Rusta 5E

'Business' in Viton

As the party approaches Viton from the river one of the first things they notice is that the ship is not there… the Dockmaster Hathos says, she has been moved out to sea for safety near Kawa.

What’s going on?
Chenzra Falo, Head of the Tax Office is dead – murdered and Xim is gone (amon-nut’s accountant).
People think she killed him.


With no new town elders are in-place, except Ini-herit-Nut and Adio-Nut. A business meeting occurs once a month, consisting of Ini-herit-Nut, Adio-Nut, Ibef and also Nemeri. Akun-Nut does not appear at these meetings.

Ibef, a new business man in town, rumored to have been a Royal Bard of Isis at the Court. Has been voicing himself in leading the town forward, also Ibef has black hair and green eyes, and a tangled beard, thin stands at 6’2, 40s. He wears tailored clothing and wears a rapier. From south of Tanis.
Nemeri, a financeer, rumored to run a little racket in town on money lending. Owns the now three bars/inns in town. Has built another dock to handle increased traffic. Nemeri has black hair and narrow brown eyes, stockey build, 20s, 5’10’ and a tangled beard. He wears tailored clothing. From Tanis.

Memphis goes home – sees family… Alara spends the night searching for the ship rowing around the river ranting and raving… Amon-nut goes home.

The next day the ship shows up… Alara awakes on the docks… Ireune looks at him like “what the hell you doing sleeping on the docks all night?”

Ryder searches out Amon-nut and Memphis the next day we have business he says, there is “business” and then there is “business” I’m not sure I understand the difference says Memphis…

Oh says Ryder – rumor is Lord Fada is coming to town in two days…



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