Male Human
Harbor Master of Brindol
Greek Citizen
Worships Poseidon
Lawful Neutral

Description: Age 32, tall and heavyset, with thin auburn hair and brown eyes. He smells of fish, wears leather armor and wields a cudgel. The cudgel is mostly used to kills insects. Isocrates has a compulsion to kill insects. His cudgel is also used to keep the riff raff on the docks in line. Many folk who don’t know him well are unnerved and startled the first time when he nonchalantly mid-conversation pulls out his cudgel and smashes an insect without a break in his conversation. Somewhat intimidating to some to say the least. This has led to various spontaneous brawls on the docks in the past…
Isocrates if asked is married to the sea, he has no wife. Oh he’ll readily admit that he may have a few bastards out there from his time as a sailor – but he’s not met one of them yet.



Rusta 5E _CJ_