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  • Tanis

    Capitol City of the Egyptian Nation of [[Baldari]] Leader: Pharoah Nekhen Been the Pharoah for the last 250 years. Tall haughty man with an aura of command. Speaks only in High Egyptian. He has the Royal Voice that speaks to the people. Married to …

  • Viton

    Named after a egyptian barbarian hero who slew [[Delgara]], Abomination of [[Set]]. *Town's Deity*: Nut *Leader*: ?? Population: 2,800 (99% Human, 1% Other) Item Level: 5 River town Main industry: fishing, farming, carpentry, and husbandry …

  • Werecrocodile

      • Baldari

        * "*Continent Map of Baldari*":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/rusta/maps/20165 Leadership * Ruler: Pharoah Nekhen * Vizier Neferset * Primarch of the East: High Paladin Honsi * Primarch of the West: Master Utmor * Primarch of the North: …

  • Asi

    !(media-item-align-center)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/110468/AsiView001.png(Asi view001)! Current Ruler: [[Queen Arathane]] "City Map":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/rusta/maps/28654 *Government* * The queen is a windsoul …

  • Kawa

    Ocean Shore village. Named after a famed fisherman. Village's Deity: [[Church of Nut | Nut]] Population: 900 (99% Human, 1% Other) Item Level: 2 Main industry: fishing, farming, carpentry, and husbandry. Regional Nomarch: [[:sub-par | Amon …

  • Social Hierarchy of Baldari

    The pharaoh, the Egyptian king, is the top of Egyptian society. He is the embodiment of power and authority and the son of the god, Ra. The pharaoh exercises divine right. He is the head of the bureaucracy, religion, the military and society. He is …

  • Levant

    Built among the ruins of the ancient troll kingdom called Vardar, the town of Levant is a trade outpost that lies at the confluence of two rivers. Village's Deity: [[Church of Ra | Ra]] Population: 1700+ Humans: 95%, Elves : 1%, Half-Elves: 5%, …

  • Neraphi-Nut

    Hometown: [[Viton]] Married to [[:memphis | Memphis]] Beliefs * Nut is the Mother of Ra and Life to the Land. She gives us knowledge to help her people grow. It is always her purpose to help in this endeavor. Instincts * She will react as soon …

  • Tomok-Nut

    *Current Tax Rate: 35%* - Living Monolith [-5%] - Last Updated: 3/18/2013 - Paid 53997gp

    *Roleplaying Points: 3* - Last Updated: 6/1/2013
    *Social Status: ??* Tomok is the first and only son of Cherek and Ikareen, his father and mother …

  • Khamosis-Isis

    *Current Tax Rate: 35%* - Guild Member of the Arcanum Chop-ppai [-5%] - Last Updated: 3/18/2013

    *Roleplaying Points: 4* - Last Updated: 3/18/2013
    Khamose (18) - is the only son born to his family of 7. His 4 sisters, Semna (25) - …

  • Amon-Nut

    *Current Tax Rate: 30%* - Nomarch [-10%]

    *Roleplaying Points: 4* - Last Updated: 6/1/2013
    *Social Status: 10* *Favored of Nut* Feat: Adds +4 to Insight

  • Memphis

    *Current Tax Rate: 25%* - Clergy of Ra [-5%] - Church of Ra Faction Point >= 10 [-5%] - Married to Egyptian Clergy [-5%]

    *Roleplaying Points: 6* [Max] - Beliefs of Team Members [+1] - Last Updated: 3/18/2013
    *Social Status: 9* …

  • Pharoah Nekhen

    Family: Wives: * * Sons * High Paladin Nemosi * * * Daugthers * [[Princess Atitesh]] * [[Princess Sudaha]] * [[Princess Nefereti]]

  • Badrune

    Owner/Merchant of [[Badrune's Elements and Magus Procurements | Badrune's Elements and Magus Procurements]]

  • Sorceress Kesi the Red

    This very powerful baldarian female sorceress was hungry for power and wanted to rule the Baldarian Empire. She planned an assassination of the Pharoah but it failed. In retaliation, The [[:pharoah | Sun Pharoah]] destroyed [[Nalthan]] to make her an …

  • Amras Elensar

    He has long gray hair and bright blue eyes. He wears cloth armor and wields a staff and dagger.

  • Djetefi

    Social Status 11 Son of the Western Nomarch. Djetefi has straight blackhair and amber eyes, and numerous unusual tattoos. He wields a greatkhopesh. Has three sets of bracers, one made of adamantite.

  • Lord Fada

    Blessed of the Pharoah Son of the Vizier Rescuer of the Druid Akun-Nut Explorer of Nalthan Destroyer of the Greater Mummy-Lord Tanith

  • Tetakhue

    Tetakhue has black hair and brown eyes, and is elegant in appearance. Tetakhue is well-spoken and wise

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