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  • Church of Nut

    h3. Lesser Deity, Goddess of Fertility, Nature and Fate


    Hometown: [[Viton]] Married to [[:memphis | Memphis]] Beliefs * Nut is the Mother of Ra and Life to the Land. She gives us knowledge to help her people grow. It is always her purpose to help in this endeavor. Instincts * She will react as soon …

  • Druid Vonya Telshar

    Vonya spent many years in the service of her god, never marrying and always seen in the temple. She is very arrogant about her church. She doesn't put up with any other clergyman from other temples, except from the church of Ra.

  • Tetakhue

    Tetakhue has black hair and brown eyes, and is elegant in appearance. Tetakhue is well-spoken and wise

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