The Trinket Lord


  • Report from Herashoo says a fox approached them and wanted the Tau’ri to find them.


  • Information from Lasarie is that there is a powerful fey named Tuxil, a gnome, who has dealings throughout the fey. He may have the information you need. But he will always ask for something in trade. He can be found at ‘Hovel of Hansels’, an entrance is near the formorian city of Vor-Kath in the Shadowfell.
  • Arismarne, will voice that he has heard of this being. The Trinket Lord, and that he has seen as a fox. Arismarne indicates that he has always wanted to talk to this being but has never found him. Supposedly a entrance to the Hovel is near Massos in The Krag. Across the Last Hold Bridge from Massos, in Vor-kath, there is a ancient vampire named Cree Dawn may know the location.

The Trinket Lord

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