Church of Set

Lord of Evil, Defiler of the Dead, Lord of Carrion, Father of Jackals, Brother of Serpents, Outcast of the Gods, King of Malice

Set by el grimlock

  • Status: Greater Deity
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Symbol: A Coiled Cobra
  • Sacred Animal:
  • Divine Artifacts: Spear of Darkness
  • Divine Domains: Air, Darkness, Evil, Hatred, Law, Magic

He typically appears as a baldarian man possessing the head of a jackal and finely scaled skin. He wears a white, gray, or black robe, collar, and bracers.

Set is the son of Geb and Nut, and brother of Osiris. He considers the other members of the Pharaonic Pantheon to be his enemies, though he has been known to ally with Sebek on occasion.
However, his actions outside the Pantheon have drawn unwanted attention, and other evil deities all seek to claim Set’s power for themselves.

Dogma: Priests of Set are charged to destroy the priesthoods of Ra, Horus and Set to bring Set to his rightful place as the Pharoah of Egypt and to spread the cult of Set throughout the planes. They are to sacrifice both wealth and sentients to him.
Initiates to the faith are taught that the ends justify the means, and life is a struggle to be won by the powerful and the ruthless. Loyalty to one’s comrades is admirable so ling as it advances the cause of Set, and that in that end, when Set accedes to his rightful throne, those that have served him well will be justly rewardsd.

Symbolof set

Allies: Sebek, Vecna
Foes: Ra, Anubis, Horus, Isis, Thoth, Osiris (dead)

Clergy and Temples
The clergy of Set is composed of evil beings from any ethnicity. These individuals spend much of their time overseeing the actions of criminals and grave robbers, as well as planning the overthrow of the current government of Baldari. The Test of Venom: This ceremony is performed by any follower of Set wishing to become a member of the clergy, and involves walking among poisonous vipers or scorpions.
Clerics and other clergy in service to Set wear linen skirts, sandals, and collar. These individuals don headdresses over shaved heads. When preparing for battle they dress appropriately for the situation, but prefer equipment that features a prominent snake motif.
Clerics of Set pray for spells at night.
Temples dedicated to Set are usually subterranean, and always hidden.
The clergy of Set sponsors numerous bands of thieves and other criminals.
Prefer to control undead.

Worship of Set is rare in Baldari, but his influence continually grows on the Gloomside of Rusta.


Celebrations and Festivals
The church of Set recognizes no specific holy days.

Clergy Alignments: LE, LN, NE
Favored Weapon: Spear
Favored Race: Human, Medusa, Yuan-Ti
Favored Worshipers: Assassins, Clerics, Paladins, Rogues, Wizards
Favored Worshipers gain the Favored of Set feat.


  • Reconsecration Ritual
    The Reconsecration is a ceremony that perverts an existing tomb or crypt, transforming it into a shrine dedicated to the Defiler of the Dead.

Church of Set

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