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Current Ruler: Queen Arathane

City Map


  • The queen is a windsoul genasi, has ruled Asi since the death of her long-lived mother 50 years ago.
  • The Stewards: Control various aspects of the city, and together they can overrule the queen’s edicts.
  • Cyansane Lehaya, Steward of the Sky (Female Windsoul)
  • Nevaar Magnol, Steward of Fire
    Powerfully built male Sunsoul, who is the second-in-command of all military efforts, with the queen being their ultimate leader. In peacetime, his role is more like police chief because the armies of Asi serve as city watch.
    The city watch is divided between three corps: the Sky Guard, the Ground Defense League, and the
    Wave Riders.
    The Sky Guard flies throughout the city on the backs of war drakes. For obvious reasons of safety, most of the Sky Guard are windsoul genasi.
    The Ground Defense League guards entryways into the city, the Catacombs, the Cliff Prison, the palaces of nobles, and on the streets. Genasi of all types serve in the Ground Defense League, but watersouls and earthsouls are the most populous. The Wave Riders, made up mostly of watersoul genasi, act as the harbor guard during peacetime.
  • Gilsilver, Steward of the Earth (Male Watersooul)
  • Rolmoor Kethtrod, Steward of the Air (Male Earthsoul)
  • Genasi occupy all important roles of power in Asi. This is due to the political structure. Since the egyptians have influenced, some say ‘occupation’, the city. Some positions have egyptian overseers.

Population: 30,500; another 7,000 live in the nearby countryside. Most citizens are genasi, the majority being windsouls and stormsouls. Small populations of other races live in the city, particularly half-orcs who lived near the ruins of old Asi before the genasi rebuilt it.

The Asi defenses are divided between three corps: the Sky Guard, the Ground Defense League, and the Wave Riders. These professional soldiers form the core of its armies and the city watch during peacetime. The rest of Baldari’s military is conscripted from the population, although only a small number of nongenasi are included in the conscript catalogs.
With Baldari influence, the Medjay has a overwatch role. A unit with 300 egyptians are located here.

Shadow of the Rock, Cliffwatch, Spireview Inn, Rang’s Hostelry.
Seven Stone Steps, The Hook and Eye, The Wind Clipper, The Drunken Gull
Fire Flower (4 star)
Thwaite’s Tack and Gear, Gwind’s Sundries, Seaside Provisioners.


  • None. The genasi of Asi are uncertain about religion. The difference between gods and primordials or other powerful beings is not firmly established in their minds. Even so, religions of all kinds exist in the city. Priests of real gods and cults of false powers come to Asi to gain converts, and some achieve results. As yet however, the steward of the Sea, Gilsilver, has blocked the construction of large temples that would take up land otherwise useful to the people or the state, and the Steward of Fire, Nevaar, has the city watch occasionally check in on individuals of religious bent who might choose to follow a god’s edicts instead of the city’s laws.
  • With the Baldarian influence and Nevaar’s curiosity, a temple of Ra has been created in the last 30 years in the city. All other egyptian dieties have shrines within the temple.
  • The greek have a known shrine of Posieidon here also.



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