Rusta 5E

Elkridge Shrine

Characters: Tomok and Zanne, Memphis, Biero, Khamosis, Sub-Par, Neraphi

The team headed NE towards the coast to meet Sub-Par’s druidic trainer. On the road near a mining town named Elkridge, a dwarf leaving town passes the team informing them of earthquakes that have hampered the business at the town.
As the discussion ended, a huge earthquake occurred causing some to loose their footing.
The team headed to Elkridge. On arrival, they were introduced to the mayor who also is a guildmember of the Arcanum Chop’pai.
It seems that the earthquakes have been happening and growing in strength over the past 3 months. Ley lines have appeared in the area during this timeframe also. The mayor had a device that could measure ley line growth which she was tied to the earthquakes.
Viewing a map, three ley lines converged at one location.
Through talking with some halfings, the team found out that yuan-ti could be in the area that the ley lines converged. Neraphi says they should check it out.

The team identified the area also as a fey shrine for some Elk being. Yuan-Ti and Snaketongue beings were surrounding the shrine and seem to be in some preparation for a ritual.

The team attacks and overcome the foes.

Items Found:
3 Picks
3 Crossbows
2 Khopeshs
+2 Cold Iron Bracers
+2 Retribution Khopesh (Tomok)

Loot Found: Total Gold worth: 2,380 (/6 = 396.5gp each)
• Fine Leather Ribbon set with Eye Agate
• Lacquered Wooden Ring set with Turquoise
• 3 x Small Bloodstone
• 2 x Uncut Chalcedony

Group decides to sell all



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