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  • Spellcasters

    * *Spell Tomes* and *Ritual Scrolls* are considered magical when created by magic user.

  • Faction Points

    FP are generated when a user or team creates or is part of a significant event for the Faction. FP can be lossed also with negative events. FP are used in any dealings with a faction and can also lead to faction specific benefits and items if you are …

  • Feats

    This list will include any changes to feats and new feats. * [[Attune Spell Focus]] * [[Baldarian Shield Master]] * [[Baldarian Bow Shield Master]] * [[Baldarian Bracers Mastery]] * [[Baldarian Chariot Mastery|Baldarian Chariot Master]] * [[ …

  • Familiars

    Books Allowed: Heroes of the Feywild Heroes of the Elemental Chaos Dark Sun Arcane Power

  • Character Creation

    *Stats* Roll 4d6, drop lowest die roll for each of the six stats. Rolling four 6s equals a 19. *Stat Limitations* * Mortal statistics are limited to 23. * Deities are limited to 25. *Races* * Select one of the [[Races | allowed races]]. * …

  • Equipment Slots

    Increase in the number of items per Slot Arms: Bracers (Arm and Wrist) are allowed. Ring: Four rings are allowed. All slots are negotiable as long as it is reasonable.

  • Disease Infection Rule

    Infection: When you are exposed to a disease, you risk becoming infected. If you are infected, you suffer the initial effect of the disease and begin to move on the disease track. Monster Attacks: Make a saving throw at the end of the your turn. If the …

  • Item Identification

    * Trained Arcane Skill Check * DC: 10 + Item level * Duration: Takes 1 hour per item * Residuium Cost: 10gp of Residium per item level * Lesser Work: x10 * Greater Work: x100 * Artifact: x1000

  • Rituals

    Rituals are complex ceremonies that create magic effects. You don’t memorize or prepare a ritual; a ritual is so long and complex that no one could ever commit the whole thing to memory. To perform a ritual, you need to read from a book or a scroll …

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