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  • Arcanum Chop'pai

    * Guild Leader: Grand Magus of Knowledge Akila (Affiliation: Thoth) * High Magus of War: Cleopatra Tire (Affiliation:Isis) * High Magus of the Mystical Arts: [[:sahepe-sonrean | Sahepe Sonrean]] (Affiliation: Isis) * High Magus of Architects: [[Busara …

  • Badrune's Elements and Magus Procurements

    This merchant shop is primarily used to procure products by spellcasters. Owner: [[:badrune | Badrune]] Location: Tanis Merchant Quarter Chop'pai Arcanum Members with a Faction Rank of 5 get 10% discount on certain items.

  • Circle of Protection

    *Circle of Protection* CoP Level 5 Ritual (Arcana) Sustain CoP: Standard Action, if assisted, Minor Action The Circle of Protection is a basic defensive spell that increases in power according to the spellcaster's level. * Circle Level = ( …

  • Badrune

    Owner/Merchant of [[Badrune's Elements and Magus Procurements | Badrune's Elements and Magus Procurements]]

  • Sorceress Kesi the Red

    This very powerful baldarian female sorceress was hungry for power and wanted to rule the Baldarian Empire. She planned an assassination of the Pharoah but it failed. In retaliation, The [[:pharoah | Sun Pharoah]] destroyed [[Nalthan]] to make her an …

  • Sahepe Sonrean

    Sahepe Sonrean is a white bearded baldarian man. He is regal in his simplicity, a grandfatherly type of older gentleman who garners the respect of his students. Sonrean is an avid reader and can always be found carrying a few books and his companion cat “ …

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