Church of Isis

Sacred Animal: Vulture, Kite (bird)

Greater Deity, Goddess of Magic and Marriage, Mistress of Enchantment, Lady of All Love

Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: Ankh and star
Sacred Animal:
Divine Artifacts: Tyet Amulet
Divine Domains: Good, Magic, Family

Isis can fly and communicate with other members of the Pharoahic pantheon. Her voice charms those that hear it, and her will can stun those around her. She can harm her enemies with a simple touch. Those who have known love of another cannot harm the Lady of all Love.

Dogma: Isis is a woman of even temper and great dedication. She is regal and noble deit who is eager to share the knowlegde of the gds with humanity and often goes to a great lengths to introduce her worpshipers to new concepts and ideas.

Isis’s portfolio can at times overlap with other egyptian deities. While Thoth is a god of magic tending to theortical and practical forms and neutral based wizards. Isis serves the good-based wizards.
As Isis is seen more as a wife and symbol of family. While Nut is seen as the mother and nuturer.

Traditional Allies: Horus, Nut, Ra
Traditional Foes: Set, Sebek

Clergy and Temples
Clerics of Isis typically wear a white linen dress with sandals. They usually wear a wig over shaved heads, and paint three blue circles on their forehead as a symbol of their status as a priest.

Main Temple: Tanis

  • High Priest: Isieket Athris

Clergy Alignments: LG, NG, CG
Favored Weapon: Staff
Favored Race: Human
Favored Worshipers: Cleric, Arcane Spellcasters, Druid, Bard
Favored of Isis: Allows the character to move option to Fly.

Associated Groups:
Shield of the Lady: These spellcasters join and assist the adventuring companies that operate within Baldari.

Church of Isis Faction Point Rewards

Church of Isis

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