The Tau'ri

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Based in Viton

Motto: “By our words and by our deeds shall we be known”

Group Deeds:

  • Wander of the Dark Fey
  • Star Spyder Slayer
  • Desecrator of the Abyssal Shrine of Yeenoghu
  • Explorer of Nalthan
  • Butcher of Minions of Kyuss
  • Entomber of the Pharaoh Kalipha
  • Executioner of the mummy Lord Terman-Set
  • Reviver of Living Monoliths
  • Slaughterer of Skurvy Skaven
  • Minor Human Death Rune Survivor
  • Warren Troll Slayers

Members of the Tau’ri:

  • Memphis – Leader
  • Amon-Nut
  • Tomok
  • Neraphi-Nut (retired)
  • Female Grey Elf
  • Darius
  • Alara of Armant
  • Biero (unknown)

The Tau'ri

Rusta 5E Dreadstar