Alara of Armant

L11 Male Baldarian Arcane Wayfarer / Wizard







Social Status: 2

Current Baldari Tax Rate: 35%
- Guild Member of the Arcanum Chop-ppai [-5%]

Roleplaying Points: 2 [Max 6]

Name: Alara of Armant

Quick details: human male, Baldarian Wizard 11, originally from Armant, Social Status of 2.

Brief history: Born from the union of an infamous prostitute and the Southern Nomarch, my mother raised me on the streets until my true noble blood was discovered. A revolutionary group of commoners and ex-soldiers hoped to overthrow the Nomarch and his sons and install me as the rightful heir to the Nomarch of Southern Baldari.

Their plans failed by direct involvement of the Vizier and all involved were captured, tortured, then killed. My mother was murdered and gangs of assassins followed me out of the city.

I fled deep into the desert and using a book which I had stolen from one of my mother’s paying clients managed to elude my attackers, but not for long. They soon caught up to me. I called upon the very essence of my being and the gods themselves to help me. I recalled the words which I had studied for many years within the tome clutched within my weathered cracked and dry hands, and I let loose a maelstrom of fire unto my attackers, killing many of them outright. After this I passed out in the heat of the sun as the rest moved in for the kill.

I awoke many days later in the care of a powerful half-elven wizard named Djue who rode a red cordlu. He happened through the area in their caravan many days prior and saw what I was done for in the desert; he drove off the assassins and took me into their care. Soon we arrived in the great city of Tanis, where I met Baufra, a male wizard of the Arcanum Chop’pai guild.

Alara of Armant

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