Rusta 5E

Rivenroar Crypts

Players: Tomok-Nut, Sub Par, Khamoses-Isis, Ryder-Horus, Neraphi-Nut, Blaze, Berio,

Treasure Gained:
Rivenroar Throne Room

Coming to Home to Viton!

Group: Egyptians!
Campaign Date:
PCs present: Khamosis-Isis, Amon-Nut, Blaze, Tomok-Nut, Ryder-Horus

We were traveling from Brindol to Viton on Captain Temek’s Ship, The Syros Swan. Near Kawa on the northern coast of Baldari, we saw the town aflame while several fishing boats and other small craft fleeing. After conversing with the captain, he agreed to attempt to intercept a small boat. Amon-Nut and Tomok-Nut, along with two crewmen, paddled out to the craft, in which a family was fleeing.

The boat contained a deceased elderly man, his wife, and their daughter, a young woman. They witnessed skeletons, mummies, and a large scorpion covered with egyptian runes attacking the local Church of Nut. The man was killed by the scorpion.

Upon viewing the town of Kawa from the cookoo rest on the ship, Ryder reported seeing a multicolored shimmering sphere on the beach, which Khamosis believes might be a Circle of Protection. Neraphi underwent a commune now ritual with Nut which allowed the group to ask questions regarding our best course of action. After receiving responses, we continued on to Viton.

Upon arrival in Viton, the ship and crew were held in port under armed guard until Akun-Nut arrived and escorted us to the council hall, where Whistler, Ryder’s mother and sister and several other townspeople were standing outside. Whistler informed us that the council was in session and Maldeen, Sub Par’s supposedly dead uncle, was present. The tomb king, called Avassi, the Dark Pharoah, was the topic of discussion.

As Whistler finished filling us in, his attention was drawn upward to the sky where a flying chariot manned by six beings and pulled by flaming winged horses was drawing a was coming into view. Whistler said “The Court is here.” Almost simultaneously, the council and Maldeen came out of the council chambers. Maldeen saw the court in the sky and said “This is the last word, you should accept my deal,” then disappeared.

The Court’s hover-chariot was large flat platform, approximately 30’ x 40’. Two Liontaurs, each with two large khopeshs on their backs and two sets of bracers; Zuka, a Paladin of Ra; a warpriest of Ra; and two paladins of Ra comprised The Court.

The War Priest’s first words were “Who is in charge?” Ryder’s father, Haji-Horus stepped forward and replied “I guess I am,” to which Zuka replied “Someone needs to run this fucking town!” The Court was told by Haji-Horus that Maldeen was looking for our group, specifically for Sub Par, whose father was rumored to possess the key to the Pyramid of Shadows, which is known to be an artifact of Anubis. Zuka listened intently, then before leaving informed our group that we “should get to Tanis sometime.”

The group, sans Khamosis-Isis, went to Ryder’s parents for dinner. During the meal, Amon-Nut recalled that his trainer has a box in his possession that he said Sub Par would be given “when he was ready.”

We stayed at Ryder’s family home that night and ensured there were guard shifts all night. Haji-Horus shooed everyone out of the house just prior to 1:00 in the afternoon, closed all the doors and when they opened, Arismarne was there.

Captain of the Guard arrived and asked us if we wanted to provide security for a couple of teams to go to Kawa and do some recon.

Haji-Horus and the council decided to allow Temek to leave port, but only on the provision that he take us to Tanis. Blaze conveyed this information to Temek, who agreed with one condition, that was to be paid. Blaze then met with Chenzra, with whom he agreed on Temek’s behalf for The Syros Swan to provide escort service to the ship carrying Viton’s tax transactions and Scribe Xim, to Tanis. Temek will be paid for this service.

Sub Par receives a message from Ahun-Nut informing him he has to see him in Assay, a Genasi town. The consensus is that we should get to Tanis first, then pursue other endeavors. Arismarne and Yaz accompany us on the river toward Tanis. Xim is accompanied by two bodyguards.

During the trip, guard rotation for the group is:

At 2:30am, Fareema sounds the alarm that she spies something moving toward us, and they are crocodiles.

Werecrocs on the River Nile!

PCs: Khamosis-Isis, Tomok-Nut, Ryder-Horus

In the midst of the night, Faeremma spots multiple crocodiles rise out of the water heading towards the Syros Swan and alerts Tomok who is the nearest to her.
Surprised but undaunted, the team on deck prepare for battle. Tomok roars, “Attack! Attack!!”
Strange as can be the crocodiles, change shape with hands and feet capable of climbing the ship. Multiple werecrocodiles climb onto the main deck, attempting to surround the team and the greek steerman.

Combat Begins:

Multiple werecrocodiles climb onto the Syros Swan and surround the current team onboard. Faremma is attacked by archer.

(log of combat highlights)
Werecrocs attack.
PC’s roll crap.
Our asses are handed to us.
By some f-ing miracle, we repel the attack.
Combat ends.

The werecroc leader yells “Baldarians surrender!”.
Khamosis-Isis replies from the ship “Go fuck yourself, Egyptians don’t surrender!”

Combat Ends

The bite wounds on Tomok-Nut, Blaze and Ryder-Horus have started oozing. They have contracted Lockjaw from the werecrocodiles

Welcome to Tanis!

The crew make to Tanis on the Syros Swan.

As Tanis comes into view, the city is dominated by the large pyramid in the top center of the city, which is very tall with statues of Ra on each of the four sides near the top.
If seen from the sky, the main boulevards outline a ankh shape with the Pyramid in the near center.

The Swan is escorted by an naval escort ship, to the merchant docks located to a inlet near the edge of the city south of the pyramid. The tax boat continued on toward the city center.

While gliding into port, we see many humans, egyptians, nubians, and slaves present and exotic cargo. We disembarked and were escorted through a bustling dock and shipping area. The lieutenant escorts the passengers of the Swan to Merchant HQ.

On entry report Rear Admiral Adom to obtain permission to enter the city.

When addressed by the Rear Admiral, a page enters, speaks to the lieutenant, who in turn speaks to Addom, who then informed Khamosis to report to the mages guild immediately after the meeting. Then, he informed the group that must agree to undertake a mission to find and recover a researcher from the Ruins of Zikon who went missing while investigating scarabs.
The deal was struck, and we were given three days in city before returning to Addom and beginning the mission. Khamosis headed for the mages guild while the others procured lodgings.
The following morning, Blaze and Tomok check out a local weapons shop to get Tomok a new Khopesh, in the afternoon Khamosis made another trip to the mages guild, during which he informed the guild of the deal with Addom, to which they took interest and asked to be kept abreast.

Prepping for the Journey

The Adventuring Crew
Khamosis-Isis, Blaze – Marc, Sub Par, [:tomok-nut | Tomok-Nut]], Ryder-Horus, Neraphi-Nut

The team decided to gear up for the adventure. Stopping in the Merchant section at Badrune’s Elements and Magus Procurements. A item store to procure some wondrous steeds.
Badrune had three Sandstone Camels (like Obsidian Steed).
He couldn’t understand Blaze’s language (greek) but eventually had tea with Subpar and negotiated a price for all three camels ($2,700).

Badrune also gave information about the area that the team was heading in. The team could encounter a ruined city of Nalthan. This city was once ruled by the traitor Sorceress Kesi the Red, half-sister of The Sun Pharoah, he brought use his divine power of the Sun to wipe the city from the sands. Rumored now that the city now appears at random in the desert, moves around, and disappears with no rhyme or reason.

Medjay Loman, the head security of the cavern that the team will be following informed the team that a Liontaur Tribe.

Desert Storm

After four days into the desert, the team saw the arrival of a desert storm.

They prepared for the store, Sub Par created the camp oasis and the others prepped. As the storm hit, it was vicious. Sub-Par’s Oasis eventually faded in the middle of the storm. Marc choked on the desert sand during the storm.

After the passing of the storm, the party immediately see a few Liontaurs observing them.

In coversation with them, Khamosis-Isis learns that the liontaurs want them to come to their nearby camp to meet their tribe’s shaman.

The party then followed the liontaurs to their camp. The camp of Tribe Nomsa has over 70 liontaurs in it.

The female liontaur shaman, FazaFire spoke to the party, and proposed rations and water for help finding her daughter.

From Scarab Heaven to Find Shiraz

After getting to the dig and analyzing the digsite/terrain. The party decided to forego the dig site and chase after the tracks moving away from the camp.

Began tracking, after 3 hours determined that the tracks were looked canine, but a humanoid gait.

The number of tracks increased from 6 to 10. After another hour, the party determined they are Gnoll tracks. Gnolls are strong, attack in packs, are fast, have their own bows.

After more tracking, the party got a glimpse of gnoll heads over the next knoll (pun intended). After cresting the hill, we came upon a circular arena with three 20ft tall braziers. Several gnoll melee fighters and archers were watching the sorcerer.

In the center was a small pyramid topped with an altar, on which a gnoll sorceror was in the middle of a ritual and a female elf was being pulled to the alter.

The party sprang to action, attempting to neutralize the sorceror. The female elf’s was stabbed be the sorcerer and her heart was ripped out. He was screaming, “Yeenoghu!!”. Ryder took shots at the sorcerer but the arrow would not penetrate the shield surrounding the sorcerer.

The party fought our way through the gnolls, several of which came back to life and had to be felled again. The sorcerer surrounded himself with some of the gnolls for defense it seemed. A hyena was dragging a limp female liontaur body to the sorcerer.

By the time the party cut down the fighters and archers on the lower level, the sorcerer had completed his ritual. The gnolls surrounding the sorcerer were ripped asunder into a bloody mist, when a Disicple of Yeenoghu appeared.

By this time, Shiraz (female liontaur) was being pulled to the altar but the protection sphere around the sorcerer went down. The party started to unleash on the alter, damaging the sorcerer and disciple. Sub-Par and Tomok were grabbed by huge dark fiery claws that came from the braziers.

The sorcerer began to retreat, disappearing from the area into the desert. The party was able to press their attack and kill the Disciple.

Soon after, four linotaur hunters came on the scene, dragging the now dead sorceror along with them. All in all, a successful fight.

Party Loot:

Scarab Conspiracy

After the rescue, the party settled just outside the Liontaur tribal home and prepare for their primary mission.
In preparation for the search, the team bartered the Tooth of Chaos Dagger for liontaur patrols of their encampment they planned to setup.

The team assembled at the edge of the depression to the Scarab Colony and climbed down to the entrance. Nearing the entrance, Khamosis summoned his shadow serpent for the forward search and sensed an out of phase presence. Pulling his planeshifter’s dagger, he saw a ghost appeared of a egyptian male dressed in nice adventuring garb at the entrance.

With hand gestures, the team was able to communicate with the ghost that his body was in the colony.

Beiro was able to ascertain tha the scarabs were in a pattern based on their duties and the team was able to move with little difficulty to large cavern where they located a set of ruins.

On arrival to the ruins, the team saw the post scenario of a fight outside of a tomb. The research team was attacked scarabs. Bodies were dismembered and some parts missing.

The ghost appeared leading the team into the tomb and to a antechamber. Two bodies were laid here. One body of the ghost and a nubian body in rogue gear.

.. more to come

Items Found

  • A six-inch metal box with symbols of Ptah inscribed on it
  • A leather?-bound six-inch square box
  • Two pairs of Silt Sandals
    - Owner: Blaze
    - Owner: Sub-Par
  • +2 Hidden Short Sword
    - Owner: Biero
  • Folding Sand Skiff
  • Within the tomb and searching bodies the team finds assorted art items rough guess worth: 32,000gp and 24pp and 60gp.
    - [19,000gp from art work +(24pp = 2400gp) + 60gp] = 27,460gp
    - 25,000gp use for another Folding Sand Skiff
  • Two Bags of Holding
    — Owners: Neraphi and Khamosis
  • Ostentatious Sapphire
    a pendant with a quarter-sized green sapphire
    +5 on defenses (fort, will, reflex, AC), Charisma Modifier is doubled.
    - ID cost for 1,200gp
    - Owner: Khamosis
  • Safewing Amulet +2
    +1 enhancement bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will, When falling, you reduce the distance fallen (for the purpose of calculating damage) by a 20 feet You always land on your feet after a fall.
    — Owner: Sub-Par
  • Sylvan Cloth Armor +2
    +2 to AC, Gain an +2 item bonus to Athletics checks and Stealth checks.
    — Owner: For Sale
  • Healer’s Brooch +3 – Owner: Neraphi
  • Force Quarterstaff +2
    +2 enhancement bonus to Attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical Damage is force damage
    Power (At-Will ✦ Force): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is force damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
    Power (Daily ✦ Force): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target is slided 1 square
    — Owner: Zanne
  • Cloak of Resistance +2 – Owner: Tomok
  • Defensive Mace +2
    A defensive weapon grants you a +2 bonus to AC while you wield the defensive weapon in one hand and wield another melee weapon in your other hand. Wielding more than one defensive weapon does not increase this bonus. To gain this benefit, you need not attack with the defensive weapon, but you must be proficient with it.
    — Owner: For Sale
  • View
    Elkridge Shrine

    Characters: Tomok and Zanne, Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par, Neraphi

    The team headed NE towards the coast to meet Sub-Par’s druidic trainer. On the road near a mining town named Elkridge, a dwarf leaving town passes the team informing them of earthquakes that have hampered the business at the town.
    As the discussion ended, a huge earthquake occurred causing some to loose their footing.
    The team headed to Elkridge. On arrival, they were introduced to the mayor who also is a guildmember of the Arcanum Chop’pai.
    It seems that the earthquakes have been happening and growing in strength over the past 3 months. Ley lines have appeared in the area during this timeframe also. The mayor had a device that could measure ley line growth which she was tied to the earthquakes.
    Viewing a map, three ley lines converged at one location.
    Through talking with some halfings, the team found out that yuan-ti could be in the area that the ley lines converged. Neraphi says they should check it out.

    The team identified the area also as a fey shrine for some Elk being. Yuan-Ti and Snaketongue beings were surrounding the shrine and seem to be in some preparation for a ritual.

    The team attacks and overcome the foes.

    Items Found:
    3 Picks
    3 Crossbows
    2 Khopeshs
    +2 Cold Iron Bracers
    +2 Retribution Khopesh (Tomok)

    Loot Found: Total Gold worth: 2,380 (/6 = 396.5gp each)
    • Fine Leather Ribbon set with Eye Agate
    • Lacquered Wooden Ring set with Turquoise
    • 3 x Small Bloodstone
    • 2 x Uncut Chalcedony

    Group decides to sell all

    On to Asi

    Party: Tomok and Zanne, Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par, Neraphi
    Items from last adventure:

    The group heads off to meet Akun-Nut in the City of Asi.

    As the team traveled towards Asi, in the afternoon of the second day of travel, they noticed a red glow and the sound of a lightning strike to the northeast. Movement and noise from that direction towards the team.

    Two large beast-type red glowing constructs come through the forest. Then they see another one with two firesoul genasi. One in armor, the other in robes. They attack the team.

    It is derived that the genasi are a organization called the Burned. Notorious for being all firesoul genasi and evil, even rumored to be demonically evil. The Burned use the constructs, the Anaxim Hounds as “tools”.

    During the combat, the two genasi are effected by a Sleep spell from Khamoss.

    The party appears to function fairly well under new leadership!

    The team take the Burned wizard as hostage.

    Big question: WTF! Why attack us?

    Encounter: Anaxim Scout Party


    • Ritual Scroll of Imprint Anaxim
    • +3 Content Not Found: flaming Falchion to Zanne
    • +2 Content Not Found: flaming Dagger to Biero
    • Silver Pieces: 345, 57.5 sp per player
    • Hide Armor (non-magical) to Tomok

    The team investigated the location where they saw the red flash. It appears from the tracks that at least two other groups of Burned are wandering the area!

    The team immediately head to Asi. The city has like 30,000 in population and its main port of commerce. A lot of genasi – earth, water, air and fire live in Asi.

    The city is run by a queen and 4 regent’s – one for each element…


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