Character Creation

Roll 4d6, drop lowest die roll for each of the six stats.
Rolling four 6s equals a 19.

Stat Limitations

  • Mortal statistics are limited to 23.
  • Deities are limited to 25.



Social Status
Roll 1d12 to determine characters social status.

Roll Description Example
01-02 Poverty Beggar
03-04 Lower Middle Class Servant
05-07 Middle Class Merchant
08-09 Upper Middle Class Wealth Merchant
10-11 Very Wealthy Polician
12-12 Royalty King, Baron, Duke

On a roll of 12, re-roll. The second roll will determine where in the royalty class you will be.

1-5 Sixth heir to a Barony
6-9 First heir to a Dukedom
10-11 Second heir to the throne
12 First heir to the throne

Note : If a character has rolled a specialty race, the race may help determine the social status.

There is no common language on Rusta.
Characters know the native language of their race or land they come from.

  • Baldari: Egyptian
  • Milenia: Greek
  • Elves: Elven
  • Abyssal: Demons, gnolls, sahuagin, Barazhad *
  • Giant: giants ogres
  • Orc: Orcs, goblins
  • Goblin: Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, formorian
  • Dwarven
  • Fey *
  • Primordial: Efreets, archons, elementals *
  • Supernal: Angels, Sphinx *
  • Infernal: devils *
  • Deep Speech: Mind flayers, githyanki, kuo-toas

Beliefs and Instincts
Create your Beliefs to try and emphasize developing stories and character backgrounds.
I found when playing Burning Wheel that the belief system was pretty cool. I am working on writing beliefs for NPCs as a way of reminding myself and fine-tuning their motivations. This is optional for you as a player.

Burning Wheel beliefs have two parts: ideology and action. I believe this, and therefore I’m going to do that. Avoid abstract beliefs like “God is good” unless you can work that into how you act in a scene. A better belief is, “Everyone should know that God is good, so I’m going to try and work God’s goodness into every conversation.” This belief is open ended - it never resolves. That’s okay, but I would only allow one belief like that for a PC. The other beliefs would need tangible goals. Like this one: “King Kastagar has forgotten what everyone should know, that God is good. So I’m going to go tell him!”
(If you want a longer primer on Burning Wheel beliefs, here’s a link:

Character Creation

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