Rusta 5E

CSI: Wellspring

back in wellspring

Location: Harrow Wood Half-Orc Village
Vaymeer and some of his boys run the Tua’ri out of town… Zunga comes up says good-bye to Alara. She says to Amon-nut “my daughter will meet you outside of town.”

An hour outside of town – the group see a female half-orc standing on the side of the road waiting. Vaymeer see’s her first and he stops. She looks at Amon-nut and motions him away from the group. “my mother convinced me I should talk to you.” she still wants to know where the mane was found. Amon-nut again describes where he found the mane. He describes the Dark fey… she asks what else was found there. He tells her of the seed of life…. She wants more details and asks if someone else can tell her of the events. Amon-nut invites Memphis into the conversation.

She looks at Memphis strangely -“you have been touched, something very wrong…” She smells it on Memphis. Memphis gives an account of what happen to the group in the Dark Fey, Star Spyder, silver sphere etc. She wants a detailed description of the fey door, Memphis pulls out the drawings the group made. She knows where the door, where door it is.

Have we been to the fey wild she asks? The fey wild is always around us, parallel to us. Like lay lines asks Memphis? Where did you see those she asks. Elkridge.

Memphis can only cure himself by going to the fey wild – water from a certain lake there (name of lake TBD). Most fey will not like you at all – seeing your taint they will want to kill you. You will be perceived as an aberration…

Lay lines are – they mean there is a gateway to the fey world close by… she knows of elkridge…

She thanks us for the information – good luck on your travels.

Note: Life mate is not the same as husband…

The Tau’ri continue to Wellspring -

Cyrus employed the storm crows… to recover the Tear.

The Tau’ri see smoke coming from the city! Closer to the entrance now there is smoke from the Guild district. Approaching from the south the town guards stop us. “were you the ones who went to the forlorn tower?” yes… a guard runs off go get the sheriff. An hour later the sheriff appears “good afternoon Egyptians” constable Harras. Description: Tall, thickset, and sporting a bristling black mustache, Harras is a plain human male. He wears a chain shirt beneath a heavy blue cloak. His steel brooch-a roaring bear-serves as his badge of office. Armed with a longsword and club, he looks like he can hold his own in a fight.

He says there is a problem in town…. His forces are spread thin and would like our assistance. People are going missing in town and that the town guard can’t fix it. The people in town think they are taking too much time… People just going missing… the smoke is from rioters. People from all stations go missing – merchants, poor district… no common thread. We can investigate ourselves. The Tau’ri are deputized… all given a gold star to wear in town.

Harras will have a person escort us to the scenes of the crime… “billy” he can tell us this… different places – in each case no sign of forced entry – maybe a fight there – but all types of people have gone missing. Even a priest of Apollo. The Count is meeting with his men and told the constable to investigate. He’s lost men on watch even. Finding people butchered in alley and streets… abominations… Master Aven asked and Crotus (he’s missing too) Aven hasn’t got back to them… we are given a list of locations to check out.

The Tau’ri go to the Blue Plate to get rooms. People are startled when they walked in to the bar – whispers that indicate they think the bad things started when they came to town. 10gp a night for a room! Amon-nut negotiates for a lower price! 5gp a night…

Cyrus is at the hotel shanta’s headed to. The red rooster

Evening at the blue plate and the group waits until the morning to start its investigations.

Darius attempts to talk to his Hydra Armor… he asks the armor is it comes off in any way or becomes less conspicuous – a whisper snake like voice comes back and says “I am you.” – came off the last one – “he had no life, you are warm…” the rest of the group hears squeaking from the armor and see’s the armor skin ripple…

Second watch and there is a commotion out in the street – a scream! The party gears up to go investigate… in the town square – scream comes from the NW corner of the map.

Out of the shadows stumbles a vaguely humanoid monstrosity with multiple barbed tentacles twitching where its limbs should be. Its face is a twisted knot of skin and sinew wrapped around a drooling, fang-filled maw. It moans as it pulls itself forward, its intent clear in the numerous insane eyes staring out from its dripping head.

Darius runs up to kill it amid the dead bodies and carnage its already ravaged… the wellspring horror after a tentacle hits Reth causes him to redirect all his attacks onto Darius.

After its dead the blood in the surrounding area congeals and disappears… (into the earth?) its definitely an aberration…

People in town see the Tau’ri and think they caused the fight in the alley way.

Any trail? None we can find…

Back in their rooms at the Blue Plate, Alara says there is something not right in this town – it feels exactly like the tower…

The next morning military patrols from the castle appear in the area – they are in force/pushing riders in the square outside the square…

Darius/Amon-nut – go to Crotus’ Place – guards at the door, they enter to look around. There was a struggle here – spell damage is evident. Something went down in here… searching they find some shimmer black cloth – out of place – possibly ripped during the combat. Unknown material. For sure attacked by an aberrant creature – amon-nut can tell from the combat in the area.

Darius talks to is and it says it came from “darkness – always darkness” wizard went “darkness”

Memphis/Reth – go to Aven’s Place – entering his home Aven says that the Fortress – used to be a place of Ioun worshippers there but it seems that in their seeking of knowledge they were convinced to push knowledge to “far realm” and changed their name to Kaorti… that Tower was one of their bases. This happen a long time ago… the temple in town came up here after that. There is a statue in middle of town – Estered a seeker of knowledge – his tomb is supposed to be there – he thinks under it is where his laboratory was!

Asked about the cataclysm – there have been several he says – he knows nothing of them other than that were we’re multiples

In the town square the military is building a structure for a dwarf who started the riots… Durgen is his name. he is hung… despite Memphis’ attempts

Too many people in the town square after the hanging, the Tau’ri have to wait for the town folk to clear before we start searching the statue for a secret door. Back in our room we talk about Darius and Amon-nut show the group what they found – the material is charged negatively – probably comes from the gloom side. Was found in Crotus’ room – seemed out of place.

The Tau’ri get a message – the boy wants payment – Darrius pays him 10sp! Anything else you need sir! Then he runs off!

The message is from Shantira – “having fun at the red rooster stop by sometime.”

The group heads over while the town square is still being cleaned. The inn is on the far east side of town.

Tall, blocky, and heavyset, Mag has red hair around a ruddy face. Hard blue eyes and a tight set to her lips give her an unwelcoming appearance. She owns the inn. Shantira and Denva are at a table. So Cyris is here. He’s in a room but we need your expertise at talking to him. We’re talking about the priest she says in response to Darius saying he’d talk to him. No information on elomire… he is not here anymore Shantira says.

Cyrus is in his room – we following them – Mag looks up at us all but doesn’t say anything. Denva open the door and the smell of decay greets the party. Seated in a chair in the center of the chamber is a dry corpse in gray robes. Its head is deflated, sagging forward, chin resting on its chest. The top of the skull reveals four jagged holes as if something burrowed into it. An open archway leads to a secondary chamber, probably the bedroom.

Mind-flayer in town. He’s been dead for weeks. The storm crows were at the tower for at least 4-5 weeks. This whole building has a magical aura to repel offensive odors – they never knew what was in here. He paid for his room in advance and asked not to be disturbed.

Speak with dead. 5 questions… he was a wizard. No spellbook – a potion in a drawer… nothing else in the room. Not a robbery…

Memphis Casts speak with dead – The corpse twitches, and its head lifts. It fixes on you with its milky eyes, as if daring you to question it.

1) Where is the Tear of Ioun?
a. The storm crows were supposed to bring it back
2) Where is mind-flayer based?
a. Beyond your reach (sarcastic) that fuckers underground
3) What else is underground?
a. Sewers
4) How are these aberration creatures moving back and forth between the far realm
a. I have no clue
5) Where is the storm crows money for payment?
a. Hidden outside of town – he gives a location
6) Who hired you to get the tear?
a. Malichi

Shantira and Denva – the Tau’ri can find them in the adventurers quarter in Messos. They leave town.

Note: Elven hair is splendid looking – magical – it is one of the sources of Residium… the daughter of the pharo’s grey elf slave was bald…

Memphis is able to find the secret door at the base of the statue. They decide to wait until Alara and Tomok are back before proceeding into the passage.

Merchants tell the Tau’ri they are closed when we try to walk in and sell loot. They see our badges…

A few other locations for the group to explore

Sewers grates – some grates are broken – from foundation they were connected to. Darius pulls open the grates – something black flys up and past darius as he opens the grate. glossy black stone bears a complex sigil etched on its surface. Sigil – reminds Memphis of a gem found in Kawa. The one that opened a “door” that doppelgangers fled through…

Darius asks how the black stone works – it doesn’t answer…

Memphis sticks it in a pouch for right now… “Blackgate Rune”

An Alley – bodies found here: in this area – the attack patterns are always originate from darkness…

A house – a male victim was here: near the low district – find some bone knives – similar to the mangler foul spawn we fought 2d4 bone daggers very sharp! The door to this house was kicked in from the alley

Another house in the guild district – searching the room we see something under the bed… Coils of darkness writhe across this fist-sized silvery orb’ surface. Through it, you can see a shadowy world that mimics your surroundings.

Encounter begins… the party hears voices Reth understands one as saying “maybe you left it here…” said in darkspeech



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