find a female hill giant named Unacaith in the Mezra Hills. She is an oracle.
She owes him a favor and he hands Ryder a scroll to give to her.

The location they are sent to is a large cavern in a side of a large hill with a large structure that looks like a barracks for giants. 4 to 8 hill giants are in the area and act like guards.

The team will be intimidated at the the entrance of the area where she is but they recognize Ryder’s family insignia that he displays and escort them in.

Unacaith is a young female beautiful hill giant. She is long white hair and is blind in one eye. She will read the scroll and then speak in Egyptian that she will honor her deal!

She starts an exotic ritual that

“The body of Amun-Nut will be in transit in 4 days from the Grieving Palace to the Serpent Sibyl.” She then produces a small emerald, and says the location is here.

Meeting with Lord Zuka

The party shows up in a room – a nice room – and they see Badrune. We’re in a back room of his shop! Badrune hurriedly takes the group out the back into an alley and they head to the Temple of Ra.

At the front gate of the temple sector – there are three individuals loitering about…
A huge 6’8" Nubian with a large two handed sword on his back – dressed in military garb,
a smaller very finely dressed male Egyptian with a nice jeweled kopesh; 3rd son of the Vizier – Fada. Memphis’ War Priest trainer Massri is his older brother – definite family resemblance.
and last a female baldarian wizard of Isis.

They turn and eyeball the group as they approach the gates.

Fada – asks Memphis about an gray elf – he wants to buy her from him. Warning he will own her if she is seen in Tanis again. As Fada arrogantly asks questions to Memphis, Massri arrives from the temple sector.
Massri asks his brother what he’s doing… Fada doesn’t appear to care for the group – he names each individual in the group – his eyes linger on each. The call the group members from Viton country bumpkins and leaves with the other two others. He is very pretentious….

Memphis proudly displays his shield to them with the symbol of the Tau’ri painted on it smiling at them as they leave.

Massri leads the group into the temple sector… three other war priests fall in with the group as they enter the temple district and lead them to the biggest temple of all – the temple of Ra. They are taken to a secure room in the outer parts of the temple proper.

There are many people watching the group as they walk through the temple district – they don’t hide it – they stare. Politicking people – but abnormal amount of folks this time… Memphis generally sees far less than those who have gathered up and down the avenue right now.

Lord Zuka wants to meet with all of us – we are taken to a room – we head into a meeting room 4 paladins of ra (guards) They don’t have armor on right now – they probably have summoned armor available however.

In the room, there is a scribe in the room and a long line of tables in front of a set of double doors.

Lord Zuka then shows up – we all bow – he sits – everyone else stands… just as he’s about to speak the doors behind him open, he stands up and then immediately drops to his knees – the entire group does as well – they see an Egyptian female, royally dressed, Princess Sudaha, one of the Pharaoh’s daughters. She is wearing a extremely exquisite blindfold. (2nd oldest daughter supposedly blind from birth) but she can clearly walk and navigate the room without problems.

With her is a grey elven female who appears to be one of her handmaidens – there is also a unit of personal temple guards and a liontaur with glowing eyes in the hallway behind the open doors.

There are now a lot of people beyond the double doors the princess just entered watching!

Princess Sudaha says Thank you, Cousin towards Lord Zuka. He stands up – the group remains bowed… Zuka motions they can stand now.

Princess Sudaha wants to know if these are the adventurers who went into the city of Nalthan – yes – she just wants to hear.

No one introduces her – it is assumed we all know her.

The grey elven female pulls out a feathered quill and a scroll – it magically starts writing down all that is said.

Lord Zuka doesn’t look at Neraphi at all. He actually doesn’t not look at any female in the party.

Lord Zuka asks Memphis if he told him to enter the city of Nalthan. “No” says Memphis respectfully, however you asked me to investigate rumors of undead in the western desert.

Lord Zuka – how did you start your investigation off?
Memphis – I spoke with my brothers, members of the medjay – they heard rumors of intelligent undead leading dumb undead in the western desert. Rumors of Nalthan also came up in the conversation. The group then went to talk to the Liontaur tribe. The groups previous dealings with the tribe put them in talking relationship with them.

Lord Zuka wants to know about previous dealings with the liontaur – they never attacked you? He’s interested in that. How many liontaur were there he asks Sub-par.

Sub-par says there were 80-100 liontaur.

Lord Zuka is not pleased to hear about the ritual cast – the devil skin scroll or the abyssal shrine of the gnolls. He gives Memphis a stern look.

Memphis recounts the casting of the ritual and the fight. When describing the serpent woman beckoning Sub-par Lord Zuka and the Princess appear to recognize her description… The Serpent Sibyl.

Memphis describes the first view of the 60’ tall Pharaoh Kalipha and the Princess appears to be taking it all in she wants to hear every detail down the smallest detail.

After the battle we traveled west – in the direction the female liontaur told us to go – Memphis describes the sensation of time distortion and the princess tells Zuka we “looped”.

Upon reciting entry to the city the princess repeats the words Kalipha said to us word for word as we entered the city.

At this point Lord Zuka calls for a break. We are taken out of the meeting room and the brought back within an hour. This time a priest of Anubis is here.

Memphis continues describing in detail everything that happens – when describing the conversation we “saw” in the tower the Princess appeared to know who each of the individuals were. Zuka, the priest of Anubis and the princess visibly lean forward taking in the whole conversation that took place.

When we get to the part where we entered the tomb of the pharaoh – Memphis describes the artifacts found in the tomb – and pulls the out of his saddle bags of holding one at a time placing them on the table in front of them. They are visibly in awe of the staff when it is taken out.

Another break is called for after pulling out the artifacts and map we copied. Zuka asks us to leave again. this time we wait for a long time 2-3 hrs… when we return the artifacts are not in the same position they were when we left.

The party returns and there is a different priest of Anubis – a higher priest! There is also a small gold circlet rotating in one corner of the room slowly – it has ancient hieroglyphics in high Egyptian on it…

We recount the remaining adventure – a few interruptions Memphis draws out the story and learns to anticipate their need for questions as he recants the tale.

Lord Zuka knew the prints of a Kirre from Memphis’ description. He also knows of the Cordlu however this one was a battle something?

Interesting tale Lord Zuka says at its completion.

The Scroll of the Living Monolith, the Staff they want to inspect them all… these items need more security than the group can provide…
• The star – they leave in the groups hands
• The staff must stay
• The Apostolic scroll must stay
• They would like to keep book and tablet – we have access if we wish
• Scroll of living monolith – he looks at princess – she barely nods head – we think for finding these items that one of the group should become a living monolith… they think Tomok should become the living monolith – it would help our group – its beyond their normal restrictions as they were guards of the Anubis age – a very tightly controlled group. The temple of Ra will keep the scroll – Lord Zuka will be responsible for choosing the rest of the living monolith…

The group is asked about what we learned from reading the Book of Kalipha – they have apparently already identified it as lord Zuka wants to know who amongst us are sailors and famers.

The circle starts spinning crazy like – sub-par hears a voice – its Fazafire – she wants Sub-par to ask them to free the liontaur. Only he can hear the voice. Sub-par very diplomatically I might add – asks Lord Zuka to free the liontaur due to the liontaur tribes assistance. Zuka stares intently at sub-par – “very interesting question.” he says – “who asked you to ask me that question?” “that liontaur is more powerful than we know.” he says – Lord Zuka says they will consider it – but its not his decision to make he says

Two wizards of Ra come in and take the Apostolic scroll away – very gingerly…

They want all our copies of the map of the city – we can have access to it when we want. We are never to speak of this adventure to anyone unless they are of higher ranks than us and they know Lord Zuka.

The princess stands at this time we all bow to the ground – she leaves…

After the priest of Anubis leaves the ring disappears – only war priests and lord Zuka are left.

Twice now Memphis you’ve done well and have received notice" – says Lord Zuka Because of this he has also done well! He looks at the men in the party and leaves.

Massri looks at all of us (including Neraphi) – he says well done. More responsibilities for Zuka and now he finally gets to take over the War Priests proper.

For the rest of the group -

  • Priestess of Nut – I know you will report this to your church – he pulls out a scroll and gives it to her – he seals it with his ring and says show this to the head priest first.
  • Tomok – I assume you will be contacted soon about becoming a living monolith and what that will entail.
  • Amon-Nut – you need to take over Viton and your area – NOW. You go back and consider yourself mandated by the temple of Ra – he has a scroll with the seal of the royal house – give this to the elder council of Viton – you will report to Chenzra Falo – who talks up through the pharaoh on how your part of the county is run. Its time for you to take over – Lord Zuka wanted it and he’s pushing you to do it. There is a scribe in city of Viton Chenzra Falo enlist her help to run the city while you adventure. Be know when you take over this position and it is known – things will get tougher – politically. Sub-par will have to deal with the elders of the town…

What about the druids guild asks Sub-par? Massri writes another scroll and seals it – when you see them again this will take you to the right person to talk to. The druids are an “outside” group…

Sub-par asks for information on the Bramble queen and Maldeen

  • Bramble Queen- druids would know more about her
  • Maldeen – no he’s a slippery guy – they will look to see where he’s been of late… he’s slippery for a reason. What reason is that I wonder?

We are given passes throughout the city in nice posh places around town to relax and enjoy ourselves.

He thanks us and leaves.

We are accosted by reporters in town – we are now celebrities… we are asked if we were in the city of Nalthan – Memphis says “no comment”

Someone approaches on behalf of the princess, she is interested in the coins if we want to exchange them she would love to have them… price of 8:1 if we want – but she wants ALL of them.

Back to Viton

The team appears in the conference room, Arismarne is really animated and wants to hear all the details. He gets wine and wants to hear all about how the party got into the city of Nalthan. “It was destroyed.” says Arismarne. Zanne and Faeremma are in town they told him we went to Nalthan. The party visits with Arismarne – he asks to review these items for a few days. Arismarne is a good guy we like him – the party lets him review the items brought back however Memphis stays behind and chats with him while watching over the items as well.

Memphis – examines spear – tries out moves with it while waiting.

Zanne and Faeremma appear to be ok better off than when the party last saw them.

Faeremma turns to Sub-par, there are people here to see him – powerful druids in grove. A female wood elf, male Egyptian and a female Egyptian – they are all high ranking members of the druids guild. They want to talk to Sub-par… now. The female wood elf can’t keep her hands off Faeremma!

Zanne is ok as well – happy to see Tomok – they take off to catch up on lost time.

Memphis reports in again providing a list of artifacts. He gets an immediate reply, “Do not to say that over open lines… report to the Temple of Ra in 4 days.”

Neraphi – had a visit from a priestess of nut who is also a druid of nut. Vonya Telshar is very well known in the church and she had a meeting with her over the things we’ve done. Vonya asked Neraphi very specific questions… Neraphi is nervous. Vonya told her to help Sub-par to her fullest extent… find his trainer.

Laserie – says she can only go with the group on one more adventure before she has to go home. She will help us find Sub-par’s trainer but then she has to go back. A druid called her back… at least for a while. Maybe she can come back later, unknown… The whole seed of life has caused an issue. Elven politics…

Memphis asks Arismarne if he can provide transportation to Tanis for the party – quick like – ie Portal. He can however he says “Know this – this too is monitored. Walking in or using a portal either way we will be observed.”

Memphis talks with Laserie and decides it would be best if she return home and report in.

Through the portal – Memphis, Neraphi-nut, Tomok-nut and Amon-nut

Mummy Time!

Tomok charges Terman-set who takes an opportunity attack against Tomok with his spear – a visible effect seems to appear about the mummy’s armor after a successful hit. Terman-set heads directly for Memphis! The priest of Ra. Terman-set’s attack paralyzes Memphis and then he immediately attacks Tomok! Memphis casts Iron to Glass however the weapon seems to shrug the spell off! It’s a long drawn out battle – attacking Terman-set’s AC is not going to work – we have to attack his REF and WIL. The group gathers around Terman-set surrounding him on all sides beating him down finally to be killed with a critical to the head.


Memphis takes Termen-set’s holy symbol in a cloth back to Temple of Ra for destruction… The group loots a magical spear and armor off Terman-set’s body.

Exploring the tomb of Terman-set the group finds a recently deceased son of kyruss on the way in…
Inside the tomb they loot the following:

  • 15 silver pearls
  • 350pp (anubis minted)
  • Scroll case – next to a body of a son of kyuss – very ornate scroll case – we can hear a scroll in it – this very magical
  • Ritual scroll – passwall

We place our group name “The Tau’ri” symbol in tomb of Terman-set

We leave the city – we exit the closest city gate on the map – it’s the location of our first battle where we fought the Cordlu.

As the party leaves the city – it fades away behind them… They’re in the desert…
Sub-par puts up his oasis and the group sets up watches and rests. Memphis reports in.
3rd and final watch Laserie says she saw someone in the distance – they scoped us out and left… it was a humanoid – couldn’t determine more.

The party heads south east but can’t find Tanis… no response to Memphis’ report either. The party continues south they head off the sand into silt… like the ocean but made of sand. Skirting their way east they hit more silt… Laserie says – if we head north we will hit forest… she thinks we are on the northern border of the continent – farther north than we were before we entered the city.

Neraphi creates a portal for the party – they move out and appear in a very nice meeting room with Arismarne he welcomes them with a big smile.

The Tau’ri have been gone 4 months…

Searching for Set in Nalthan

After a days rest the party exits the Temple of Osiris. Walking by the Tomb of Pharoh Kalipha we find the doors closed as we last left them – however there now appears a symbol of set on the closed doors! We find obvious tracks outside the door that lead off in a northern direction. We have Laserie scout ahead of the group 20ft or so and we move out. From what Laserie can tell there is only one individual… the city ruins provide no access to a higher elevation unfortunately. The tracks are either “obvious” because we’re being lead into a trap or the person leaving possibly has no idea we’re here. We move at a very slow pace. We’re still wary of the large silver ball that patrols the area as well as any other undead that may reside in these parts.

Laserie returns – she heard something “wormy” ahead of us. We’re still tracking a NW direction but now she detects multiple individuals, in armor. I examine the map still trying to figure out if there is a particular destination in mind for this group of individuals. The map is very out of date – we can circle around if needed. The wormy individuals move one and we move forward – perhaps they are lost… we stand where the wormy individuals were but detect nothing more. There are small dead worms on the ground… and the track again lead north. We suspect these are undead and I caution Laserie as we don’t understand the exact range of their undead senses. We move on ready for an ambush…

Again Laserie returns she thinks they have stopped moving – but as she approaches I glance behind her and see a humanoid in armor peer around the edge of the building and then step back! She believes there are at least four individuals in the group. Still headed northwest. Looking at our map again the only landmark I can discern is a burial ground… Instead of moving forward we retreat and circle around where we last detected the humanoids and head to the burial grounds. It should take us 5-10 minutes to get there.

Laserie says she hears “wormy” noises again… following us? I look behind us expecting foes but she points down – no the noise is coming from down there – she points to the road! Under the dirt road!? We stand still and listen. She says they are closer now… we stand still and listen more – maybe they are using tremor sense to trail us? The burial grounds we reckon are 2 minutes north of us now. We still detect and hear nothing.

After waiting a while we move out as a group to the burial grounds, anticipating an ambush! Rounding the last corner we see four figures on top of a burial mound in what must be the burial grounds. Three of the undead wear plate armor and wield large sickly green glowing greatswords (swords of kyuss)! The fourth crouched in their midst has a bare skull for a head (wormcaller)! It wears what appears to be a mithril breastplate and carries a bag in one hand. Around him on the ground swarm tons of green worms! Its hard to tell but it appears that the worms on the ground maybe a separate entity all together!

The wormcaller speaking in Egyptian tells us to flee now. We ignore it and move in to attack! I so no symbols of set on any of these undead creatures.

Very difficult fight – memphis spent most of his time healing neraphi! The swords of kyuss have a devistating AOE attack that apparently heals them! The Wormcaller is also able to call down a pillar of fire that torched many of us. The wormcaller is also directing the swords. The wormcaller has a devistating attack at 10sqrs out that will eithe r heals its allies if it hits or damage us! One dead the swords of kyuss’ weapons loose their glow and return to mundane weapons. However the two sets of plate armor do indeed appear to be a magical +1 in nature. We haven’t fully examined them however.

Again a difficult fight we slay two of the swords of kyuss before the wormcaller and remaining sword of kyuss flee. No idea what the worms on the ground surrounding the wormcaller did. As the wormcaller fled however it dropped it canvas sack. Inside we find various Egyptian insignias as well as a scroll fragment…

We take a short rest and examine the scroll fragments.

The scroll fragment is about an individual named “Terman-set”, he was related to the vizier of Nalthan. Terman-set was responsible for some of the research done on the living monolith. He was “granted” to be buried in the city limits – I think we’re standing in front of his tomb!

I suspect that the wormcaller was out “gathering” things – but for whom?

Suddenly we sense something else coming! Out from the top of the burial mound a mummy lord appears! Terman-set? The wormcaller and swords of kyuss must have disturbed him! We interrupted them as they opened the tomb. The mummy advances on us and we can see it clearly now – wearing a symbol of set it wears a set of dark grey chain armor and a very nice long spear – it has a blade on each end. I know it has at least a reach of two squares.


Running in Nalthan: The Tomb of Pharoah Kalipha

Time check: Hour of 10 of 12 have passed.

The team checks for the huge ball of steel as they venture back out into the city and head towards the Tomb At the secret passageway leading to the tomb, Sub-par notices there are some tracks around the opening as we approach the entrance – foot prints – humanoid. Feet that wore shoes. Laserie scouts ahead towards the tomb. She comes back and says she didn’t find anything. They enter the Tomb.

They carefully prepare to place the final three canopic jars, Laserie stands at the threshold of the room to ensure a non-Egyptian doesn’t hamper what they attempt to do.

They hear an audible sigh that comes from the mummy and the sarcophagus starts to close. They see the ghostly image of Pharaoh Kalipha overlaid on the ancient mummy in the coffin – he speaks in High Egyptian. He then points to the books and the staff and the orb. The team take these items and nothing else placing them in Memphis’s saddle bags of holding.

The hourglass then falls to the ground and shatters. Lots of red sand appears on the floor – more than could have possibly been contained in the hour glass itself! The sand is moving! Its animated! The coffin closes and then the large rock door – starts to close!
The team leave the room and the door closes behind us. Neraphi says “I think those were the ‘Red Sands of Osiris’. They bring anyone back to life, no matter how long they were dead…” It would have been unfortunate if the jars were not placed then – the Pharaoh would have been brought back to life and not allowed to complete his journey to Anubis I think to myself.

The team head back to our previous resting area but notice the steel ball was near it. We go back to the Temple of Osiris and the Naga. We take a day to rest here and the naga guards over us.

While resting Laserie attempts to identify the items we retrieved so far with Sub-par’s help.

Book of Kalipha
A magical tome – a story of his family where they came from and the life of Pharaoh Kalipha, after each of us read the book we come away with new interesting knowledge:

  • Memphis: the most interesting story for him was when the Pharaoh Kalipha was a charioteer. Memphis learned how to ride and fight from chariots.
  • Sub-par & Neraphi: Both learned how the famers did irrigation, grew crops and harvest them. Both now have the knowledge of farming. Neraphi’s father is already a really good farmer but with the knowledge she has now she already knows of ways she can help her father.
  • Tomok: Tomok physically changed, he became more dexterous (+2 to one random stat of choice). Tomok learns he is related to Pharaoh Kalipha somewhere along his bloodline is. He’s a bastard child.

Star of Mo-Pelar
Physically it appears as a 5" diameter gem. After reading the Book of Kalipha we know that three of these exist – there are part of a set of gems. This one has abilities of a Gem of True Seeing.
• One is said to reside near the Oasis of the White Palm
• Another is located in the Lost Tomb of Martek

The Ruling Staff of the Earth Pharoah
As they identify it, even the naga looks upon the staff with awe. The naga speaks but we don’t understand… she appears to be reading the symbols off the staff… they don’t understand them. From what we can tell however – again from the stories we read in the Book of Kalipha, the abilities of the staff were

  • Bonuses to hit with the staff
  • It could summon a Sphinx
  • It could create lighting as well as thunder as well
  • Only someone from Pharaoh Kalipha’s family can use it

After a day of rest, they venture out into the city again, as we pass by the entrance to the tomb we see that it is closed off. The doors are now closed and a symbol of Set resides on it! I draw my weapon and inform the group our job here is not done – we must find whomever did this…


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