Named after a egyptian barbarian hero who slew Delgara, Abomination of Set.

Town’s Deity: Nut

Leader: ??

Population: 2,800 (99% Human, 1% Other)
Item Level: 5
River town
Main industry: fishing, farming, carpentry, and husbandry.

Regional Nomarch: Amon-Nut


Notable Locations:

  • The Drunken Bowl : Bar/Lodge
  • The Pilgrim’s Alehouse : Commoner Bar
  • The Red Purse: Adventurer bar.
  • Temple of Nut

Notables Groups/Persons

  • Conru-Nut: Captain of the Guard, Barbarian
  • Chenzra Falo – Scribe/Merchant – DEAD
  • Apprentice Scribe: Xim – MISSING
  • Dockmaster Hathos
  • Bilwa: Child ‘Concierge’
  • The Tau’ri: Adventuring Group
  • The Vision of Horus: Adventuring Guild Center

Nomarch Edicts


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