Rusta 5E

CSI: Wellspring
back in wellspring

Location: Harrow Wood Half-Orc Village
Vaymeer and some of his boys run the Tua’ri out of town… Zunga comes up says good-bye to Alara. She says to Amon-nut “my daughter will meet you outside of town.”

An hour outside of town – the group see a female half-orc standing on the side of the road waiting. Vaymeer see’s her first and he stops. She looks at Amon-nut and motions him away from the group. “my mother convinced me I should talk to you.” she still wants to know where the mane was found. Amon-nut again describes where he found the mane. He describes the Dark fey… she asks what else was found there. He tells her of the seed of life…. She wants more details and asks if someone else can tell her of the events. Amon-nut invites Memphis into the conversation.

She looks at Memphis strangely -“you have been touched, something very wrong…” She smells it on Memphis. Memphis gives an account of what happen to the group in the Dark Fey, Star Spyder, silver sphere etc. She wants a detailed description of the fey door, Memphis pulls out the drawings the group made. She knows where the door, where door it is.

Have we been to the fey wild she asks? The fey wild is always around us, parallel to us. Like lay lines asks Memphis? Where did you see those she asks. Elkridge.

Memphis can only cure himself by going to the fey wild – water from a certain lake there (name of lake TBD). Most fey will not like you at all – seeing your taint they will want to kill you. You will be perceived as an aberration…

Lay lines are – they mean there is a gateway to the fey world close by… she knows of elkridge…

She thanks us for the information – good luck on your travels.

Note: Life mate is not the same as husband…

The Tau’ri continue to Wellspring -

Cyrus employed the storm crows… to recover the Tear.

The Tau’ri see smoke coming from the city! Closer to the entrance now there is smoke from the Guild district. Approaching from the south the town guards stop us. “were you the ones who went to the forlorn tower?” yes… a guard runs off go get the sheriff. An hour later the sheriff appears “good afternoon Egyptians” constable Harras. Description: Tall, thickset, and sporting a bristling black mustache, Harras is a plain human male. He wears a chain shirt beneath a heavy blue cloak. His steel brooch-a roaring bear-serves as his badge of office. Armed with a longsword and club, he looks like he can hold his own in a fight.

He says there is a problem in town…. His forces are spread thin and would like our assistance. People are going missing in town and that the town guard can’t fix it. The people in town think they are taking too much time… People just going missing… the smoke is from rioters. People from all stations go missing – merchants, poor district… no common thread. We can investigate ourselves. The Tau’ri are deputized… all given a gold star to wear in town.

Harras will have a person escort us to the scenes of the crime… “billy” he can tell us this… different places – in each case no sign of forced entry – maybe a fight there – but all types of people have gone missing. Even a priest of Apollo. The Count is meeting with his men and told the constable to investigate. He’s lost men on watch even. Finding people butchered in alley and streets… abominations… Master Aven asked and Crotus (he’s missing too) Aven hasn’t got back to them… we are given a list of locations to check out.

The Tau’ri go to the Blue Plate to get rooms. People are startled when they walked in to the bar – whispers that indicate they think the bad things started when they came to town. 10gp a night for a room! Amon-nut negotiates for a lower price! 5gp a night…

Cyrus is at the hotel shanta’s headed to. The red rooster

Evening at the blue plate and the group waits until the morning to start its investigations.

Darius attempts to talk to his Hydra Armor… he asks the armor is it comes off in any way or becomes less conspicuous – a whisper snake like voice comes back and says “I am you.” – came off the last one – “he had no life, you are warm…” the rest of the group hears squeaking from the armor and see’s the armor skin ripple…

Second watch and there is a commotion out in the street – a scream! The party gears up to go investigate… in the town square – scream comes from the NW corner of the map.

Out of the shadows stumbles a vaguely humanoid monstrosity with multiple barbed tentacles twitching where its limbs should be. Its face is a twisted knot of skin and sinew wrapped around a drooling, fang-filled maw. It moans as it pulls itself forward, its intent clear in the numerous insane eyes staring out from its dripping head.

Darius runs up to kill it amid the dead bodies and carnage its already ravaged… the wellspring horror after a tentacle hits Reth causes him to redirect all his attacks onto Darius.

After its dead the blood in the surrounding area congeals and disappears… (into the earth?) its definitely an aberration…

People in town see the Tau’ri and think they caused the fight in the alley way.

Any trail? None we can find…

Back in their rooms at the Blue Plate, Alara says there is something not right in this town – it feels exactly like the tower…

The next morning military patrols from the castle appear in the area – they are in force/pushing riders in the square outside the square…

Darius/Amon-nut – go to Crotus’ Place – guards at the door, they enter to look around. There was a struggle here – spell damage is evident. Something went down in here… searching they find some shimmer black cloth – out of place – possibly ripped during the combat. Unknown material. For sure attacked by an aberrant creature – amon-nut can tell from the combat in the area.

Darius talks to is and it says it came from “darkness – always darkness” wizard went “darkness”

Memphis/Reth – go to Aven’s Place – entering his home Aven says that the Fortress – used to be a place of Ioun worshippers there but it seems that in their seeking of knowledge they were convinced to push knowledge to “far realm” and changed their name to Kaorti… that Tower was one of their bases. This happen a long time ago… the temple in town came up here after that. There is a statue in middle of town – Estered a seeker of knowledge – his tomb is supposed to be there – he thinks under it is where his laboratory was!

Asked about the cataclysm – there have been several he says – he knows nothing of them other than that were we’re multiples

In the town square the military is building a structure for a dwarf who started the riots… Durgen is his name. he is hung… despite Memphis’ attempts

Too many people in the town square after the hanging, the Tau’ri have to wait for the town folk to clear before we start searching the statue for a secret door. Back in our room we talk about Darius and Amon-nut show the group what they found – the material is charged negatively – probably comes from the gloom side. Was found in Crotus’ room – seemed out of place.

The Tau’ri get a message – the boy wants payment – Darrius pays him 10sp! Anything else you need sir! Then he runs off!

The message is from Shantira – “having fun at the red rooster stop by sometime.”

The group heads over while the town square is still being cleaned. The inn is on the far east side of town.

Tall, blocky, and heavyset, Mag has red hair around a ruddy face. Hard blue eyes and a tight set to her lips give her an unwelcoming appearance. She owns the inn. Shantira and Denva are at a table. So Cyris is here. He’s in a room but we need your expertise at talking to him. We’re talking about the priest she says in response to Darius saying he’d talk to him. No information on elomire… he is not here anymore Shantira says.

Cyrus is in his room – we following them – Mag looks up at us all but doesn’t say anything. Denva open the door and the smell of decay greets the party. Seated in a chair in the center of the chamber is a dry corpse in gray robes. Its head is deflated, sagging forward, chin resting on its chest. The top of the skull reveals four jagged holes as if something burrowed into it. An open archway leads to a secondary chamber, probably the bedroom.

Mind-flayer in town. He’s been dead for weeks. The storm crows were at the tower for at least 4-5 weeks. This whole building has a magical aura to repel offensive odors – they never knew what was in here. He paid for his room in advance and asked not to be disturbed.

Speak with dead. 5 questions… he was a wizard. No spellbook – a potion in a drawer… nothing else in the room. Not a robbery…

Memphis Casts speak with dead – The corpse twitches, and its head lifts. It fixes on you with its milky eyes, as if daring you to question it.

1) Where is the Tear of Ioun?
a. The storm crows were supposed to bring it back
2) Where is mind-flayer based?
a. Beyond your reach (sarcastic) that fuckers underground
3) What else is underground?
a. Sewers
4) How are these aberration creatures moving back and forth between the far realm
a. I have no clue
5) Where is the storm crows money for payment?
a. Hidden outside of town – he gives a location
6) Who hired you to get the tear?
a. Malichi

Shantira and Denva – the Tau’ri can find them in the adventurers quarter in Messos. They leave town.

Note: Elven hair is splendid looking – magical – it is one of the sources of Residium… the daughter of the pharo’s grey elf slave was bald…

Memphis is able to find the secret door at the base of the statue. They decide to wait until Alara and Tomok are back before proceeding into the passage.

Merchants tell the Tau’ri they are closed when we try to walk in and sell loot. They see our badges…

A few other locations for the group to explore

Sewers grates – some grates are broken – from foundation they were connected to. Darius pulls open the grates – something black flys up and past darius as he opens the grate. glossy black stone bears a complex sigil etched on its surface. Sigil – reminds Memphis of a gem found in Kawa. The one that opened a “door” that doppelgangers fled through…

Darius asks how the black stone works – it doesn’t answer…

Memphis sticks it in a pouch for right now… “Blackgate Rune”

An Alley – bodies found here: in this area – the attack patterns are always originate from darkness…

A house – a male victim was here: near the low district – find some bone knives – similar to the mangler foul spawn we fought 2d4 bone daggers very sharp! The door to this house was kicked in from the alley

Another house in the guild district – searching the room we see something under the bed… Coils of darkness writhe across this fist-sized silvery orb’ surface. Through it, you can see a shadowy world that mimics your surroundings.

Encounter begins… the party hears voices Reth understands one as saying “maybe you left it here…” said in darkspeech

Inside the Tower

After a night of rest the group prepares spells and exits the cave heading to the tower door…

Statues made of black stone flank the path towards the door – each has a sword, the face bent low hiding their features, hands on the pommels, point buried in the ground, three are knocked down – 5 still stand (8 in total)

A faint magic aura of transmutation lingers about these statues… the mouths of each of these statues is open with a small depression in there… a Symbol of Ioun, this type of symbol can be used to animate statues possibly to defend the tower the group surmises. The aura is so faint as to not be effective anymore…

The building was made using dark stone, the walls are sagging and eroding in places – but climbable… the double heavy iron doors are closed – Darrius opens a door. Its dark inside and a horrible stench emerges… everything is covered with filth! Another set of iron doors at the end. A huge humanoid creature covered in filth sits to the left of the next set of doors. Tomok determines that the filth is bat guano.

Tomok steps in the room and the humanoid turns and swings at him! As he stands the bat guano flakes off him and he has a greenish tint to his skin and the eyes glow green! Then from the ceiling we hear bats stirring… a large swarm of them.

The doors in the back open revealing a male dwarf in leather armor with kurki’s – one in each hand! He gives a maniacal laugh – his eyes popping out of his head and float in front of his face while thick blue drools leaks out of the side of his mouth! He’s been warped or mutated… he also wears a bandoleer of shrunken…

New Cleric Spell: Remove Affliction

Arcane Check by Memphis: this creature is a Flesh Golem – it can see in dark, highly damage resistance except admantium, resistant to a lot of elements! Normally the eyes don’t glow; this one has been enhanced!

Memphis asks the group is try and subdue the dwarf for questioning. Darius in the heat of battle replies, “It’s a dwarf, less than a whole person! I’m going to kill it!”

The bats are actually Stirges! They attack Darius… two latch onto him and start sucking!

Tomok swings and crits the Golem pinning his left foot to the ground causing 3dW damage per round!

The golem the returns tit for tat by critically punching Tomok in the chest! His chest caves with the massive blow!

Darius beats on the dwarf (Garen) his final blow a critical ripping out his guts as he falls dead to the floor.

Amon-nut moves his moon beam on top of the stirges which had engulfed tomok damaging the whole lot of them!

Garen: Master work thieves tools, dirty leather armor, (12) shrunken of cold iron (Reth), bag of gems (840gp), adamantine kurki +2 – its magical (Darius) and has the symbol of a storm crow engraved on it.

The loot the group has gathered thus far is attached to Tomok as we dare not risk sticking them in bags of holding.

The group spends too much time healing and is ambushed by 3 grimlocks… killed they move on.

Empty room to the SW, looks like there was fighting that happen in here, blood stains. A few dead bodies… grimlocks. The party make their way East from the SW most room. Another room that looks as though it housed initiates… there is a big wide cleft in the floor – lots of debris in the room. The walls glisten with slim. Entering the room Darius sees nothing. Initiative – Grick attack (8ft long ~200lbs – except the huge one)! Out of the chasm appears a lump of flesh with many eyes a mouth screeching and babbling (Raving Cyst)! The Cyst hits Darius and he starts bleeding…
Tomok is grabbed by the alpha by three tentacles and is pulled towards its maw!
Darius bursts and small teeth explode from his body – REF saves…

The alpha grick grappled tomok and started to flee with him! Tomok after many rounds makes a STR check and after 50ft or so finally breaks free!

The creatures are slain – the wizard blew his wad, the party needs to rest…

In the first room silver icon – Holy Symbol of Ioun 8 amethyst surrounded by a sapphire – is magical, placed in saddlebags of holding.

Other rooms – nothing yet… the group would need to spend more time searching…

The party casts lullaby and rests for an hour in the SW room.

The group moves to the NW corner of the tower past crumbling steps, slick with spray from the nearby waterfall, climb around a wide stone pillar, ascending through the ceiling. Bits of stone and masonry litter every surface, and tiny spiders with various deformities or strange glowing bodies crawl through the shadows. Rushing and roaring, water spills down from an upper floor, crashing to a pool formed where the floor of the tower once was. Rubble piles form small islands in the churning pool. The water runs out through a massive hole in the wall, which offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. Interior walls here are in various states of collapse.

Proceeding down a hallway with several doors the group suddenly finds itself surrounded as the doors open revealing yet more grimlocks! The door to the left of Memphis opens revealing a female, obviously the grimlocks’ commander, is dressed as one would expect for a sword-wielding knight. Her eyes are wide as if she is horrified. Clear slime oozes from her skin, glistening on her plate armor and shield.

Memphis determines that the warrior is sick and attempts to cure her during the battle in hopes of if not reducing their foes by one at least gaining an ally! She deftly avoids Memphis’ curing touch in battle however leaving him no choice but to use a hold person on her first.

Throughout the fierce battle (and the whimpering of warriors needing healing) the group mets out several criticals to their opponents! Alara proves he is as competent with a bow as with spells by instantly killing a grimlock! (20/20)

Memphis engages warrior for information after the battle. Everything is good until Darius attempts to move behind her – she is now leery of the group and hesitant to speak. Memphis tries to calm everyone down but Darius goes straight the core intimidating her to answer my questions (natural 20 skill check). Darius harbors no kindness towards the greeks…

Denva speaking greek says the tear was stolen. She has been here about 3 months she reckons. She wants to know what happen to the dwarf… he’s dead unfortunately. Elomir is above here – they all came here for the tear. Klause, elomir and shantaira (garen the rogue – dead) The tear is gone, unknown who and where it went. They came here at cyri’s request. And were twisted by the tear… the remainder of her group. Elomir is sending creatures to attack the city. Memphis tells Denva we’ll try and save the others of her party. Darius is of the opinion that we should just kill them outright… (This discuss continues throughout the tower. Memphis constantly reminds the group not to kill but save the stormcrows. In the end only Denva and Shantaira were saved…)

Cyris – a merchant in town, paid the Stormcrows to bring the Tear back to him.

Denva says she will wait for the group in the NW corner of the tower where we found her. She will not venture further with the group. (eventually the group finds that she didn’t wait and left… I guess in retrospect if you were threatened by foreigners would you stay?)

Resting up Memphis talks to Alara about metering out his spells, don’t blow your load in every fight.

Exploring the NE corner of the tower the group is met with a rushing and roaring, as water spills down from an upper floor, crashing to a pool formed where the floor of the tower once was. Rubble piles form small islands in the churning pool. The water runs out through a massive hole in the wall, which offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. Interior walls here are in various states of collapse. In the distance a rocky plinth juts up from the ravine. A few gnawed old bones suggest that something lived here long ago. Nestled in a nearby crevice are large egg-shaped orbs with black, violet, and green shells. Alara becomes obsessed with the eggs and has visions of himself riding a dragon… Memphis believes everything here is corrupted. Nothing good can come from those eggs…

The group moves up to the second floor. Coming up through the floor, the group finds itself in a square chamber. Archways in the center of each wall open into wide corridors and more rooms. Standing in each corner, flanking each arch, is a thick square pillar that extends from floor to ceiling. To the north, though broken walls, water spills into this chamber from the falls.

This square chamber has three exits-two single doors and a set of double doors. The double doors are metal of some sort, perhaps bronze or gold, but a thick layer of grime hides the truth. A whiff of decay reaches you from the doors.

The group hears giggling coming from beyond the double doors, followed by a wet sound…

Opening the doors the smell of death hits the group. Three tables stand in this room. Bones and viscera, dissected bits of tentacles, eyes, and other body parts are heaped on two and the floor below them. Standing over a dead grimlock on the center table is a gaunt human wearing a tattered hide armor covered with bits of hair and blood. His eyes bulge, and a black-toothed smile stretches wide across his dirty face. Klaus tears flesh from the corpse, and he cackles with glee. “Hah! Frrresh meat!” he says.

The group finds that Klaus has a keeper, a fat wormlike creature as big as a horse clings to the ceiling. It has a fanged maw, dripping gore and spittle. Bony spurs jut from its bruise-colored hide, and five tentacles whip out toward you.

Klaus has the symbol of Aries on him, his special ability “retribution” and the fact that he was slowly healing himself during the fight made him a difficult foe! Darius lays prone unconscious on the floor with a sever critical to his leg! Fighting an individual with retribution – he gets an equal number of attacks targeted back at his foe in addition to his own attacks. Spell casters suffer the same fate as the targeted spell. In retro spec the best attacks would be area of effect…

The Balhannoth was a formidable foe as well – his ability to teleport/phase shift (unsure what) and stun the group required the group to move without giving him space to appear. His tentacle attacks on prone individuals caused much grief. In the end this creature escaped not before Alara cast a Feeblemind on it reducing its INT and WIS to a 3 permanently!

We find on Klaus MW long and short sword, tough hide armor (dark green hide) made from a hydra…

Pondering the hydra armor and finding no other explanation for how Kalus was healing himself the group dresses Darius in his armor. It attunes to Darius and his leg is regenerated in the morning after 8hrs of sleep! That night Reth tells Memphis that Alara is watching him as he sleeps… Alara has constantly been asking for the staff that whispers. Its evil… Memphis will not let him look or touch it!

Amon-nut ritually casts Wall of Stone providing a barricade in the SW corner of the second floor of the tower and the party rests.

The party moves to the eastern portion of the tower now, the floor crumbles beneath the force of the waterfall. It washes away the ceiling and floors one stone at a time, sending them tumbling down into the ravine. A hideous creature like a bipedal dinosaur stands in the NE, its large, strange ears flicking back and forth, sensitive for sounds. Its eyeless head lifts in your direction, revealing a tubular, fang-lined mouth.

Adventurer Note: The dungeon-dwelling destrachan looks like some bizarre, non-intelligent beast, but it’s an incredibly evil and crafty sadist. A destrachan has a pair of complex, three-part ears that it can adjust to be more or less sensitive to various sounds. It is blind, yet hunts with a sense of hearing more precise than most creatures’ sight. A destrachan is about 10 feet long from its mouth to the tip of the tail and weighs about 4,000 pounds

A nominal fight due to the Silence spell cast by Memphis. However a few folks got bored/cocky and exited the protected area… Reth saves alara, tries to save Darius… but he falls 30ft to lvl 1 (the ground erodes under his feet, prone… in the water) Amon-Nut exists the silenced area to the south and casts a healing spell on the group – smart move.

Alara flies off edge to find Darrius while the rest of the group remains to fight a second destrachan! After several minutes of fumbling around in the dark Alara is able to find Darius almost dead from downing and the damage taken from falling over 90 feet into the ravine. Alara is no strong enough to support flying Darius out of the dark ravine. Memphis casts light on himself and angelically descends into the depths of the ravening looking for Alara and Darrius… (apparently Alara was doing bad things to Darius down there…)

Traveling to the NW corner of the tower the group hears faint murmuring coming from ahead.

Darius presses his hear to a door, It is clearly a female voice, singing, but the words are nonsense…Down the hall an eye stalk appears in front of tomok and blasts the party! Those hit by the blast are now vulnerable to fire… (+50% more damage to fire)

Rallying themselves the group discovers a large beholder thing in the top corner of the room down the hall! 30’ high hovering in the corner of the room – three eye stalks “A spheroid creature bristling with eyestalks hovers here. Plates of red chitin cover it. In the center of its body blinks a single, immense eye, red and rippling with orange light.” In addition a female grey elf – carries a staff that is just flaming fire – all around her are flames 5’ in all directions! “Appearing in your midst is a wide-eyed female grey elf dressed in long orange robes. She grips a flaming staff in both hands, and shrieks in rage as your reflections appear in the segments of her overlarge amber eyes.”

Darius rushes the elf striking three criticals on her, she is stunned, knocked out (voice lost for 2d4 months) and her foot was punctured… The fire beholder thing fears Tomok and Alara – they flee to the first floor discovering that Denva is no longer there…

After slaying the fire beholder (amid many healing requests by the fighter), Memphis heals the group and the elf – she can speak a little now, her lover is the vessel of the tier – take me to him. He’s at the top level – an angel the most powerful being on the planet, but strangers took the tier and left them with the fire inside them… her lover is the leader of the storm crows elomir.

Alara is quick to recover shantaira’s Staff and is strangely silent, he looks off into space and appears to be having some sort of conversation with someone… There are symbols of Ignan (the elemental plane of fire) on the staff. Alara will go where we go but doesn’t fight – he’s having a very long conversation…

Shantaira is bound, blindfolded and gagged as the party rests. She is fed but speaks continuously of her lover and her dedication to him. She accuses the group of stealing the tear. She was born in Messos, her trainer is Pyrex and she wants her staff…

Shantaira is bound, blindfolded and gagged left in a make shift room of stone with air holes as the party moves up the third floor of the tower…

This enormous room fills the entire floor of the tower. Four massive black pillars support the ceiling, though holes offer access to the upper levels and the sky beyond. Water spills down from above in a torrent, and it runs across the floor to drain into the lower levels.

Two floating suits of plate armor, lit from within by fiery light, descend to the floor. Gripping immense swords, they seem to judge you in silence.

From a dark corner lighting strikes the group! Seeing nothing but the armor the fighters advance attacking them. It was obvious they didn’t cast the lighting – Memphis is not sure why they chose to attack, perhaps they might not have? In any case in the dark corners of the tower floor grimlocks lurked and cast many lightning bolts on the group. The group again prevails, with the fighters again pleading for healing. The suits of armor vanish when “slain” – one grimlock flees to the final top level of the tower.

The group reckless with blood lust and a chance to complete one last encounter in this accursed tower rushes up the stairs! Huge sections of floor have collapsed from this level. A flood of water cascades from an overhang, hundreds of feet above, to land here and spill down into the tower’s interior. In the southern corner rises a dais on which sits an old iron chair. A faded red carpet, now turned sickly pink, lies before the throne and trails off to the north. Just before the carpet is a large section of scorched stone. The pattern around a hemispherical depression suggests something large exploded there.

Standing on the edge of the tattered carpet is a wood elf warrior dressed in shining scale armor. On his left arm is strapped a battered heavy shield emblazoned with a stylized raven clutching lightning in its claws. He wields a longsword in his right hand. The way he holds himself, the gape of his mouth, the dark circles beneath his eyes, and the unsightly scabrous skin on one side of his face combine to make him gruesome and fearsome.

A great heap of glistening gray flesh, beaded with moisture from the waterfall behind the group, lurks here, its three eyes set on a tentacle. Its huge maw contains row upon row of black teeth.

The elf wields a sword – purple – its fuzzy to the mind? He laughes and says “You really coming up here after that?” in greek. “Brave indeed for you to return to the scene of your crime, thieves” says the elf in a voice that has several tones at once. “Return the Tear to me, and you die quickly. Or have you come to slay me?”

Besides the elf there are two destrachans, a grell philosopher, the grell from the floor below as well as the feastering mass of grey ooze. The destrachans immediately sound off into the group as they one by one rush up the stair case from below. Memphis who flew up from the side of the ruined tower casts Silence – its center point conveniently appears to be a worn frayed carpet – he must make a saving throw and fails. Dark images assail his mind, evil abominations burn themselves into his memory! Darius calls for a retreat after Reth is tossed back down to the third floor of the tower by a destrachan and Tomok is stunned. The group flees back to the chamber where Klaus once lived sealing themselves back into the room. The grey elf still remains bound and gagged…

The grey elf was born in messos – she doesn’t know of any elven enclaves… she wants her staff and that her trainer talks to her via the staff “pyrex” a prince of some sort…

Memphis is unable to reset and regain his spells – images flash through his mind – horrible images!

Darius hears a disturbance during his watch… tells Memphis but hears nothing else. Hard to say what was happening with the stone wall up. Memphis thinks he’s been touched by chaos somehow… infected? Perhaps ridding the source will cure him? Darius wants to leave the tower there is no reason to advance the tear is gone… but Memphis tells the group of his visions and inability to rest, the alter or the carpet – one of the two, must be destroyed.

The group rests and makes plans for attack!

Once again advancing to the top floor only this time Amon-nut creates a huge fog cloud and the group safely advances to the top level! The group hears a crackle of lighting but no one grunts in pain…

When the group is ready Amon-nut dispels the fog and they see only a grell philosopher, the festering ooze and a single grell behind them. There is no sign of the elf or the two destrachans! The warriors advance on the festering ooze, Amon-nut wildshapes and engages the mirror-imaged philosopher on carpet! Touching the carpet Amon-nut must fails a save and has evil chaotic images burned into his brain!

After a few rounds of perception checks (amid crys of alarm from Darius) Memphis and Reth determine that these are indeed the only opponents left. The Grell criticals Alara – (20/20) he’s dead. After the festering ooze is “slain” – the philosopher and remaining grell vanish – a portal or something on the red carpet – in a flash they are gone…

The carpet is magical – never encountered this type before… the group is unable to touch it or move it. The group returns to their makeshift camp in Klaus’ place.

Memphis determines that the Restoration spell will cure him. These images are what caused the Stormcrows to fail, they succumbed to them and had no way to cure themselves. They became slaves to the abominations coming from the others side via the red carpet.

Memphis casts Test of maat on Alara… (role played out later)

The group returns down the mountain and meets up with the Harrowfolk. Alara’s girlfriend/wife comes out and says we are clean and can enter the village – after Memphis cures the grey elf. Once cured the grey elf cries for an entire day… Memphis spends some time talking with her, she is free to go, tells her about other grey elves he has seen. (role played out later… she wants her staff back) Pyrex is an elemental prince… she is a part of an organization where she was/is an elemental mage.

The group spends a few days with the Harrowfolk – Prior to our arrival Deneva was seen as well as elomir a day or so later walking towards Wellspring with two creatures at his side. Memphis tells the Harrowfolk chieftain what happen and about the carpet. Be on guard – no telling what else could come down from there.

As the group returns to Wellspring there is smoke about the city, in the harbor… fires? Towns afire!?

journey to the forlorn tower

The harrow folk leave us at the bottom of a hill headed to the mountains – they know nothing of what’s up there.

Amin-nut takes the lead in cat form, several hours into the journey the group encounters bones – mutated creatures humanoid to animal. Dead animals, bones twisted… three eyed creatures…

Noon, Higher elevation less cover – but no tower in sight. Mostly scrub in the land… the party continues on.

humanoid bodies all over the place! Laying on the ground… some sort of structure to the north of the party.

Amun-nut is surprised as an undead mutated creature with an extra maw in its mouth attacks him! Violet light shines out of its eyes.

Another humanoids corpse appears and its guts (tentacles of guts) seem to pull it forward while its arm lay idol at its side… the tentacles reach out 10ft grabbing amon-nut. (warped ghouls and a warped zombie grimlock)

Darius 20/20’s the undead closest to the group and walks towards Amon-nut.

Surrounded Amon-nut shape changes and casts a spell throwing off his multiple opponents with a thunderous clap.

Fight ends – 3 party members with critical wounds (darius – leg, amon-nut – right arm, reth – right arm)

With the area littered in bones the group heads back down the path – ending up where they started.

The hollow folk let us setup camp just within their perimeter no closer – in case the party is tainted by the farrealm.

Amon-nut discovers he has an elixir of life in his chalice! The party rests for two weeks to heal up – amon-nut gives the potion to tomok to regenerate his hand (he is unable to ever use one again).

Memphis notices that Tomok is not as large as he used to get – it appears that the further from Tanis he gets the less he grows. Although if you ask him he can’t tell the difference.

2 weeks later the group (alara, darius, amon-nut, tomok, reth and memphis are ready to move)

At the base of the tower the party is met by 3 grimlocks – the party makes quick work of them.

loot – (3) great axes…

Around the bend the party sees – a gnarly creature (foul spawn mangler) gaunt with spindly limbs. Its arms divide into two forearms at the elbow. Each ends in a hand bearing a bone knife.

It was hidden in the bushes until memphis yelled at him invoking the name of Ra and causing the earth to tremble. It flees from the party towards a cave very quickly and gurgles outside a cave… a second creature appears a large hairless (foul spawn hulk) howling humanoid with mottled skin like pale, bruised flesh. It leaps from the cave with an inhuman cry. It is hairless, and its wide mouth is full of fangs and appears to be stuck in a perpetual grin. It wields a great sword. Then a huge brute appears (foul spawn hulk) at the entrance of the cave – its body skinless and oozing, sinew and muscles are exposed. It rushes down the hill towards the group! An obese figure, appears at the cave entrance (foul spawn seer). It bears a staff made of humanoid bones. The eyes of the skull atop the staff glow!

Long battle – tough one – the chaotic evil wizard had a very good spell combination – thus accounting for all the bones littering the area! We believe the seer was corrupted and used to be a human. He must have returned from the FarRealm corrupted with the others. Maybe these are those storm crows we were told about?

The seer had no spellbook… they must be innate spells… along with his ability to “jump/move”…

After the battle amon-nut who was critically wounded shapeshifts back, his wounds healing. Memphis heals the rest of party using ritual healing. The cave these foul spawn creatures emerged from stinks! At the back a tunnel goes deeper into the dark – from the path it appears these creatures came from below. Amon-nut casts wall of stone and blocked it.

The group needs to rest. Memphis casts lullaby for the group -

Loot – chest lots of silver (thousands…), assorted gems, (2) great swords, (8) bone daggers (very sharp serrated damaging weapons- do more than normal daggers (2d4), (1) bone staff (magical implement… EVIL) the whole cave radiates evil – these things are chaos!

(2) scrolls in the chest
- Campfire lullaby (usable by an Egyptian bard or cleric)
- Fly (the group gives the scroll to alara)

The Twisted staff is evil – its placed in the saddle bags of holding for safe keeping. It whispers…

Headed to the Forlorn Tower

Post-fight the group agrees to help the Deirdre the Priestess of Ioun. She wants help regaining the tear of ioun… it’s a relic, a large crystal she thinks… its an acient relic from the first age. No idea what it does.

There are a few people in town who may be able to help the party

  • Lord Criswell, leader of Wellspring
  • Master Vyen, Sage and former priest of ioun
  • Croetus, Wizard of Wellspring

Unknown where Grell came from.

Alchemist Shop – a small shop at that. the party buys stuff

  • healing potions (6) on hand 25gp each
  • 1 Memphis
  • 2 Reth
  • 3 Reth
  • 4 Tomok
  • 5 Tomok
  • 6 Biero
  • potion of climbing 25gp – Reth

Master Vyen, Sage and a former priest of Ioun
He lives in a stone house in the high district – kids are seen leaving his house as the party arrives. A white haired old dude… “Egyptians, wtf!” he says in Greek and quickly glances up and down the deserted street… we go inside – not without him looking up and down the deserted street again before we enter. Once we enter Memphis speaks Greek but outside it was Egyptian. Vyen says his Egyptian is not good… wants to speak Greek if possible.

  • Grell come from far the realm – not from here. Not the same place from where Reth came from. They come from a place where the energies can warp people. The kaorti temple is there – this is where Esakd used be. The karorti temple is somewhere in the mountains…
  • The Tear of ioun is ancient relic – no idea what it does… its supposedly sentient…
  • Creatures in the area – people of the harrow wood – barbarians/shaman…
  • The karotic temple like most temples of ioun are libraries. If anything is up there that is worthy of a book he’d be interested in any scrolls or books we can bring back.
  • Far realm is pure chaos – people go there looking for power and come back mutated. Not normal, insane there after their visit…
  • He’d like to talk with us when/if we return – he’s a sage after all

The party heads back to the blue plate inn to rest for the night – planning on leaving early the next morning.

The party creates a marching order, casts prep spells (the gm reviews money with characters and the difference between greek and egyptian coinage…) where is money being kept… etc.

The group heads overland – through the brush towards where the tower supposedly is. Biero in the lead…

Lots of grass the first two miles – then Biero discovers a hunters path! The trail leads to the forest, underbrush, larger trees – more difficult terrain.

The party suddenly sees Biero pull out his bow and shoot in the brush ahead of him! Combat!

Combat Highlights:

  • The female tiefling is partially hidden behind a tree, she carries an admantium morningstar in her hand – a dark energy surround her… she a casts a spell (evards black tentacles) and slow on the group…
  • Eye of Malachi – they wear masks? Deformed… Every time they die purple energy flows out of their eyes to the sky as a primal psychic scream rips from their lips in guttural greek
  • Tomoks critical – left hand cut off… death in 30 minutes (saved by his LM ability)
  • Biero critical – heart pierced instant death
  • Darius believes that these eyes of malachi are all gladiators, they appear to be using combat superiority on him and others in the group
  • Tomok crits an eye of malachi and rips its arm off!
  • Retholine dives through the line of opponents accepting opportunity of attacks unskathed and casts hold person on the tiefling – success! The following round with her held he strikes her with his fist: auto crit on hold person… he rips off her buttocks… Suddenly ~20 half-orcs step out in a circle around both groups. A shaman steps forward and starts stomping his staff on the ground to a beat and says in greek – “kill her!” then a huge half-orc steps out with his arms crossed observing what happens next.

Tiefling – no spellbook!, rod (normal implement) and an adamantine morning star (nice weapon) natural +4 to hit (adamantine) 2d8 damage – Tomok claims the adamantine morning star
+60gp in greek coins…
8 handaxes, 8 battle axes, 1 rod, 1 leather armor, 8 hide armors

Tiefling came from an actual plane of chaos! Anything that can survive there is powerful!

After the opponents are dead – a large half-orc steps forward and looking at Tomok who is still enlarged and enraged from combat asks “who is your leader?” Tomok – points to memphis. The large half-orc introduces himself as Vaymeer.

Vaymeer wants to know what we are doing out here. Memphis tells him in greek that the party is headed to the Forlorn Tower to find something called the Tear of Ioun. Vaymeer indicates that another group came through – they didn’t survive… months ago. They were greek. 5-6 in the group… they were unworthy and never came back. The Harrow wood folks do no go to the tower – they were tracking the Tiefling and her group we found them first. The tiefling and her group were headed to the Wellspring. Vaymeer invites the group to their village – maybe they can help. Very basic barbarian village – they move through the woods like rangers! The tribe stays away from the tower.

And old lady comes out and they talk to each other. It will take about 3 days for a ritual to take place and raise dead on Biero… Alara goes in to participate with the ritual… Zunga! Zunga! Zunga!

Tomok is given a string to tie his hand around his neck…

While the party waits they talk and interact with the Harrow wood folks, Memphis gives his spare gnoll bows to one of the Half Orc rangers

Another day and Biero will be good to go (4 days total in village) Then they escort the party to a path leading to the tower.

Zunga! Zunga! Zunga!
Wooba! Wooba! Wooba!

Scintillating rays of trans-phonic-necromantic-shamanistic-greek-loving of light radiate from the fire like thousands of ravenous ravens and carrion crawlers intent on plucking the flesh clean from Biero’s bones. A mad-woman, skin stretched thin over her face yet wrinkly and sagging at her neck and bosom dances wildly before the fire screaming nonsense to the heavens hoping some tweaked-out mad power is listening in some far off demi-plane. It was then that I knew… Biero would live again but there would be a debt to be paid to a powerful being on another realm, so far from this one it is nearly close at hand.

How did this all begin? It began with some fine spirits Biero had brought on the journey, that and the fine halfling weed upon which he partook far too often for my tastes. It had made him more enjoyable to be around on the trip, but indulgence prior to battle can never be a good thing and like a badly timed throw of the dice can cost you your life. We were facing a number of foul enemies from another plane and guided by an insidious yet attractive tiefling babe. As I gazed upon her bosom wondering if she had any STDs, an arrow soared across the battlefield, straight for Biero’s heart, as if Cupid himself had fired it hoping the tiefling and Biero could be as one, but alas it would not come to be as the arrow dug deep into his heart causing blood to spew from the wound and gurgle up and out of his mouth, spilling all over his enemies as his corpse crumbled to the ground, he fell, eyes open and toward the sky, a strange and maniacal grin upon his face.

I need to stay present. We mortals view time as an ever progressing river eventually dumping us off some grand waterfall when it is in fact more akin to a sea, a dark and storm sea where serpents and kraken await below the depths, their pick of victims utterly and completely random.

The chanting of the ritual increased and I stood up, dropped the robes from my body and painted my face and nether-region in symbols of Ra the almighty, the one, the only true god, the life giver, the mother of all existence, and the bringer of life to Biero. I would see to it that a debt not be left to some far off maniacal power, but to the only deity which mattered. I chanted “Zunga! Zunga! Zunga! RA! RA, BREATHE THE RADIANCE, THE FURY OF THE SUN, THE LIFE GIVING ENERGY THAT YOU HATH BESTOWED UPON EVERY LIVING BEING ON THIS FLOATING ORB! BATHE BIERO IN YOUR LIGHT! LET HIM AWAKEN ONCE MORE, GIVEN A SECOND BIRTH SO THAT HE MAY THROW OFF THE CHAINS OF WEED AND DRINK AND FIND THE TRUE GLORY THAT RA HATH BESTOWED UPON HIM! ZUNGA! RA! ZUNGA! RA!” I grabbed a handful of magical mushrooms and swallowed them whole. Suddenly the world began to swim and RA appeared before me. “RA. RA. I give my life to you, please direct me.” *FIND THE VERMIN OF THIS PLACE AND FEED THEM INTO BIERO’S WOUND, FILL HIS HEART WITH LIFE AGAIN!* “Yes, yes yes!” It all made sense now! I gathered as many beetles, worms, and vermin from the tent in which we chanted. I found fleas, lice, and ticks, then fed them into his gaping heart. As we chanted the wounds began to close and the vermin crawled inside.
His eyes suddenly fluttered open and with that RA was gone, left us mortals to live together once more, but now Biero would worship RA and would no longer partake in the drink or halfling herb.

That is how Biero was reborn.

((I would marry ZUNGA and she would join us on our journey, carried upon a crudely constructed machination on my back. Casting spells on the go.))

Town Election

Viton: Half hour to the town council meeting – Ini-hri-Nut (Neraphi’s father) invites Memphis to the meeting “you should go.” he says

Ini-hri-Nut and Memphis arrive at the location of the meeting. There are a few guys loitering there and one of them hands Ini-hri-Nut a note pointing him to the Golden Moon Inn (owned by Nemeri).
Arriving at the location, they are met by Ryder-Horus. Conru-Nut shows up a while later and Nemeri. Ibef shows up with two escorts, a Paladin of Isis and a Guild Wizard of Isis.

Everyone sits at a private dining table with food and drink dining before getting down to business.

Ibef asks, ‘Where Amon-Nut is?’. Memphis doesn’t know. The Paladin of Isis smirks at this.

Nemeri leads the conversation – formal leadership for the town of Viton is the topic.
A door opens and the High Priestess of Nut walks in. The rooms’ atmosphere changes when she walks in – Nemeri is slightly taken back however quickly composes himself.

They want to do a vote.
Ibef goes first. His family is deep into the merchant and religious sectors of Tanis – family has a long history – he lists his “credentials”
Nemeri is next – lists his credentials – mostly a merchant with contacts and other neighboring villages – he can add security and help grow the town. He promises growth to the town.

The Priestess of Nut stands and says she will takes the votes… (she is the neutral party here)

Ini-hri-Nut, Conru-Nut, Ibef, Nemeri, Ryder all prepare to vote – and the door opens – its Akun-nut – he walks in… “I’m still an elder in this town and I can vote.” yes you can they all say

Akun-nut sits across from Memphis at the table and places a small burn out black crystal on the table – “Have you seen this before?” he asks Memphis. “Yes, the doppelgangers in Kawa…” says Memphis. “It was found at the crime scene where the accountant was murdered.” says Akun-nut

The vote continues… Ibef wins the vote.

Ibef will petition the Primarch of the North within a day. Until that is ratified they will continue as usual.

Akun-nut and Memphis head to the crime scene… Coru-nut goes as well – He was instructed to clean it up tonight anyway… no one been inside for a few days – Akun-nut says “This is where I found the crystal. I think that Xim or the accountant was a doppelganger – possibly Xim otherwise the accountants body would not have been found. Something was flagged and she had to run in a hurry. Amon-nut should check his accounts. I don’t know why he left a female in charge.”

Next day the ratification happens – Ibef is now the formal leader of the town. Its signed by the Primarch of the North – “…in the region of Amon-Nut. and it is noted, Ibef answers to the Primarch”

Two weeks later Darius and his family show up. He has been assigned to Memphis now. Ryder invites him to live in his house. They are both worshippers of Horus and he has plenty of room.

The group gathers to officially name the ship – “The Princess Sudaha” However the royal barge arrives and the group has to put off the naming until afterwards. The ship moves out into the river to make room for the barge. That however leaves the Tau’ri standing on the docks as Lord Fada arrives. Lord Fada has his group with him – except the rogue… never seen the rogue yet. (Biero has however…)

A day later Lord Fada invites Memphis and says to bring the reset of the Tau’ri to another of Nemeri’s inns at 2pm.

1pm – Neriphi tells Memphis to dress up – “oh yea I guess so…” says Memphis
The meeting is with Lord Fada’s team in a private room – rogue and fighter not there (female guild wizard, monk, priest of ra, etc…)
“Where is Amon-nut? I thought he was a part of the Tau’ri?” says Lord Fada. “He is I don’t know where he is at the moment.” says Memphis

’You’re going to have to answer these questions then’ says Lord Fada.
The Pyramid of Shadows – (his father sent him to get the status of this) – what is your plan for this?
Top priority to find it – before others

There are 3 keys…

  1. Amon-Nut: (Doppelganger Xim raided it) – Lord Fada is going to the Jungle to retrieve it from Xim
  2. Trinket Lord: if the Tau’ri pay the price
  3. Temple of Nut: The previous town elders were protecting the key – we have a better rappor – we leave that key until last.

Meeting ends..

So in the end the Tau’ri need to go to Brindol anyway…

Darius tells us of the elven-made Dimensional Hoops – so we can keep in touch with Herashoo’s group. They have to be mounted before they can work – aligned and mounted on a wall before they can work.

Memphis talks to Ibef about trade and the use of the ship – talk trade routes – Nemeri is in charge of this. Nemeri is in charge of trade routes. He mostly works out of Asi and Massos trading – he wants to send a representative to Brindol with the group – that’s fine
Memphis takes 2,500 gp in gems
Boats in good shape – clean tight ship. 2d to get ready for the trip.

By boat it will take ~20 days if good weather to get to Brindol

Tomok notices that the flags near the dock now have the symbol of an Owl – on top of them all. Religious lore – Athena.
The Syros Swan is here – Capt Temik
Met by dockmaster – the group has to be cleared at customs – he speaks in egyptian however he is greek “name TBD
We see Yaz – she waves and is waiting outside customs for us. Nothing unusual… guards with various greek symbols – they eyeball Darius and Memphis in their military garb
The boat is registered with the harbor master and can come and go as needed now. The Capt. is told not to wait for the Tau’ri – start trading!

They have the Tau’ri individually stand in a square for a few moments, then they can leave customs.

Outside Customs, Yaz meets us. Yaz is greek but speaks Egyptian.
Town Guard in place but Greek military presence is stationed here – Athenian
Arismarne’s Place – store front entrance – Tomok leads us in back, give him a rundown of town, Levant, he quizzes Darrius on Levant (Arismarne is very knowledgeable of area), Tomok you’re a LM now – he quizzes him on his abilities

The Tau’ri need to talk to the Trinket Lord, Massos – find Cree Dawn.

True vampires run Vor-Kath not humans made into vampires… they are more powerful.

Athena and Ra know each other – good dealings – they probably already know you’re here – news already spread – town elders should be meet with

Letters of introduction please? Yes – a few business men he knows… we’ll need to buy horses and take transport… Boat up river or by land. The group gets horses…

Visiting the town elders – Arismarnr, new helper lead us to the elders for a formal introduction

On the way there a group of Greek military stand in front of town hall – they all turn and look as we come around the corner. Our guide gets nervous… he leads us through them and they eyeball us all – I ask him about Blaze… the Greeks recognize this name. and glance at each other…

Darius acts as Memphis’ Interpreter speaking Greek – bluff check success

A guy with a symbol of Athena military guy – Capt. – quizzing Darrius over Tomok being a Royal Guard of the Pharaoh. (Tomok doesn’t work for the Pharaoh… or so he says) What are you really doing here… another guy speaks up – I just wanted to meet them, see them – says a dark haired Greek. The Capt. steps back… then they start selling the town – trade is here – whores are here… bla bla bla

We leave Town Hall and head north to Massos and pass through a small village to see the Priestess of Ioun (Wellspring is the town name) Deidra is her name

3 days to well spring – a frontier town – near some mountains – cobbled streets… ~1,000 people and another 1k in the surrounding area. Lord Criswell is in charge. 40 FT guards in town… main tavern is called the “blue plate”

Entering town – folks in very simple clothes – pilgrims? They are praying at an old statue in the middle of town square – the group hears a scream and see a creature! A grell!

“the tear is near, find it. Search wood and stone, blood and bone” so says a grell in deep speech as translated by Retholien

'Business' in Viton

As the party approaches Viton from the river one of the first things they notice is that the ship is not there… the Dockmaster Hathos says, she has been moved out to sea for safety near Kawa.

What’s going on?
Chenzra Falo, Head of the Tax Office is dead – murdered and Xim is gone (amon-nut’s accountant).
People think she killed him.


With no new town elders are in-place, except Ini-herit-Nut and Adio-Nut. A business meeting occurs once a month, consisting of Ini-herit-Nut, Adio-Nut, Ibef and also Nemeri. Akun-Nut does not appear at these meetings.

Ibef, a new business man in town, rumored to have been a Royal Bard of Isis at the Court. Has been voicing himself in leading the town forward, also Ibef has black hair and green eyes, and a tangled beard, thin stands at 6’2, 40s. He wears tailored clothing and wears a rapier. From south of Tanis.
Nemeri, a financeer, rumored to run a little racket in town on money lending. Owns the now three bars/inns in town. Has built another dock to handle increased traffic. Nemeri has black hair and narrow brown eyes, stockey build, 20s, 5’10’ and a tangled beard. He wears tailored clothing. From Tanis.

Memphis goes home – sees family… Alara spends the night searching for the ship rowing around the river ranting and raving… Amon-nut goes home.

The next day the ship shows up… Alara awakes on the docks… Ireune looks at him like “what the hell you doing sleeping on the docks all night?”

Ryder searches out Amon-nut and Memphis the next day we have business he says, there is “business” and then there is “business” I’m not sure I understand the difference says Memphis…

Oh says Ryder – rumor is Lord Fada is coming to town in two days…

Defenders of Levant

Just after midnight in the morning, the inn janitor/guard named Daza knocks on the door to your rooms. A town guard is downstairs and says the druid symbols changed.

“Two of us are still alive in a troll cage, location 15 miles NNE, swamp area, near the black willow trees… send help – ”/campaign/rusta/wikis/Nisha/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Nisha"

Memphis asks if Nisha is a member of the second group from Levant that went missing prior to the groups arrival in town. Yes, Nisha is the druid who works in the town.. The town guard says it’s his sister. He points to a soft yellow flower in the druid ‘message’ “Its the only way I know she is alive.” Memphis says “ok Nisha is your sister” looking at the guard. “who is ”/campaign/rusta/wikis/Mosenmu/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Mosenmu?" looking at the guard and Amon-nut… Mosenmu is a high ranking druid within Amon-nuts druidical guild – unknown if male or female…

The party goes to see the mayor after discussing what happen – Darius and Memphis want to stay in town and defend it. At the mayors the guard who delivered the message is there as well. The mayor brings in breakfast… Amon-nut fills in the mayor he says they can handle the town, but they want those two folks back. The mayor will take responsibility… for us going out.

The mayor tells the party what we can expect to see out there on our way… other creatures out there – twisted fey – called the Blightborn. Rumors of ghost trolls… they have never met warren trolls – bigger than normal trolls – they normally live deeper in the troll haunt warrens.

Alara: Magical Fey Lore tells us that: The blightborn are corrupt fey creatures twisted by the darkest aspects of nature, which subtly or dramatically changes them into something evil and unnatural. Taking delight in decay, famine, and death, the blightborn hate beauty and prosperity. They yearn only to spread entropy and ruin wherever they can. All blightborn have some lesser or greater plantlike aspect to their makeup, and they become fey plant creatures through the twisting magics that spawn them, regardless of their original nature and makeup. Blightborn reflect the natural trappings of death and decay in their forms or clothing. An intelligent blightborn might adorn itself with skulls or dead flowers, or paint its body in smears of blood. (alara takes pride is acting out this last part…)

The party assumes whomever is holding the prisoners know we’re coming – if they are plants possibly they can tap whatever communication channel the druids used… The party reckons its going to take 4-5 hrs through the swamp (difficult terrain) to the place indicated in the message…

Memphis gives Darius a set of +2 chain and a +2 shield, he will repay the church of Ra at some point in the future

Around noon the party reaches were they think they should be… the party asks amon-nut to shape change into a bird to scout out the area before we approach further – Darius is hella noisy in chain. Amon-nut turns into a vulture and flys off… NNE. He sees a troll lumbering NE, he spots nothing and loses the troll… a log is thrown at amon-nut – he veers to the right and flies higher turning back he sees nothing… he returns to the party. The group moves forward as discussing crafty ways of sneaking up on our opponents to no avail…

Reth suddenly says stop! And the party stops… they see a huge troll – at least 2ft taller than the trolls encountered on the walls of Levant – he’s looking around stops… then moves to the south after scanning the area. Matches the description of a Warren Troll!

The party continues on approximately 100 yards outside a make shift camp – sees another warren troll and another HUGE troll. This troll has hair (generally trolls don’t have hair) his hair is tied back into a bone thing – holding his hair bound down his back. The smaller warren troll obviously defers to the huge one… We see a cage next to the huge troll. There is second warren troll sitting next to a pile of logs under a tree. He’s cleaning branches off of logs.

Before the party can attack they hear a patrol from the south approaching- they try to hide and wait for the patrol to pass before attacking the camp… the party is detected and the troll roars loudly and runs back to the camp to warn the others.

The party double moves but It will take 5 rounds for us to be at the camp… A log hits alara and explodes hitting the whole group! Everyone needs to save vs dex… The huge warren troll casts hold person on Memphis – Memphis fails his saving throw. On amon-nuts turn he touches Memphis and casts lesser restoration removing the hold person

The troll prince rages and rushes Amon-Nut – 3 claw attacks and Amon-Nut is bloodied (with two of the three attacks hitting Amon-Nut is not at less than half his total hit points!) – the trolls cheer and he takes another attack! The 4th attack is a fumble – Amon-Nut badly wounded shifts west… away from the troll prince.

Memphis calls upon Ra and steps up into the face of the Grawt, a warren troll prince placing himself between amon-nut and Grawt. He attacks! Confirmed critical – Memphis slices off Grawt’s balls! He falls into a fetal position passed out – but not dead… The other trolls flee at the sight of this! Darius rushes forward and cuts off the troll princes head as it lays helpless… Reth critical’s a troll as it flees


One of the prisoners is passed out – a fighter hurt badly. A female druid she is barely awake, she says “he wouldn’t let her sleep…” then passes out.

Loot: 23gp 44sp 78 cp amongst the camp…

We take the troll princes head back to Levant on a pike to place it on the town wall! Minus the bone object that held its hair… we sacrifice the troll princes’ balls in their camp fire to Ra thanking him for our victory. The trolls blue-boned hair wrap goes into the saddle bags of holding

The party makes a litter to drag the prisoners back to Levant – the journey back is uneventful.

The Tau’ri march into town with the warren troll princes’ head on a spike! The town cheers! The mayor says well done!

Identify magic items

A week passes the town sees no sign of trolls and Herasho’s group is back with the Nomarch! During the week the prisoners revive and more fortifications are made at the towns walls (move earth etc.)

What happen to group #2? Attacked by trolls better than captors they could go incorporeal! Unknown if other group members are dead or were taken somewhere else…

The nomarch of Levant suspects the trolls will be pissed but maybe they will back off for a while.

Amon-nut sends message about saving the prisoners and killing the “leader” to the druid Mosenmu…

The paladin of khonshu says they were helped on the other side of the portal by a fox – he said the fox had a message for us. The Tau’ri need to find him. Herasho says the fox was critical to saving their Nomarch. The ettercaps were waiting for a rendezvous – unknown who…

The Taur’ri invite Darius to join and adventure more with them however he is bound to his post in Levant. Memphis carries back a transfer request for Darius back to Tanis.

The party heads back to Tanis with a trading caravan

25 miles outside of Tanis – Tomok’s stone starts glowing… his leg feels perfect and he enlarges – he can’t shrink. The gate guards are also big…

Alara – message from wizards in Levant’s father “Sahepe Sonrean” – come visit me when you have a chance – he resides in the high wizards area – a trans dimensional area – since alara has an invite he can go in… a wizard meets and escourts him to an office books and scrolls everywhere – he welcomes alara – he’s one of the seven masters of the guild.
His niece – is the wizard in Levant. Sonrean small talks him… then asks about his adventures over lunch… he shows him the warp lighting cannons they go past many labs Alara can’t go into until they get to one lab – everyone has goggles on – they are experimenting with the warp cannon… The wizard is very friendly to everyone – people come up and talk to him all the time. He says alara can visit anytime he wants. He can also send his reports to him from now on.

Memphis goes, temple of ra with Alara and Reth, prays offers tithe. Then visits Master Utmor (Primarch of the West) – the favor has been paid in full. Then Memphis visits Massari gives a full report as Lord Zuka would expect (except for the high elf – he has told no one of his planning with Herashoo’s group). Memphis asks about the Living Monoliths – there is no danger, they are not being supported by the Pharaoh. Memphis asks for Darius to be transferred. Massari says Memphis needs to head home – crazy rumors about Viton of late – you should head home… giants? He doesn’t want to comment further on rumors or speculation…

Memphis heads to the temple of Nut, prays offers tithe and is met by an acolyte who takes him to a back room where a priestess meets him and delivers a message from Neraphi ~1 week old – “Urgent, come home – things are precarious!” Massari also said as much… Memphis makes a quick stop at his brothers home checking in before heading back to the Inn the group is staying at for the night.

Alara buys Healing Potions while in town

The party spends the night in the inn – lots of noise from Alara’s room! Maiden’s running everywhere – Alara rambling on about “no, she is not the one…”
Memphis thinks he’s looking for a wife…?

Reevag, Troll Prince

After the trolls attack Memphis, Retholien and Darius swing by the Cloudwatch Inn to see if the other members of the Tau’ri have woken up.

Alara struggles down into the tap room – the serving wench has returned wearing a new dress – she avoids Alara with a glare.

Tomok-nut & Amon-nut are also present. Memphis briefs them on what has occurred.

The group was told Nomarch Kari went to her Alchemy shop during the attack. Heading there the group finds the door to the shop is wide open.

Darius enters with his weapon drawn… calling her name he hears nothing. There are spider webs that cover the walls – the nomarch’s assistant appears dead on the floor! (the mayor is a guild wizard also).

The shop at one point appeared very nice, a fully equipped alchemist lab. Now however the place is trashed. Covered in webs… with small claw marks and scratches on the walls and floor. Alara, Amon-nut and Darius search for clues in the house. A few things are determined:

  • The nomarch’s assistant is dead
  • The nomarch’s lab book\spell book is in the lab – she would not have left these items behind – we believe she’s been abducted
  • Amon-nut determines that the claw marks and scratches belong to “eddercap” – a spider like creature – intelligent – an aberration! They know how to use weapons and wear armor.

Outside the shop Darius sends a boy away with money to get the captain of the town guard. Eventually after an hour or so town guard show up. Darius has them guard the shop and finds out that something went down at the Moon Door as well. The captain of the town guard was last seen there.

The group heads to the part of town leading to the Moon Door and finds that there are still standing orders to keep everyone away.

The Paladin of Khonshu, Herasho shows up – the guards let him though with his group… he invites the Tau’ri and Darius with him as well. Heading down to the water’s edge a stone path appears as the paladin starts walking towards the water – the group follows the Paladin walking from wet stone to wet stone eventually leaping onto the isle.

There are many bodies on the isle all wrapped in cocoons of webbing. There is an elf on the isle not wrapped in webbing looking around. The elf is very old… Herasho asks the elf if he knows what happen – “of course I do – has happened before” he says. But the elf doesn’t appear to be willing to say anything more at the moment.

The bodies wrapped in webbing are still alive – people start freeing them from the webs, they are poisoned but alive and weak.

Amon-nut removes the captain of the guard’s poison and he slowly comes too talking about an ettercap attack. They were ambushed…

The group realizes that the troll attack which took place several hours ago was a diversion… while the town was distracted the ettercap came through the Moon Door!

Between Herasho’s group, the remaining town guard and the Tau’ri the injured folks are taken care of as the isle is again cleared. This time new guards, more guards are left behind. Before leaving Memphis tries to persuade the elf to talk more. The elf asks him “Do you know what this doorway is?” Yes, says Memphis, showing him a picture of another gate the group once travelled through. “we’ve travelled beyond one before – we walked the fey dark a while back”. The elf studies Memphis for a moment and eventually says “this is a door direct to the fey wild – it only opens at certain times – and it can only be open by an Archfey… the likes of ”/campaign/rusta/wikis/Baba%20Yaga/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Baba Yaga, The Trinket Lord or The Bramble Queen…" The old elf turns “I have to go.” he gets in his boat and starts paddling away…

Back at the fort the mayor is outside. He says there is another troll attack coming. Bigger… he wants to know if the Tau’ri and Darius will help again… not far from the outer wall are about 40 trolls. There is one sitting on top of a huge crocodile – he’s riding it! Watching from afar the ground around the troll prince and crocodile ripples as it moves towards the city.

Combat ensues – the Taur’ri are left at one point and Herasho’s group a bit further down the second wall. The town guard are scattered across various other sections of the wall. These trolls appear to be more experienced. In retrospect the last trolls fought charged the group – these trolls move with purpose.

Eventually the Reevag, a troll prince riding the crocodile gets within 30-40 feet of the group and a water hag suddenly ‘appears’ on the back of the crocodile as well yelling “Yield or die Egyptians!” apparently she’s been there the whole time… Amon-nut and Tomok recognize her as the hag from the their river adventure a long while back…

The hag seems to be awaiting a reply while combat ensues around her; Tomok slays a troll in front of him and then says to the hag “sorry I was distracted.”

From the periphery of the battle the group can see Herasho’s team running their direction (eta 3 rounds)

Memphis calls back to the hag “not on my watch bitch!” – casts Prayer of Healing
Sub-Par wildsshapes into Jalal, a huge sabertooth tiger and attacks a troll in front of him
The Troll Prince starts directing the trolls to attack Memphis.

Reevag is killed.
The feymire crocodile took off with Darius in its stomach.
The other group shows up and Cian, the elf vanishes in pursuit of the crocodile.

Nothing magical on the troll prince…

We had back to town… the troll attack across the wall was repelled.

About a day later, Cian returns, and pulls Darius, well what’s left of him. Skin and bones of Dariu and his gear. It was either shit out or spit out by the crocodile.

Herasho turns to Memphis – you know there is a cost here. Yes says Memphis…

Religious Lore: There is a chance that Anubis will notice the soul leaving before they are weighed on The Maat. The chances are it could be the priest or the soul or both… the end result is that the individual usually will be quested.

The other priest (whats his name?) (whos a little higher level) will assist Memphis. Alara as a worshiper of Ra assists. Alara seems to go off here and rambles prayers to Ra…

Raise Dead on the remains of Darius – the body starts glowing with light as the sun illuminates it and it heals up before the eyes of all – GLORY TO RA!

Troll Attack

Early “morning” at the Cloudwatch Inn reveals Memphis and Retholien in the tap room. Cham offers to serve up more beer! Breakfast would be in order suggests Memphis.

Cham asks Memphis about the guild wizard. Apparently he took off late in the night with a serving wench of his… neither have been seen since. As for the rest of the group, we can only assume they are sleeping off their inebriation from the previous day.

The other group, Herasho, Maia, Cyna and Dijan are present as well, they plan on going out to search for the other group. Memphis offers to assist them however its apparent they don’t trust “outsiders” and feel that introducing a new member of their group at this time might throw them off in combat. Memphis concurs with their assessment – cant argue that, however he wisely points out – your down your healer… To which Herasho replies – “healing potions, lots of healing potions”. Well good luck then says Memphis with a smile – your obviously better prepared than some of the folks in my group in that respect. I wish they’d bring more potions on them myself.

Before leaving Herasho and his group introduce Memphis to Darius – a friend of theirs who lives in Levant – they will be back soon…

Darius is a member of the small military outpost here in Levant. He’s the head of the town military unit.

Darius notices that Memphis has a military special operations insignia (lord zuka) on him as well as an insignia of the church of Ra (warpriest). Retholien stands behind him. Darius sits down eats with Memphis.

Darius was born in Tanis, merchant family, joined military when young and assigned to this outpost. When the time comes he’ll lead Memphis and Rethlien to the town fortress to meet the mayor and nomarch.

Sometime later they head to the fortress to meet the nomarch and mayor. It appears to be large round fort. The city guard/town guard meet us and escort us in. after a while we’re taken into the main chamber – the mayor is sitting in front of a large desk. He introduces himself as Ahmoset (Egyptian, matted beard, leather armor (doesn’t appear worn – magical?) a large battle axe behind him). Darrius knows that he used to be an adventurer.

The nomarch will be here shortly – she’s always late. Ahmoset wants to know our business in town. Sent by Primarch of the West to clear caravan route – he wasn’t’ aware of that… where is the rest of the group? He asks about each member… living monolith – yes… the nomarch of Viton – yes… and down the list he goes.

The door opens and a very young girl – 16-17 years old nicely dresses enters. She sits down as a servant gets a chair for her… "what’s wrong with your hair!? Says Ahmoset. Her hair appears gold-ish. “I was experimenting…” she says.

The nomarch is disappointed that Amon-nut is not there. Where is he she asks? Memphis thinks he either is nursing a hangover or in the woods doing druidical stuff.

Ahmoset fills her in on why the party is here… she wants to know what we want. Memphis is not sure of the context of that question, it’s a relative question. But before Memphis can answer – Guards bust in – “There has been another attack! The trolls are testing us again.” says the guard. Amaset jumps up and says he’s going to the wall – with the guards! We follow… the nomarch – she stays behind…

Ahmoset jumps on a horse offering one to Memphis and Retholine one as well. Memphis pulls out a couple of sandstone camels and follow the horses.

Ahmoset heads out to the far wall (as indicated on the town map) with many guards and solders in tow.

As we pass one section of the wall Ahmoset leaves Darius, Memphis and Retholine to defend this section of the “wall”. Further down the “wall” Memphis can see Herasho’s group, they are attacking trolls from the rear at the third spot in the “wall”. Ahmoset and his men take the second place along the “wall”. The citizens meanwhile are mobilizing as are the town guard… there are no “gates” in the second wall – per say. there isn’t even what I would consider a wall here! the wall is in total disrepair. It would just get destroyed and they would have to rebuild it again anyway says a guard when asked about the non-existent “wall”. This is what’s left of the wall… its still called the second wall.

Memphis Blesses the wall defenders invoking the name of Ra as they each rush to defend their section of the “wall…”

The party successfully routes three young trolls… I’d hate to meet an ancient or ghost troll…


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